Phytotherapy of alcoholism

Alcoholism is a serious disease, requires mandatory treatment. However, many people underestimate the damage danger. And decide to handle the situation independently. To do this, they resort to the help of folk medicine. Phytotherapy of alcoholism, a well – known method for getting rid of addictions.

Phytotherapy of alcoholism

Alcoholism treatment herbs

In rare cases, dependent personality recognize their disease. Usually they justify themselves existing problems, and the disease is called moment of weakness, from where you can always easily unsubscribe. Enormous trouble getting it, that the habit affects not only the patient, but and all his family.

Here only the most loved ones are trying not to advertise the existence of the problem. In this situation courses of herbal medicine come to the rescue. Traditional medicine appeared much earlier than the modern methods, tablets, coding. Therefore likely to be cured in a similar manner quite a lot. The most important thing in treatment is to find the right plant, follow the precise dosage and to believe in success.

There are two method of therapy:

  1. Evoking disgust for drinks. For this purpose, special teas, not compatible with alcohol. Usually the treatment takes place in a latent form. People close to the patient food quietly added herbs. The most important condition for strict adherence to dosage.
  2. Restorative and maintenance therapy. Herbal medicine reduces the craving for alcohol, removes harmful toxins and strengthens the physical condition of the patient.

Herbal medicine courses can be very diverse. It all depends on the individual, the degree of dependence.

alcoholism treatment

Herbs for alcoholism

In the process the existence of national methodologies, used a variety of plants. Some of them gave positive results, helping the patient, to return to the old way of life.


On the basis of the root of lovage and Bay leaf made a special tincture, you want to use for one week. For a more rapid effect required components of the mix with a glass of vodka and infuse for two weeks. The resulting tincture to give the patient to drink with a hangover. An explosive mixture will cause vomiting, for a long time repulsed the desire to drink.


Herbs for alcoholism

The plant allows you to fight even with years of addiction. The reason is the presence of a special substance in the composition is thymol, causing intense vomiting when combined with alcohol.

To prepare the broth should chudodeistvenno 15 gr. grass pour half a liter of water. After which the mixture is to withstand in a water bath 15 minutes. After the required time to add a little more liquid. The broth in the amount of 50 mg need to drink daily in combination with a small amount of alcohol. After a couple of days, there is a strong aversion to addiction. But to stop there not worth it. Treatment must achieve at least a week.

The treatment can be carried out without the use of alcohol, but in this situation, the duration of therapy may be delayed for a month. The broth should always prepare fresh.

This technique is not for everyone. It is contraindicated in persons, having problems with the thyroid gland, diabetes, stomach ulcers, asthma.

Wild ginger

Herbal medicine for alcoholism is a very common technique. The reason is the minimal contraindications and a high positive result. The plant of ungulates contain in its composition essential oil, provoking vomiting when combined with alcohol. The most important time to collect the plant, spring is the most favorable for this.

To prepare the broth is necessary 1 spoon herb mix with a glass of water, then put the contents on the fire, bring to a boil. After cooling the broth, carefully strain it. Make a tincture 5 times a day 1 spoon. The duration of therapy should not exceed 3 weeks.

There is another method of making a therapeutic composition. This requires 20 gr. the leaves of the plant, 40 gr. green skins from walnut, 1 a glass of wine. All components of the mix and allow to stand. After half an hour the decoction can be drunk. The course of treatment 1 a month. The decoction is contraindicated for pregnant women and persons, angina sufferers.


Grass the puppeteer from alcoholism is very popular in folk medicine. However, many people, wanting to be cured, just aggravate the situation. The reason for all the poison in the plant. With its use need to be especially careful. Even a slight increase in the dosage threatens dire consequences.

As a cure for addiction it is necessary to use only fresh broth. Using 10 grams of the root of the puppeteer and filled 50 ml of water. To insist within hours, the infusion is carefully filtered. The food you need to add only 2 drops of broth. For accurate dose calculation should use the dropper.

The first symptom of the effect will be the appearance of nausea and vomiting. If this is not happening, may increase dose to 1 drop.

grass the puppeteer from alcoholism

Bay leaf

Familiar to every housewife Bay leaf helps get rid of the disease. However, the odor does not allow for covert treatment.

