Intoxication by brandy

Cognac – this fine alcoholic beverage. It is actively used to create a variety of confectionery masterpieces. However, the poisoning of the brandy can only happen due to his excessive drinking. Candy sweetness content of an alcoholic beverage can only hurt people, having idiosyncrasy. In all other situations, the harm from such sweets is not applied.

Poisoning of brandy

Poisoning of brandy

The excess of any dose of alcoholic beverages contributes to adverse consequences for the whole organism. Even this elite drink is no exception. Poisoning of brandy is quite common, caused by its excessive use. The effects of a severe intoxication can be tragic – death. Therefore, it is important to know, how to proceed in such cases.

Poisoning of brandy can be avoided, if you adhere to the simple recommendations:

  • not to abuse. If you experience the first symptoms of intoxication it is necessary to stop to drink. Every body is different, you have to know your acceptable dosage;
  • stretch the permissible dose for the whole evening. Do not drink a lot in a short period of time. Such actions will slow down the process of alcohol elimination;
  • not worth it to hold competitions and disputes on the amount consumed. It is important to listen to your health;
  • good snack. Drinking on an empty stomach is not. Therefore, before the upcoming feast you need to eat well. Otherwise, intoxication will come much sooner;
  • drink more water in between and after parties.

A small dose of alcohol will not harm. The most important thing not to increase it. Otherwise, negative consequences for the whole organism can not be avoided.

brandy poisoning symptoms

How is the poisoning of brandy

After entering the body begins to be absorbed into the bloodstream, what contributes to the spread of dangerous ethanol throughout the body. The person begins to feel a little unwell.

Most vulnerable to getting intoxication are:

  • people regularly consume;
  • pregnant women. Such actions cause their effects on the mother and her fetus;
  • teenagers, under 20 years. Early age are less resistant to ethanol.

So you should always be vigilant, do not ignore your health. Large doses of ethanol can cause a violation in the following:

  • heart;
  • liver;
  • gastrointestinal tract;
  • problems with the Central nervous system.

At particular risk are women. The reason their body, which turns out to be weaker to the effects of alcohol. Chief among them are:

  • less water, than men;
  • poor fermentation.;
  • hormonal features.

The fairer sex need to remember this, but the main thing is not to abuse alcohol. Otherwise, the consequences can be quite dangerous.

Intoxication by brandy

Poisoning of brandy: symptoms

The first alarm bells begin to appear after a couple of hours after the introduction of ethanol in the body, they are characterized:

  • lethargy;
  • fatigue;
  • drowsiness;
  • nausea;
  • diarrhea;
  • the appearance of abdominal cramps;
  • the occurrence of painful spasms;
  • profuse salivation;
  • constriction of eye pupils.

The most frequent cause of intoxication becomes excessive consumption and poor quality drink.

Poisoning of brandy: what to do

Serious intoxication can provoke tragic consequences. Therefore, it is important to know, how to act in such situations.

Actions at poisoning with cognac houses:

  1. In the absence of consciousness to shift the victim to the side. If you need to do direct massage of heart, CPR.
  2. In the presence of consciousness an urgent need to empty the stomach. To do this, any way to trigger the gag reflex.
  3. Then, avoid dehydration to give more water.
  4. For getting rid of malicious toxins should give the victim any sorbents – activated carbon, Smectite, Enterosgel.
  5. If you experience severe headache, give an analgesic.

If the patient's condition is deteriorating should seek medical help. To the next day to feel better after an active holiday, is to perform a series of simple actions:

  • to drink more water, preferably herbal teas;
  • eat a light chicken broth;
  • to get some fresh air.

To prevent poisoning it is always easier, than look for ways to improve their health. So you should always control his actions and to treat with caution to all alcoholic beverages. After all, even the most expensive and elite cognac in large doses can seriously affect the health.

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