How much alcohol in kefir

Over the years, yogurt has become the unquestionable favorites of the favorite drinks for many people. But to call it completely harmless is not, especially when it comes to drivers and traffic police. People constantly have questions, how much alcohol in kefir, is it possible to drink, driving a car, can I be fined for drinking fermented milk products. It's time to deal with all of them, and it will have to become more familiar with the unique drink.

How much alcohol in kefir

A bit of history

Dairy products first started to appear in prehistoric times. Began Dating since the domestication of cattle. At the beginning of its appearance, the drink is called yogurt, which recipe is handed down. People believed, that the product has the ability to hear, so during the process I talked with him.

Many scientists have even been able to formally prove, what this attitude really had a positive influence on the activity of microorganisms. They became more loyal, thanks to what the final product turned out especially delicious. Family leaven was often a reason for pride, her tenderly handed children.

what percentage of alcohol in kefir

After years dairy products have received a special interest from scientists. Many experts have tried to figure out, as lactic coli affects the intestinal flora. After a series of experiments, found out, that the product indeed has a positive effect.

Famous scientist Ilya Mechnikov, could prove, that the regular use of the unique product is able to provide good health and become a secret of longevity. A great example of this are the inhabitants of the Caucasus and the Balkan Peninsula. In honor of the first Explorer of the drink called yogurt Mechnikov.

Vintage recipes

People for a long time ate yogurt, enjoyed its unique properties. Gradually, however, her popularity began to fall. Began to actively appear yogurt. Around him went not only a lot of talk, but various legends.

Some of them talked about, what recipe wonderful elixir was so secret information, he wasn't even passed on to my daughters. The elders believed, girls, marry representatives of other villages are able to give them all the secrets, what elixir will lose its wonderful properties.

Introduction the residents of Moscow with this magical drink, happened at a rather interesting event. It 1908 year told people employee dairy – Irina Sakharova. Is known for mushrooms, the girl went to the Caucasus, where were abducted by a local Prince.

Mayak was known not only because of his power, but due to the fact, that was a supplier of dairy products. The man wanted the heart of the beautiful, but the young woman remained adamant. For the crime he had to appear before the court. After which the guy was sentenced, forcing him to give 10 pounds of fungi. So, recipe of yogurt came to the residents of Moscow. Then in Russia was officially patented its production.

how much alcohol is contained in yogurt

However, to officially confirm all the stories you can not. You have to believe and say, although each describes the history contains many black spots. One thing is for sure, fermented milk product was quickly able to settle down, after gaining great popularity among the population.

General information

Today, this product can safely be considered alcoholic, after all, produce it with a mixed fermentation alcohol and lactic acid. The main raw material becomes pasteurized milk, mixed with leaven, created using kefir mushroom.

Special spicy, toning effect is achieved by the combination of lactic acid, carbon dioxide.

Today there are many varieties of kefir products. Each of them has its own distinctive features, pros, positive qualities. Therefore, by making a purchase, it is necessary to pay special attention. Especially using it for medicinal purposes.

What percentage of alcohol in kefir to answer definitely not. A lot depends on the specific. One thing is for sure, the presence of ethanol is available everywhere. Just some products have a small dose of alcohol, others above.

The composition of fermented milk drink

Before you find out, how many degrees of alcohol in the kefir should carefully consider its composition. Carefully studying components, it can be concluded about the uniqueness of the product. Kefir grains here are important, without them is simply impossible. But it's true, live microorganisms.

Studies have been able to figure out, a yogurt contains more than 22 types of bacteria. Moreover, this number may be even higher. The most important are lactic acid streptococci. However, the components do not end. Also it contains water, fats, proteins, ash, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals. It is enough to consider the composition, for the realization, how much good is hidden here.

how much alcohol in kefir and kvass

Varieties of yogurt

What percentage of alcohol in kefir is heavily dependent on his species. It is most often share time. It happens one day, two or three. However, most often it is divided according to the degree of fat. Today especially popular are bottles of low-fat.

Yogurt perishable, therefore, to overdo it in the refrigerator is not necessary. It is important to note, over time changing its properties. For example, older than the product becomes more acidic and is contraindicated for people, suffering from gastric ulcer.

Answer exactly, how much alcohol in kefir, not. The reason for this ever-changing percentage. He can start with 0,02 and end 4%, while drinking percussivo the percentage may reach 7. Therefore, it is important to follow the expiration dates, especially in the employment of the drink of children or persons, with serious health problems. The production time should not exceed three days.

Thus, acquiring seemingly innocuous buttermilk, remember its reverse side. Especially for pregnant women, children, people, having problems with health, drivers.

How much alcohol in kefir

how many degrees of alcohol in kefirWith 2010 year in rules of the road, there have been some amendments. Following them it was possible to draw conclusions – even a slight detection of alcohol after testing, can lead to deprivation of rights. Due to the tightening of the law many car owners said goodbye to their documents. And the reasons were often the most harmless – people were drinking only kefir, but to prove such was much more difficult.

Such unfair actions have caused a violent reaction among the population. Moreover, the debates have yielded positive results. The law was relaxed in favour of motorists. Since September 2013 year's allowable dose of ethanol was up to 0,16 ppm.

If the digit is greater than, but the driver convinced, what is not used, he always has the right to require a medical examination. It is worth noting the figure may increase by the following factors:

  • body weight;
  • body temperature;
  • physiological nuances;
  • the overall health of the person;
  • the consumption of dairy products and kvass.

So all this to be sure to take note of.

Thinking of, how much alcohol in kefir many people feel comfortable abusing other dairy products. However, the ethanol contained in the other products:

  • tan;
  • ayran;
  • Mare;
  • ryazhenka;
  • yogurt;
  • varenets;
  • ryazhenka.

Typically, the alcohol concentration does not exceed 0,01—0,7%. However, if the product stood open, indicators can, increase to 2.5—3%.

Here only it is necessary to understand, to drink himself drunk with fermented milk products can not be. Of course, here contains ethanol, but it the dosage is too small, to cause intoxication.

To drink or not

Endlessly figuring out, how much alcohol in kefir and kvass should make one conclusion, you can drink it, and most importantly you need. It helps to restore health, to improve health. The only point is its quality.

Special preference is recommended to give fresh buttermilk. The drink cannot be stored for long periods, another dose of intoxication will be higher. Therefore, in order to avoid unpleasant situations on the road, it is recommended to wait a couple of hours after a glass of your favorite Goodies. Only after the allotted time to safely get behind the wheel of a car.

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