The law banning the sale of alcohol to minors

The problem of alcoholism every year becoming more serious. The reason for this decrease in age drinkers. If it was a person, the older generation, today you can easily find a young guy or girl with a bottle of alcohol. To carry out the struggle needed at the state level. With this purpose was introduced a law banning the sale of alcohol to minors. And the responsibility for this falls entirely on sellers, issuing the goods to the teenagers, under 18 years. The sale of alcohol to minors is prohibited in Russia!

selling alcohol to minors

Selling alcohol to minors

Today many young people do not think about the possible consequences of alcohol consumption. However, the harm inflicted on young organisms are particularly strong, suffers not only its physiological development, but also psychological.

Young people have not yet completed the phase of physiological development. They will help to absorb the alcohol, like adults do. Additionally, the likelihood of dependency they have is much higher. Especially at risk are the guys, who began to abuse alcohol before the age.

Perfect proof of that were research scientists, managed to find out, the relationship between age and the development of dependence. Face, linked his life to addiction, even at a young age is harder to part with the habit.

It is impossible to forget and about negative effects on the brain, the Etalon may have a negative impact on its formation. So, adolescents may have a serious problem with mental development. That will seriously affect their future. To prevent the negative effects of selling alcohol to minors is prohibited.

the penalty for selling alcohol to minors

The term "alcohol"

Before, how do you set a punishment, it is necessary to explain, what drinks fall under the definition of "alcohol". FZ of the Russian Federation 171 this includes all products, containing 0,5% ethyl alcohol, also these include fermentation products.

It should be noted, what in this list do not apply liquid products with alcohol content of not more 1,2%. This includes various fermented milk products – kvass, Mare and tan. Non-alcoholic beer also remains in the free market.

To avoid mistakes, if you carefully examine the list of prohibited products:

  • vodka, created on the basis of ethyl alcohol and containing from 38% to 56% alcohol;
  • wine, formed by the fermentation of the grape, alcohol 8,5%-16,5%;
  • fruit wine, produced on the basis of the wort of various fruits, the amount of alcohol 6-15%;
  • drink wine, preparing when you use the mash from fruits or berries, contains in its composition 1,5%-22% ethyl alcohol;
  • cider in the basis lies the juice of an Apple, 6% ethyl alcohol;
  • Mead based on honey, 1,5-6% alcohol;
  • beer and products based on it, typically, the amount of alcohol does not exceed 7%.

Selling alcohol to minors in 2018 strictly prohibited. The seller is obliged to refuse the client, if he has doubts concerning the age of the customer. The requirement to produce official documents with the year of birth are not supposed to ignore.

selling alcohol to minors 2018

If no such purchase may be considered void. It is understood, responsible for selling alcohol to minors to go entirely on the person, the issuing of a prohibited beverage, so, the punishment will have to carry only to him. Of course, the owner of or acting as a Director will also talk with the authorities.

Penalties for the sale of alcoholic beverages to students

If a minor buyer purchased the liquor store and, being in alcohol intoxication, and have committed no criminal act, it will be opened not only a material thing, but criminal. The penalty for selling alcohol to minors 2018 received a special tightening. It is worth to think carefully, before, how to let go of the customer a product, not satisfied in his birth year.

The penalties for distributing alcohol to students:

  • the penalty for selling alcohol to minors, the size of which may vary from 55-80 thousand. rubles;
  • penalty in the amount of monthly income for 4-6 months;
  • correctional in character for 12 months;
  • imprisonment for 4 year;
  • the ban on the activities for three years.

ban the sale of alcohol to minors

To give a precise measure of punishment can not. For each incident, conduct individual analysis, after the verdict. All of the relevant issues decided by the court. This files most often imposed penalty, although General practice does not exist. If the offender does not agree with the prosecution, he always has the right to appeal it within 10 days.

For the individual entrepreneur, legal, physical and proper person charges is always different. SP usually costs an administrative penalty, but a legal entity can be attributed to criminal liability. In General, each case is considered individually taking into account all available features.

In order to avoid unpleasant incidents, the seller is always obliged to verify the age of the customer. This should require any document, through which it is possible to check. In the absence of such, the seller has the right to refuse the release of the product. Hyper-vigilance never hurt anyone.

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