Panic attacks and alcohol

Panic attacks often occur because of the development of serious diseases. Wanting to deal with them, a person begins to drink alcoholic beverages. Under the influence of alcohol unpleasant symptoms begin to subside. Panic attack and alcohol – a common combination.

However, it is understood such a way of fighting can only exacerbate the situation, triggering the development of alcohol dependence. It is best to fight the disease using breathing exercises or special medicines. Today, due to improper treatment panic attack after drinking alcohol is quite common.

Panic attacks and alcohol

Panic attack treatment alcohol

Many people wonder, can alcohol panic attacks. However, for an accurate answer you need to understand this phenomenon, find out, why this occurs, and most importantly how to deal with it.

The term panic attack refers to short-term attacks, accompanied by a strong sense of fear and panic. They may occur in conjunction with somatic symptoms, occur in the body: palpitations, raising the pressure. Most often, the disease develops independently without a good reason.

Methods of treatment

Many doctors, not trying to listen to the real complaints of the patients, appoint them the questionable treatment of nonexistent diseases. People are starting to take the pill, which do not facilitate their condition.

Often first faced with this diagnosis, man begins to worry about the presence of serious disease. Rather wanting to arrange treatment, he visits the clinic, recorded at the reception of the most renowned experts.

It is important to note, the doctors, trying to help the patient, appoint a huge number of tests. Usually, their results do not show anything. In the end poor start to carry other professionals. Requires a visit to the cardiologist, gastroenterologist, a therapist and a neurologist and other doctors.

From such attention by medical personnel, the situation of the patient is only getting worse. He sure is serious business, since so many qualified professionals are not able to help. Therefore, the alleged disease begins to worsen, deteriorating health of the patient. Eventually the patient begins to combine panic attacks and alcohol.

At risk usually are individual with hereditary disposition. This diagnosis is more often diagnosed in women aged 25 years.

panic attack after alcohol

The reasons for the development

Today experts identify several theories of the development of the disease. Some are convinced, because of the increased production of adrenaline and noradrenaline of the adrenal glands. And a chance to get the diagnosis of inherited incredibly high.

Of particular importance is played by the human psychology. this theory was once discovered by Sigmund Freud. In his opinion, internal conflict is able to find out in physical manifestations.

The development of an attack

Attack usually develops due to release of large amount of adrenaline. It contributes to the development of spasm of the blood vessels. Begins to increase the pressure, breathing becomes rapid, a heartbeat increases. The person begins to feel a surge of fear and panic. It is at this stage of the development of the disease it is important to be timely help.

The duration of the attack can reach 10 minutes to one hour. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the victim.

What to do

The frequent occurrence of the disease is necessary to find an explicit reason for its occurrence. Usually this should be an MRI of the brain, blood analysis, to do an ultrasound, ECG. The necessary examination will reveal signs of somatic.

Often, when the survey has good results. Thus, we can safely rule out internal abnormalities. You need to tackle the panic manifestations. For this purpose you should make an appointment to see a therapist.


after alcohol next day, panic attacksThe most common cause of development of disease are cardiovascular pathology. Most patients are convinced, the culprit is a deadly disease. Any violations of the heart are perceived as a serious threat to the life. Most often at risk are the person, have had a heart attack.

Not less common are endocrine diseases, mental or depressive disorder. Also develop the disease can certain medications.

It is important to note the frequent clients of doctors in the diagnosis are people, living in an urban environment. The reason for all wrong way of life, addiction, the minimum number of sport and physical activity, excessive coffee drinking and sugar. Often after alcohol the next day panic attacks begin to progress. It is therefore important to refrain from intoxicating drinks.


For this disease is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • dry mouth;
  • excessive sweating;
  • shortness of breath;
  • the feeling of pain in the chest;
  • the feeling of cooling;
  • heat;
  • frequent urination;
  • tingling limbs;
  • nausea.

In addition they occur and mental:

  • the feeling of fear;
  • the fear of death;
  • stiffness;
  • the fear of going crazy.

Sometimes the situation can seriously worsen. Occur loss of consciousness, blurred vision, cramps, severe pain in the heart area or belly.

Ways of dealing

Everyone, when faced with a similar diagnosis, finds its way of treatment. For some, panic attacks and alcohol are the only salvation. However, experts identify several proven and effective ways.

Regulation of respiration

Typically, the attack provokes shortness of breath, the blood gets filled with oxygen. This phenomenon only exacerbates the patient's state of health. It is therefore important to normalize breathing, reducing the amount of oxygen. To do this, you can do the following exercises:

  1. Squat, folding his hands cupped. Then to attach them to the face, carefully closing the mouth, the nose and eyes. Then it is necessary to start breathing correctly, to do breath in the stomach, and counted to four to make the exhale.
  2. Repeat the first method, but instead of your palms to use a paper bag.

Breathing exercises will not only improve the health, but also to normalize the General condition.

can alcohol panic attacks


It is important to distract from negative thoughts to do this, you should do the following exercises:

  1. Account. To do this, use all the surrounding objects – trees, machine, birds, people outside.
  2. Pain stimulus. You need to hang on his arm band and feeling the onset of panic, to pull it, bringing yourself, a slight feeling of pain.
  3. Massage. Gentle massage movements will help to distract.

You can easily come up with other methods of distraction. It is best in such moments is not alone. A good company will not allow the attack to worsen.


At the first symptoms of attack, you must drink Valerian or motherwort. However, these methods only temporarily improve the condition. To apply them systematically impossible.

As a treatment should be used antidepressants. The course of treatment can be several months. And to find the right cure should be exclusively the attending physician. To self-medicate is not.

panic attack after drinking alcohol

Ways to prevent

Own health is the most important, therefore, you cannot initiate the situation. Therefore, to avoid possible complications, you must adhere to simple recommendations:

  • at the first disturbing symptoms, consult a doctor. Ashamed of it not worth it. Because timely help could seriously change the situation in a positive way;
  • to undertake compulsory medical treatment if necessary;
  • constant physical activity. This is especially true of those, who leads a sedentary lifestyle. You should sign up for yoga classes, to buy a bike or to walk more;
  • to enroll in therapeutic massage;
  • to normalize the mode of the day, carefully controlling the period of rest and work. For good health requires no less. 8 hours of sleep;
  • proper nutrition;
  • the rejection of bad habits. Frequently occurring panic attacks after drinking alcohol, it is therefore important to pay attention to it, excluding alcohol.

Only a comprehensive observance of all recommendations, you can be sure, that the disease is not going to happen.

Panic attacks and alcohol

Can alcohol panic attacks is an urgent issue in the doctor's office. Many patients are convinced, use of intoxicating drinks is able to ward off negative thoughts.

However, recorded statistics could make the following conclusions, panic attack after alcohol happen more often. The lack of alcohol begins to provoke the emergence of new attacks. The patient must constantly increase the dosage of alcohol. Such treatment is fraught with the development of alcoholism.

Panic disorder is able to take a chronic form, it is therefore important to seek professional help. However, beyond some prescriptions of medical workers is not necessary.

It is also necessary to carry out independent work. You need to normalize your lifestyle, to unsubscribe from addictions, to play sports and to find interesting hobby. And especially it is not necessary to drown out the growing syndrome of alcoholic beverages. Otherwise, the situation could end in a more sad way.

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