To prepare the tincture use 12 leaf Lavrushka and a liter of water. Components infused 12 hours, then are filtered out. Drink a decoction need 5 once a day the amount of one drink. Keep tincture not more than 5 days.

The root of kudzu

Unique Chinese plant surprises with its effectiveness. It is also worth noting the minimum number of adverse reactions. The crushed plant mixed with water and brought to a boil. Apply the resulting composition 5 times a day. Treatment varies depending on individual characteristics and can reach two months.

St. John's wort

Popular plant, used to treat even severe stages of alcoholism. The method of preparation does not differ from the previous. However, it should be used in conjunction with alcohol.

Herbal medicine for alcoholism is not always consists of the use of specific plants. Often people use herbs, have a positive result.

A wonderful collection

Proper combination of certain herbs can recover from addiction, to remove hangover, remove toxins and improve health. However, such therapy is valid only with the consent of the patient. One of the most effective is the combination of ungulates, club, mint, centaury and thyme.

To do this, take a spoon of each herb, fill with water and boil for 5 minutes. The broth should infuse for an hour, then it can be used for 2 spoon 4 times a day.

alcoholism treatment herbs

The effect of this treatment

Herbal medicine can help to cope even with years of addiction. Each herb has its own characteristics and effects. Therefore, choosing the method of treatment, you should carefully examine the plant. After all, with proper selection of treatment, the patient will be able to recover quickly.

Quality herbal medicine poses a number of specific objectives:

  • reduce dependence;
  • elimination of toxins;
  • improvement of health;
  • supply of vitamins;
  • the overall normalization of the internal organs.

It is better when the patient recognizes the need for treatment. Then the treatment time is reduced.

Contraindications treat alcoholism herbs

courses herbal medicineMany people underestimate all the responsibility of taking medicinal herbs. Therefore, before using is recommended to consult a specialist.

There are people, which this technique can seriously harm. These include patients, suffering from the following diseases:

  • gastritis;
  • diseases of the liver and kidneys;
  • allergic to certain components;
  • problems of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • ulcer;
  • hypertension;
  • diabetes.

Also this method should not be used by pregnant women. When you see warning signs: severe vomiting, diarrhea, raising pressure need to urgently seek medical help.

Treatment without the knowledge of the patient

When the addict is unaware of his terrible diagnosis, close friends decide to organize treatment. Before such action should seek the advice of a psychiatrist. He will be able to choose the most appropriate treatment with the minimum amount of risk.

Herbal medicine usually has a slow effect, allowing sick no doubt, that he contributed to this. Self-esteem begins to rise, there is a desire to fight for his life. In the end, the patient completely free from addiction.

In practice, treatment often used more harmless plants. With their help, and can remove even years of addiction and minimize side effects. Most famous in this list are the roots of dandelions, centaury, bearberry, wormwood.

Phytotherapy of alcoholism

Rules of treatment with herbs

Any treatment requires careful compliance with these recommendations. So to self-medicate is not worth it. Even seemingly innocuous herbs can cause the health serious harm. After all, some of them are even poisonous components, excessive consumption which can provoke even death.

Before you buy a certain type of grass it is necessary to carefully study its properties. The chance to earn an Allergy too large.

Also, experts do not recommends to buy herbs in pharmacies. Usually it is hidden carefully grind the garbage in conjunction with a small dose of plants. So best to buy herbs from grandmothers or build it yourself.

Rules of treatment with herbs

Also, do not substitute herbal pharmacy tinctures, containing alcohol. Otherwise, the alcoholic can go to even more booze.

If you rely on the numerous reviews, it is possible to conclude that, many are opposed to such. According to them, to be healed, using weed, impossible. Although known for a long time and could entail a huge amount of positive results. Therefore, each person should decide for themselves what he trusts more popular herbs or chemicals.


To fight this terrible disease, all methods are good. Therefore, we should not abandon herbal medicine. On the positive reviews she is not inferior to professional techniques, carried out in expensive hospitals.

In addition you should remember about psychological care. The alcoholic must understand, that close his people love him and wish only the best. Often the psychological factor is crucial in the effectiveness of therapy.

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