Acetylsalicylic acid hangover

Any fun party with drinking excessive amounts of alcohol threatens dire consequences – attack hangover. To get rid of it can help special drugs. One of the proven anti is aspirin for a hangover. The medication is able to relieve the unpleasant symptoms, having analgesic action. Only here is it safe to apply it only to the abuse of a large number of visokogradnya drinks, time to find out.

acetylsalicylic acid hangover

General information

Aspirin is an effective medication, capable of exerting multiple actions: analgesic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory effect. Due to the wide range of activities and high result it was called special and brought in a list of important drugs. It can be used alone or in combination with other drugs. However, to prescribe treatment can only doctor.

There is always a risk, incorrect selection of drugs to aggravate the situation. Additionally, you cannot forget about hypersensitive, flowing accompanied with a severe allergic reaction. Before application it is imperative to read the instructions.

can acetylsalicylic acid with a hangover,

Work with alcohol

The drug is actively used for reducing temperature, associated with the development of a variety of respiratory diseases. Also often it is used as analgesic drug. It quickly relieves discomfort, facilitates the health of the person.

However, you should know whether acetylsalicylic acid with a hangover. Any drug combined with alcohol can provoke unexpected outcome. Therefore, to conduct such experiments, be careful.

Intake of alcohol with acetylsalicylic acid can provoke hazardous to health chemical reaction. Which may cause malfunctions of some internal organs, ulcers, and gastric bleeding. In particularly critical cases, overdose can provoke a heart attack, stroke. Especially for those people, who have problems with the cardiovascular system.

acetylsalicylic acid can be drunk with a hangover,

Is it possible hangover drinking acetylsalicylic acid

Any medication, in the composition containing acetylsalicylic acid, may reduce blood clotting. A similar phenomenon can cause the formation of platelets. So, joint reception of the two substances can provoke tragic consequences.

Special negative effect of aspirin on the liver. Especially at risk are people, having problems functioning of the body. In its action, the drugs can be compared with the poison, slowly destroying the liver.

How to cure a hangover

To facilitate their well-being after a fun-filled evening is the dream of every drinker. That's just to use the pill with caution. Better start to try to to detoxify alcohol.

The best way will be the reception of sorbents. Today there is a sufficient choice of such drugs. The most accessible and popular is the activated charcoal. However, to achieve the desired effect, you should drink several packs.

is it possible hangover drinking acetylsalicylic acid

Should know, to get rid of a hangover to begin to cleanse the body of toxins. Best before use absorbents to wash out the stomach.

The symptoms of a hangover

The excessive use of intoxicating drinks are always fraught with negative consequences. Nausea and headache this is only a small part of the possible unpleasant symptoms. This is due to the strong toxicity of the body.

Often severe intoxication can cause a violation of water-salt balance. Trying to detoxify, the body begins quickly to withdraw fluid. However, with this process there is a sharp loss of salt. The increase in intracranial pressure provokes a lack of oxygen.

The main symptoms of a hangover is:

  • headaches;
  • nausea;
  • retching;
  • muscle soreness;
  • temperature rise;
  • depression.

Thus, the consequences can be much worse, than many believe.

It is time to understand the most important issue, does acetylsalicylic acid from a hangover. Aspirin is really able to ease the health of the person. However, in order to avoid adverse effects it is recommended to apply it before the upcoming feast.

A contraindication will be of peptic ulcer disease. Additionally, the drug is able to facilitate health, but not to overcome the main causes of their occurrence. So, it is better to try to find other methods to combat the effects of booze. Because today there are so many proven methods. Although the best solution would be to control during a party.

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