Alcohol after hyaluronic acid

Every woman wants to be beautiful. Here, only the years in appearance begins to appear a variety of problems and flaws. Wanting to get rid of them, women go to the beautician. It remains to understand the alcohol after the hyaluronic acid is allowed or prohibited?

alcohol after hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid and the alcohol

Most girls are convinced, such manipulations are completely harmless, but in practice all absolutely differently. Each procedure has its own peculiarities. It is important to adhere strictly to the written recommendations. For example, after surgery is strictly contraindicated alcohol.

But what about cosmetic procedures? Can alcohol after hyaluronic acid? These are the questions, which so often appear in the network. Many beauty hesitate to ask our specialists, then face unintended consequences. To avoid this it is important to know, how does alcohol after injections of hyaluronic acid, and most importantly what consequences it may lead.

The procedure of rejuvenation with cosmetic formulations for many girls is a natural phenomenon. In this way they seek to improve their appearance, add the face of freshness and brightness. For many it is like going for a haircut or eyebrow. However, many client of office of a cosmetologist completely, do not think whether the alcohol after the hyaluronic acid in the lips and with a clear conscience enjoy alcohol.

can alcohol after hyaluronic acid

That's just any, even the most high-quality injection can cause unintended consequences: pain, swelling, redness, infection. It is therefore important to observe the instructions of the specialist.

Alcohol after lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid is quite a controversial issue. Because the procedure does not apply to harmless. It has enough limitations and contraindications. Good experts recommend even for a few days before the procedure, to refrain from intoxicating. The reason for all emergency response. The very lip has a minimum of side effects, but with the combination of the solution with alcohol, the reaction can be very unpredictable.

Most often, excessive consumption of alcohol provokes early aging of the skin. An excellent proof of this is the alcoholics with many years of experience. Even the youngest of them look much older than their age. They begin to appear early wrinkles, that seriously affects the General condition of a person.

Alcohol after hyaluronic acid – the main danger

Cosmetology does not stand still and today there are many creams and masks for skin rejuvenation. Many of them have similar composition with a solution for mesotherapy. However, the introduction of its structural layers, allows to achieve the desired result.

in modern society, to the advantage of rejuvenating already decided thousands of clients. According to them incredible the effect is visible already after the first day intramuscular injection.

hyaluronic acid and the alcohol

Magic shots allow you to rejuvenate. However, there is always the reverse side. Here she be minor swelling, swelling and small bruises. After a couple of days they are. That's just the alcohol after injections of hyaluronic acid can not only slow down the recovery procedure, but to contribute to the emergence of unintended consequences.

The more punctures, the higher the risk. Therefore alcohol after hyaluronic acid, contraindicated. It is worth noting, the duration of abstinence may be different. It all depends on the individual characteristics of a client. Cosmetologist independently voiced the necessary restrictions and their duration.

Injections of hyaluronic acid alcohol prior to the procedure

The importance of not only rehabilitation, but before the procedure. So, sign up for the injections, the girl should refrain from taking alcohol for a few days. The reasons for this are many, of the total violation of health – dizziness, nausea, to serious problems – blood clotting. Even a slight amount of alcohol consumed may affect the result of the operation.

Consumption of alcohol can affect healing time and even lead to adverse results manipulation. The blame for the presence of blood ethanol, provoking vasodilation.

Alcohol after hyaluronic acid

Experts strongly recommend to restrict from drinking alcohol for a couple of weeks. This will help to avoid any possible swelling and to speed up the recovery process. Special deadlift with of alcohol should be limited at least in the first two days. Otherwise the consequences could become irreversible.

Therefore, answering the question, why no alcohol after hyaluronic acid worth a check list of possible negative consequences:

  • the emergence of major hematomas;
  • swelling;
  • allergic reaction;
  • inflammation;
  • a short result.

You always want to understand, that spent money and time gave a positive result.

alcohol after lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid

Useful tips

If you give up alcohol does not work, you need at least to change its strength, the number. Instead of vodka to drink wine. However, it is also worth to give up bad snacks. No fatty salty foods.

Also, you should listen to other helpful tips:

  • minimize use of makeup;
  • to abandon a visit to the sauna, Solarium;
  • after the procedure is less time in the open sun.

The appearance of unexpected reactions to self-medicate is not. Such actions will only exacerbate the situation. The right thing will go on reception to the beautician or a dermatologist, who will be able to adequately interpret the situation and to assign appropriate treatment.

It is important to realize the neglect not only means wasted money, but may lead to deterioration of health. To be aware of the responsibility you need to know from him is a "cocktail of beauty". Usually the recipe is individual, depending on the preferences of specialist and individual characteristics of a client. Although common components do exist:

  • vitamin complex;
  • hyaluronate;
  • glycolic acid;
  • vasodilators.

Each of these components can provoke an unexpected reaction when used together with ethanol. It is important to note, in some situations, when using the composition with alcohol the result provides the minimum. And the fault of the beautician there is absolutely no.

Every customer of the beauty parlor should decide for themselves, should you spoil your own appearance and health for the sake of a moment of weakness. Bad habits have a negative impact on the bodies, the condition of the skin, hair. Therefore, wanting to be young and beautiful to begin to re-examine our own attitude towards life.

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