Alcohol in the plane: baggage and customs rules

When going abroad, you always want to bring your family an interesting souvenir. And alcohol-containing products in great demand. Everyone wants to please the relatives of the local drink. Only few people know, how much can you bring alcohol on the plane. There are certain rules, rules, which must be adhered to. Immensely not to drink alcohol in the plane, if you do not want problems.

alcohol in the plane

Hand Luggage

Not to be in complicated situation before the flight, it is important to know in advance, how much can you bring alcohol in airplane Luggage.

To carry alcohol on the plane is officially permitted. However, much depends on the destination, airlines. For example, making trip to Russia, worth listening to Russian legislation, but when going abroad – foreign.

Bringing liquids on Board has its own rules. So, the volume of any beverage shall not exceed 100 ml. And alcohol is no exception. The total amount should not be more 1 liters. It should pay attention, by acquiring a small souvenir bottles with alcohol.

In 2007 year new law. Follow him, the transportation of alcohol in the plane, strength of more than 24% valid only in the Luggage compartment. Thus, to carry it with you impossible. The exception becomes only products, purchased in Duty Free.

alcohol in airplane Luggage

Duty Free

There are slightly different rules, the parameters are more loyal, here are the main ones:

  • the volume of the packaging can be more 100 ml;
  • the presence of the factory packaging.

Hand baggage must have a certain weight, this is worth remembering, by making a purchase.

How much alcohol can I carry in plane depends on the point of departure. For example, returning to Russia, passenger can take on Board from Duty free up to three litres of alcohol. The main thing to remember, to open the package until the end of flight, banned.

If passengers need to change trains, bought all the alcohol will be transferred from your hand Luggage in the Luggage compartment. Area Duty free allows the purchase of alcohol exclusively for international flights.

Find out, how long can alcohol be in the plane should ask the least popular question.

Is it possible the alcohol in airplane Luggage

Planning to make a flight, it is important to know, transportation of alcohol in the plane 2018 years on domestic flights requires compliance with the following rules:

  • it is forbidden to carry drinks, strength which exceeds 70%;
  • one person has the right to carry not more than 5 liters;
  • alcohol, strength to 24 it is permissible to carry without restrictions. With the exception of the age becomes the, for Russia 21 year.

It is understood, rules can be very different. It depends on the country. So, some completely prohibit the importation of liquor into its territory.

how can alcohol in the plane

Airport workers have the right to demand appropriate packaging, label, marking. So, all home-made drinks are prohibited.

Some parents, wanting to spend as much of alcohol, manage to hide the bottle in children's Luggage. Such actions are prohibited. So, finding out the exact figure, how much alcohol in airplane Luggage, it is necessary to calculate the allowable number of bottles.

Drinking in the salon

Regarding the prohibition of the use of such products, while on Board, there are a lot of conversations. The reason for all the different airlines. Some require strict prohibition, others will allow such actions, but if the products on Board.

Usually eating a small amount of alcohol, punishment should not be. While it is important, behave appropriately. Violent behavior can cause serious consequences. Airlines have the right to remove such passenger from the flight.

On Board you can have a bar, where it is permissible to purchase alcohol. The main thing to remember, the choice here is limited, and the price is similar with price tags in the zone Duty free.

During long flights, means feeding passengers. Moreover, certain categories of tickets meant the results of a limited amount of alcohol. For example, beer 0, 33 liters. Although in business class all the more comfortable. Here passengers can get any alcohol, volume to 250 ml.

Each country has its own strict regulations valid, it is therefore important to focus on them. Committed before the trip, you should consult the rules of the customs.

you can transport alcohol in airplane Luggage


Usually airlines do not require compliance with strict rules concerning packaging. The main thing to keep its integrity. Therefore, transporting alcohol on the plane, it is recommended to stick to simple rules:

  • place the bottle away from solid objects;
  • between the bottles to put the clothes, creating a soft gasket;
  • to avoid stacking bottles near the walls;
  • to put the capacity in bags with solid cap.

Airlines are not responsible for the safety of the bottles, therefore, the task of the passenger to pack the products better.

Health comes first

With regard to the flights to take alcohol is not the best solution. The reason for that particular atmospheric pressure. Passengers can experience oxygen starvation. To seriously worsen his condition.

Many countries strictly controls not only the export, but the import of alcohol. Therefore, during landing I have to prepare for revalidation. For example, the Emirates or the Maldives ban the import of any spirits. Thus, to carry alcohol on the plane is not exactly the best solution.

If the alcohol in airplane Luggage exceeds the allowed number, the passenger will have to pay an additional fee. It is also important to raise certain securities, confirming this action. Otherwise you can be fined.

Find out, you can transport alcohol in airplane Luggage, you can safely go on a journey.

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