Temperature with a hangover — find out why

Usually after a fun feast there are serious problems with deterioration of health. Nausea, headache – natural signs of intoxication. Often there are cases, when hungover temperature rose to pay on this special attention is not worth it. However, if you increase it to 38 degrees, worry anxiety. the temperature of the hangover really is able to rise, but not above 37.3 degrees.

Reasons for the increase in temperature

High body temperature with a hangover often means severe poisoning. Such is usually fixed in the morning, when the concentration of toxic substances reaches a special forces.

Temperature with a hangover

Experts identify several good reasons, why fever after hangover begins to rise:

  • vasodilation of the circulatory system;
  • special sensitivity to specific substances;
  • individual characteristics;
  • violation of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • the presence of serious pathologies;
  • the presence of anomalies in the body.

Each reason is a serious reason to consult a specialist. Especially when a sudden deterioration of General health. Usually after a certain amount of time the body is normalized, but it is important to understand, the temperature after a hangover is not the norm.

If after a day's health is not improving, but on the contrary worse, it is urgent to seek medical help. No time to lose perhaps the blame for the poisoning surrogate alcohol. A good reason of poisoning are the following symptoms:

  • temperature during a hangover, reaching 38 degrees;
  • profuse sweating;
  • pain in the abdomen;
  • dizziness;
  • breathing problems;
  • problems breathing.

A hangover if the temperature rises it is important to carefully control the process, avoiding critical levels.

could it be the temperature of a hangover

How to normalize a state

When the temperature for a hangover is not exceeded more than 37.5 degrees, and other causes for concern, you can try to improve the health of the patient:

  • go for a walk, fresh air will definitely benefit. If the opportunity to go out there, we can restrict ventilation;
  • restoration of water-salt metabolism. Therefore it is necessary to drink more tea with lemon, of broth hips, berry juice. Since the best cure for a hangover was to pickle cucumbers and yogurt;
  • to follow the diet. Not after the feast, again fill the stomach greasy and heavy food. The best solution will be a light chicken broth;
  • ask for help to drugs. Helps remove toxins activated charcoal. In addition, you can drink aspirin, zoreks. To restore the stomach you can drink enterosgel, Linex, or. And to get rid of a headache will help aspirin or Ketoprofen.;
  • a cold compress with vinegar will allow to improve health;
  • to take a contrast shower;
  • to abandon a visit to lane or bath.

Find out, whether hungover temperature to rise it is necessary to consider another phenomenon, also causing great anxiety.

Lowering the temperature

Many people wonder, could it be the temperature of a hangover. However, few people think about e reduction. It turns out, under the influence of alcohol may occur and this phenomenon. Often natural the mark is reduced to 36 degrees. The reason for all the dysfunction of thermoregulation. Typically, the disease occurs with people actively abusing alcohol.

fever after hangover

After drinking any alcohol, in blood ethyl alcohol. It contributes to the appearance of spasms and paralysis of the vessels. These violations affect the violation of thermoregulation.

This condition does not require medical attention, however, to ignore it and not worth it. It is best to give the victim a good rest, providing it with a warm drinking. If health does not improve you should contact the hospital, the victim may need IV fluids.

Figuring out, could it be the temperature of a hangover should also be aware of its possible changes. The cause of this disease be the following reasons:

  • fatigue;
  • seasonality;
  • weather conditions;
  • development of ARI.

Usually the disease is not dangerous.

Acceptance a bath

Many experts recommend as a hangover cure a cold shower, trying to bypass the party making the bathtub. However, you cannot ignore this method of recovery. It is especially suitable for those, who the next morning after a spree, you need to go to work.

However, special attention must be paid to the temperature of the water. It should not be too hot. Otherwise can appear related complications. To take a bath only valid in the state of sobriety and in the absence of chronic diseases.

It is permissible to add water essential oils or sea salt. The water temperature should not exceed 37 degrees. Length of procedure about 20 minutes, then you need a good towel to wipe and rest.

Salt baths are a number of advantages:

  • activation of metabolic processes;
  • increased blood circulation;
  • to get rid of edema.

To achieve the desired effect 300 grams of sea salt.

Before taking bath you should know about contraindications. This includes people, with cardiovascular disease. Often accidents happen due to the fact, that person is under the influence of pleasant temperatures fall asleep, this can lead to death.

Learning, does the temperature with a hangover every person needs to understand, how to act in such a situation. There are enough ways of normalization of well-being. It is therefore important to focus on the victim's condition.

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