What alcoholic drinks to lower blood pressure

We all know, what negative effect has alcohol on blood pressure. Most often, any strong drinks contribute to high blood pressure, so, its intake is contraindicated in hypertensive patients. In addition to increase promotes the consumption of beer, champagne or red wine, but lowering other varieties of wine and brandy. Time to find out for sure, what alcoholic drinks to lower blood pressure, and what increases, and what can end these experiments.

What alcoholic drinks to lower blood pressure

Wrong Union

Any alcoholic beverages have a negative impact on health. The use of large doses can provoke failures in the body, even in a healthy person, and what about those, who has problems with health.

Blood pressure mean arterial, and it arises from contraction of the heart and pumping of blood through the arteries. It can be easily changed depending on various circumstances. For example, high stress or strain can cause it to rise. However, such cases are dramatically alarming. Really a cause for concern is its constant improvement.

Alcohol is able to exert its influence, but apart from him to increase the pressure can the following factors:

  • the intake of salty food;
  • stress;
  • overweight;
  • depression;
  • acceptance of contraceptives.

However, most often blame yourself bad habits. Regular consumption of intoxicating beverages is fraught with adverse consequences.

what alcohol lowers blood pressure

what alcohol lowers blood pressure

If a person daily drink more than two servings of alcohol, a risk to cause serious health damage is growing daily. The reason is the constant load, pressure just do not have time to decrease to normal. An excellent proof of the disappointing statistics is the fact, what personalities drinkers the risk of developing hypertension is higher in several times. Also at risk are individuals, having serious problems with excess weight.

Any problems with pressure require medical supervision. Therefore, the appearance of the first warning signs, you need to make an appointment to see a specialist.

Some category of people, faced with a similar problem, trying to figure out, what alcohol lowers blood pressure. However, using C for normalization of a state should not. Otherwise there is a risk to health cause even greater harm.

Thorough research was conducted by scientists well-known Pier and Feldberga. They were able to prove that any alcohol can increase the risk of hypertension. And the more often it will be used, so sad there will be consequences.

What drink lowers blood pressure

Sometimes there are retroactive changes. After receiving a small dose of brandy, pressure scale can be reduced. However regular drinking of increase can not be avoided.

Reasons for such reactions is the toxic effects of ethanol on the nervous system. Alcohol also contributes to thickening of the blood, causes development of lumps. Which causes increased pressure in the blood stream.

what alcohol lowers blood pressure

Therefore, the detection of diagnosis of hypertension, from drinking any beverages containing degrees should refrain. They can drink, but in moderation. Each drink affects the body differently. So, to draw accurate conclusions what will these experiments, not.

The wine

Alcohol helps to relax the walls of blood vessels, what triggers the decline of HELL, but this effect lasts long. Gradually, the heart muscle begins to contract more frequently, the volume of blood increases and this increased blood pressure. This happens with all types of alcohol, with the exception of red wine.

Combination with medications

In order to improve your quality of life most people begin to use a doctor's prescription medicines. Pills really help to improve health.

However, adhering to treatment regimens, should give up all bad habits. Otherwise, the consequences can be tragic. Any medication has side effects, contraindications and limitations, therefore, to ignore written is not worth it.


Often the problems with blood after a wild party to happen even in perfectly healthy people. However, this is not a reason likely to take up drugs. The exception becomes only chalk.

In all other situations come to the aid of can proven methods – beet juice, carrots or radishes. Thanks to them, health will improve in the shortest possible time.


Today, scientists are able to prove the therapeutic effects of red wine. However, this does not mean, that it can be safely drink a pint. Daily dose should not exceed 300 ml. And if you have problems with internal organs, cancer and other nasty diagnosis, the number is strictly limited – 50-100 ml. Only here you can drink good, quality dry drinks.

In all other cases, risk the health not. It is better to abandon addiction and go to healthy lifestyle.

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