Alcohol intoxication and its types

Alcohol has a detrimental effect on the whole body. A large amount of ethanol is able to trigger the disorder, loss attention, problems with the brain, internal organs. After drinking intoxicating beverages, ethanol lingers in the body, provoking his poisoning.

Alcohol intoxication implies a change of behavior and physiological state. Sometimes it is too strong, in such cases, it is impossible to cope on their own. Need to urgently seek the help of professionals. Prolonged consumption of alcohol also has negative consequences – cirrhosis of the liver, a malignant tumor.

Alcohol intoxication

Ethyl alcohol provokes in the organism the development of irreversible effects. Have problems with cardiovascular, the digestive system. To minimize the negative effects of the doctors advise before the meal to drink activated charcoal tablets, and a good snack throughout the holiday. Drinking on an empty stomach is not. Otherwise, the harmful components are quickly released into the bloodstream., which causes intoxication.

It is also not recommended to mix several drinks of different degrees. To remove them will be much harder. It is impossible to prevent dehydration, so during the feast should drink more fluids, avoiding coffee.

Degree of alcohol intoxication

Specialists diagnosed a few degrees of intoxication:

  1. Easy – the body contains not more 2% alcohol. The only visual indicator is the appearance of light glow face and dilated pupils. Have drinking mood, it starts to become fuzzy, and talk loud. After a few hours as normal, therefore it is not necessary to use medicines.
  2. Average amount of alcohol in the blood rises another 1%. General condition worsens, gait is uneven, it even more confusing, there is a desire to sleep. Usually the next morning the hangover is unavoidable. So it is important to stock up on pills from the head and cold brine.
  3. Heavy amount of alcohol exceeds 3%. The breath disturbed, and in particularly severe cases, may fail heart rhythm. Often the outcome is tragic coma and death. Therefore, when the diagnosis of strong alcoholic intoxication at home and need to urgently call an ambulance.

Alcohol intoxication can cause death. So, it cannot be underestimated. Much depends on the General condition of man. In the presence of chronic diseases or serious health problems, to get involved in alcoholic drinks is not.

dropper with alcohol intoxication

The types of poisoning

There are several varieties of poisoning:

  • sharp. Usually characteristic of rarely drinking personalities. Once in the blood ethanol, provokes impaired coordination, and nausea. To improve well-being should take activated charcoal and drink more fluids;
  • chronic. Characteristic personalities are often in binges. Like alcohol intoxication at home is able to provoke unintended consequences. So leave the victim alone is not recommended.

Alcohol intoxication at home requires strict control of the non-drinking man. It is important to ensure, the situation is not exacerbated. Usually, poisoning occurs gradually.

Removal of alcohol intoxication

The appearance of the unpleasant symptoms you always want to get rid of them. Therefore, you should know about the methods, helping to normalize overall health.

alcohol intoxication at home

Removal of alcohol intoxication involves the following manipulations:

  • gastric lavage. Before the procedure you must give the victim activated charcoal tablets. After a time, to provoke the gag reflex. Cleaning of the stomach will minimize the resulting harm;
  • dropper with alcohol intoxication a very popular way to restore. Usually the doctors injected glucose or ascorbic acid. Carry out the procedure can only health worker. Dropper in alcoholic intoxication in the home promotes faster recovery. However, even to feel the improvement in driving is prohibited;
  • cleaning the dropper with alcohol intoxication is an extreme measure, when the patient's state of health is not normal. Set it in a hospital environment with the aim to avoid death.

To assist, must start from the particular case.

The first signs

Each person is different, therefore, to accurately determine, how to show you the ethanol difficult. However, there are common symptoms can help to identify the poisoning:

  • dilated pupils;
  • dizziness;
  • nausea;
  • the sense of thirst;
  • profuse sweating;
  • the lack of clear sight;
  • slow pulse;
  • a sense of swagger;
  • the desire to sleep;
  • disturbance of consciousness.

Usually shows several symptoms.

alcohol intoxication at home


Sometimes to cope one pain pill impossible. Necessary skilled care. However, the ambulance arrives after a certain time. Therefore, until the arrival of medical personnel should attempt to administer first aid, includes the following manipulations:

  1. To lay the victim on his side, to follow, to vomit not hit in the throat.
  2. The presence of vomiting is a good sign, therefore, it is necessary to call it. This should give the patient more fluid.
  3. For the best air flow you should dress in light clothing.
  4. To give to drink more mineral water.
  5. To monitor your heart rate, pressure.

Treatment means at hand allowed only in the case of lung poisoning. In all other situations, risk can not be. If you feel unwell you need to call an ambulance.


Today there is enough medicine, coping with the consequences of excessive drinking. Well help remove harmful toxins sorbents. The most effective are Smectite, Enterosgel.

They do not have adverse reactions and helps to quickly improve overall health. To remove a hangover, you should take Alka-Seltzer. Tablets will help relieve headache and muscle pain.

removal of alcohol intoxication

People's ways

For those, who used to operate without the use of chemicals to help come tested traditional methods:

  • black hour with lemon juice;
  • the infusion of the hips;
  • green tea;
  • natural juice from oranges.

To normalize the acid-alkaline balance, it is recommended to drink kefir or eat pickles.

At the first signs of improvement should eat a light chicken broth. And buckwheat and oatmeal will help to get rid of nausea.

Quick ways to relieve poisoning

There are situations, when a person urgently needs to bounce back. To do this, medical professionals recommend to make the following manipulation:

  • the activated carbon;
  • to take a contrast shower;
  • drink more fluids;
  • cold wipes, applied on the forehead, contribute to the rapid withdrawal spasms.

The first sign of complete removal will be a good feeling, cheerfulness and good mood.

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