Types, cirrhosis of the liver

Cirrhosis is a dangerous disease for a long time, flowing in a latent form. Many people can exist, not knowing, that insidious infection for several years, slowly killing the body. The only way to diagnose the disease is ultrasonography and a blood test. To best protect themselves from the disease everyone should know, what are the types, cirrhosis of the liver, their symptoms and methods of treatment.

cirrhosis of the liver

Why human liver?

The liver is the filter of the whole body, ensuring the normal flow of all vital organs in a person's life. This body has over 150 functions, the main of which are:

  • cleansing the body of dangerous toxins;
  • participation in the process of hematopoiesis;
  • normalization of water metabolism;
  • the splitting of poisons.

Sometimes even seemingly minor irregularities in the body can seriously affect the health of the person. The main trouble is the long absence of symptoms. However, the finding disease, a chance to recover is minimized. The disease is irreversible.

The causes of cirrhosis of the liver

The disease does not appear independently, therefore, experts highlight the most popular causes of development of liver cirrhosis:

  • Alcoholism. Constantly drinking alcohol affects the whole body. Moreover, the liver is the hardest. Receives a huge amount of toxins, to cope with which the authority is not able. Develops hepatitis, developing into cirrhosis;
  • Hepatitis. Viral diseases are the cause of the destruction of a large number of hepatocytes, that soon leads to a deadly diagnosis – cirrhosis of the liver;
  • Heredity. In the presence of similar disease in parents, a chance to get cirrhosis of the liver children, achieves high marks;
  • Autoimmune diseases. Dangerous disease, which leads to, that the body starts to destroy liver cells;
  • Long-term use of drugs. Most medicines have side effects, therefore, when uncontrolled admission increases the likelihood of serious harm to the liver – the filtering organ of the body;
  • A disruption in the cardiovascular system.

All kinds, cirrhosis of the liver, can cause a lethal outcome. According to statistics from cirrhosis die each year a huge number of accidents. To be precise tragic marker reaches 40 000 000 people.

cirrhosis of the liver symptoms

Types, cirrhosis of the liver, may be different, but it is important to know every one of the forms asymptomatic. Decided to attribute it to chronic pathologies, able to develop years. To find out its in the first stage is almost impossible. Most often, patients seek help, being on 2 and 3 stage, when to help the patient experts have not.

Accurate prediction of life expectancy of the patient depends on the degree of liver damage. Experts identify 4 stage, level:

  • compensation;
  • subcompensated;
  • decompensation;
  • terminal.

For each stage of liver cirrhosis is characterized by their symptoms.

Cirrhosis of the liver: symptoms

To identify the first signs of liver cirrhosis independently, difficult. Usually the patient does not complain of health. Therefore, it is important to undergo an annual examination. To identify emerging disease will allow the following laboratory studies:

  • Ultrasound;
  • a blood test;
  • biopsy;
  • determining speed of blood coagulation.

Identifying cirrhosis in the early stages of the disease, there is a big chance to recover. However, it is necessary to strictly follow the recommendations of the attending physicians.

На фото показаны виды цирроза печени - сравнение нормального состояния печени, с состоянием, при алкогольном циррозе печени, при жировом гепатозе печени и при алкогольном гепатите печени. Берегите свою печень!

The photo shows the stages and types of liver cirrhosis – comparison of normal liver, status, in alcoholic liver cirrhosis, when fatty hepatosis liver and alcoholic hepatitis liver. Take care of your liver!

4 Cirrhosis of the liver

The appearance of a patient with liver cirrhosis in advanced stages serious changes. Clearly you can see this, considering stage, kinds of liver cirrhosis.

The compensation stage

Kidney tissue is constantly exposed to inflammatory processes. Is the main symptoms:

  • loss of appetite;
  • rapid tiredness;
  • distraction.

In the absence of treatment, the disease begins to progress.

Stage subcompensation

Begin to appear the outward signs of the disease:

  • itching;
  • weight loss;
  • headaches;
  • yellowing of the skin;
  • bruises and wounds heal for a long time;
  • urine darker;
  • the temperature rises to 37⁰С;
  • frequent bleeding from the nose;
  • disruptions in the menstrual cycle.

The main feature is the emergence of strong yellowness of the eye shells. Although this symptom may appear due to a number of other diseases.

types of cirrhosis

Stage of decompensation

The appearance of a patient with cirrhosis deteriorates significantly:

  • muscle weakness;
  • yellowing of skin and eyes;
  • the appearance of digestive problems;
  • strong weight loss;
  • a strong rise and fall of body temperature.

A major problem becomes the development of a parallel ailments. Among which may be sepsis, pneumonia, tumors, internal bleeding. The only chance for salvation is getting a transplant. In all other cases, the treatment is not able to cause a positive result. Due to the high probability of death, the patient should always be under the supervision of medical professionals.

На фото показан внешний вид и отличия больного циррозом печени, от здоровой печени, какие изменения происходят на клеточном уровне - появляются жировые клетки и некроз.

The photo shows the appearance and distinction of a patient with liver cirrhosis, from a healthy liver, what changes occur at the cellular level – appear fat cells and necrosis.

Stage terminal

Usually the patient falls into a coma, the body is completely affected and reduced in size. To save man, at this stage it is impossible. Therefore, while being the victim in consciousness he draw up a disability and placed in special hospital, where they spend care. Usually parallel to the patient to attack cancer, ulcers, bleeding.

All kinds, cirrhosis of the liver, pose a serious threat to life. Therefore, doctors never make happy predictions for survival. The only true salvation is organ transplant. However, it is necessary to understand the donor organ must be compatible, in addition there should be no concurrent pathology. Therefore, only the first two stages of a 70% the probability of rescue.

Cirrhosis is a fatal disease, which it is vital to recognize in the early stages. Otherwise, heal will be impossible. Therefore, each person must annually pass a medical examination to identify possible pathologies. Well, if you have bad habit – taking alcohol in large doses and regularly, it's time to rethink that and quit drinking.

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