What is a hot shot?

Hot injection method, which helps to quit alcohol addiction for several years. Although traditionally the procedure used for therapy of certain diseases.

The story of the origin of

In medicine there are always new methods of treatment, facilitate human being. Many methods are such high quality, that easily flow from the category of a new type of treatment in the classic way. However, despite the popularity of the technique, there are a huge number of people, who do not understand, what a hot shot in the vein.

hot shot in the vein

It is important to note, this important procedure, which is able to make only real qualified professionals. Otherwise, the ongoing manipulation can cause the development of dangerous complications.

In recent years, hot shot was able to gather a huge amount of diverse opinions. Its unusual name therapy required, the appearance of a light sensation of heat and burning after injection.

Immediately after the introduction of the solution, the patient feels a slight warmth, which begins to rapidly spreads throughout the body and internal organs. Sometimes the patient feels mild discomfort, burning.


The use of hot injection is usually provided to people, having a calcium deficiency. The reason for all the special combination in solution of inorganic and organic salts. Proven, when running situations some pills is not enough.

So the doctors decide to assign a hot shot. Such manipulations allow to normalize the General condition of the patient. They are also used during treatment of varicose veins or to prevent.

after a hot prick

The use of hot injections can also be prescribed in the treatment of the following ailments::

  • dermatitis;
  • dermatosis;
  • asthma;
  • allergies;
  • the presence of inflammatory reactions.

Treatment of certain diseases is not the only reason of using the technique of hot injections intravenous. It is actively used in the fight against addiction to alcohol. A course of injections allows you to get rid of alcohol the thrust to a few years. The duration of the failure depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, the degree of dependence, as well as the chemical composition of the injection.

Action shots based on the presence of specific substances, able to block specific enzymes, responsible for the breakdown of toxic substances. Therefore after drinking alcohol, hazardous ingredients accumulate in the body, causing acute poisoning. Such deterioration in health provokes disgust at the sight and smell of alcohol.


Hot shot is of two varieties. They are used depending on the relevant evidence.

  1. Calcium gluconate. This substance is used in the following situations: bronchitis, sinusitis, rickets, liver damage and prevention of bedsores. They are also used in childbirth and lactation.
  2. Calcium chloride. Used to treat bronchitis running, dermatitis, the appearance of complications of pneumonia, varicose veins and complex forms of allergies.

Injections prescribed for a sedentary lifestyle. However, it is understood, to carry out such manipulation is necessary only when absolutely necessary. Use them for primary therapy not. The application must be single.

the use of hot shot

How to carry out the procedure

Carry out the injection only by medical professionals. Otherwise grows the likelihood of complications. To do a hot shot in the buttocks not. Otherwise they can cause necrosis of tissue. Their main feature is intravenous.

Injections are of three types:

  • jet – classic;
  • drip – produced with IV fluids;
  • electrophoresis.

It is important when you first use to enter the solution slowly, avoiding injury to the vein walls.


Any procedure has a list of restrictions, therefore, they cannot conduct in the following situations:

  • renal failure;
  • cancer;
  • the presence of disorders in the cardiovascular system;
  • atherosclerosis.

Therefore, it is important to consult with a specialist. Only experienced physicians can give permission to therapy. After the hot injections, it is recommended to refrain from physical activity.

hot injections of calcium gluconate

Possible complications

Improper introduction there is always a risk of complications:

  • the swelling of the veins. Usually, the swelling occurs at the injection site. To get rid of it you can use iodine mesh. Also can appear the bumps, the duration of their disappearance may be delayed for a week;
  • of bruising. Very popular a consequence of intravenous injection. Even experienced nurses sometimes make such mistakes. To speed up the process of their elimination allowed a special ointment from bruises;
  • allergic reaction. Every body is different, so, to ensure the absence of allergies is impossible. In order to avoid an adverse outcome, it is recommended to pass the necessary tests and only after that carry out the injection;
  • the inflammatory response. Getting air into a vein can lead to death. To do without medical care can not.

A high probability of causing harm to health requires a specific approach for the procedure.

Hot shots can be a boon in advanced stages of the disease. Therefore, the purpose of the injection is to abandon them is not necessary. The most important thing to trusted procedure professional professionals. After the first session the patient will feel significant improvement in health.

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