The best and most expensive wines in the world

Winemaking is quite old lesson, which continues to be relevant even in modern society. The reason for this popularity is high demand for the wonderful drink. So many interesting, what is the most expensive wine on the planet.the most expensive wine

A bit of history

The history of wine begins with Ancient Egypt, it is here for the first time began to produce more 3 000 years BC. Looking at such dates, many people wonder, the most expensive bottle of wine in the world, how much and when was it created. Because in our society a sufficient number of collectors, ready for any amount of money to purchase a luxury drink.

Such purchases are perceived as a sign of luxury and prosperity. The term "elite" refers to certain varieties, which collected from famous vineyards and processed by experienced craftsmen, knowing a lot about this difficult case.

The most expensive of guilt in the world are in private collections and get all the vital dates. The special price are bottles with a long exposure. However, it is important to maintain the necessary storage requirements, otherwise the product can lose its quality.

The most expensive wine should possess all the necessary qualities. It is not enough just to comply with the technology, you must also include the maximum of creativity and knowledge. If you believe the experts, a drink with a hundred years of history not usable. They were created in 1700 year, but due to the lack of compliance with required standards, found them unfit for consumption. Though, despite such sad news, in our days there is little high-quality bottles long history.

To find out, what kind of wine the most expensive, is more familiar with the elite list.

Jerez de La Frontera, produced in 1775

To say that this is the most expensive wine, not. Although the price per bottle is 50 000$. It is stored in the city of Crimea in the famous Museum. It is manufactured in 1775 year and during this period it managed to gather a huge number of different, fascinating stories. There are several drinks bottles, some of them were successfully sold and drunk.

Jerez de La Frontera

So, in 1964 year Khrushchev agreed to a tasting of the vine creations. Lucky, porubova it, admired magic taste, a delicate aroma. It is also known, what few pieces left from various auction events abroad. Similar trades were carried out with the official consent of the President.

Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1784

Question, how much is the most expensive wine is set in the network many times. Here are many experts are not able to give an exact answer. The reason is the large number of premium beverages. Many of them are the source of private property, so, reliable information about their safety just yet.

Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1784

In this situation, the cost of one bottle is 160 000$. Originally it was a property of the collection of the US President – Thomas Jefferson. Then went to the Rothschilds. There are less 50 bottles, produced in 1787 year. It is also usually referred to the category of the most expensive red wine. After the acquisition of the entire collection will cost a decent amount.

Chateau d'yquem 1787

The most expensive wine is related to sweet, white. Bottle has long been the property of the company "Antique", who was proud of her. However, money always plays a role. So, in the beginning 21 century it was sold to one rich collector, living in the United States. The man wished to keep his name hidden. Today there is an opinion, that bottle remains intact.

Pink Muscat Magarach 1836

Drink divine taste. Kept on the territory of Yalta to the famous wine research Institute. It is made from berries 1836 years and is listed in the Guinness book of records, as the most ancient among all, made in Russia. There are only 3 bottle.

Pink Muscat Magarach 1836

Rudesheimer Apostelwein

Considered the most unique, after all refers to the barrel. Date of manufacture is 1727 year. It is located in the famous Bremen town restaurant, the number of barrels reaches 12 pieces. Despite its recognition as elite, it can not buy. The drink is intended for political personalities, Royal, which it is presented as a gift. Although this tasting are rare, extreme took place in 1950 year. For the best safety in the quantity of taken back pour fresh, but the best quality.

TOP 10 expensive bottles of wine

Figuring out, what kind of wine the most expensive, it is important to pay attention to the time of its creation. The aging process plays a special importance. Because the higher it is, the elite is the product. Although there are always exceptions. Shown below wine, deserve the title of most expensive bottle of wine.

Screaming Eagle 1992

The age drink does not exceed 30 years, but this did not prevent to sell it for half a million dollars. The reason for all of his particular delicate taste and aroma, carries light notes of grapes combined with fruit. Of particular importance elegant purple shade.

Screaming Eagle 1992

Château Cheval Blanc 1947

Second place gets a bottle, with the price 300 000$. It was bought on one of the Geneva auction. The high price is due to the special taste and quality of the product. After all, to create it used the harvest berries 1947 year. Known, that bottle capable of storing more than 100 years, without losing its qualities.

Château Lafite 1980

The cost exceeded 300 000$ and originally belonged to Jefferson. However, in 80 it was sold to M. Forbes. However, the drink to drink anymore, but even so it has not lost its price. Because the label has these initials 3rd President of the USA.

Château Lafite 1980

Heidsieck 1907: 275 000$

The beverage was a property of the collection of the Russian Tsar. That's just special value she added it is not such a rich heritage or a high quality crop. It turns out, the drink has long been considered lost. It happened after the sinking of the ship. Here are just a century later, it turned out, the wreckage of the vessel all this time kept the integrity of the bottles. The collection instantly sold at auction.

Château Lafite 1869

The cost of one bottle 230 000$, although the initial planning cost was just 8 000 $ , however, those who came to the auction the rich raised the rates substantially. Her new owner was a collector, living in Asia.

Château Lafite 1869

Romanée Conti 1945

The end of the war became a major cause for the high cost of the drink, the price of which reached 124 000$. There were manufactured 600 bottles.

Château d'yquem 1811

High-quality crop 1811 years helped to create a great drink, cost 117 000$. It is important to note, they deserve the title of best white wine product in the whole history.

Château d'yquem 1811

Château d'yquem 1787

Harvest 1787 year also not inferior in quality. A product with a price tag of 100 000 $ . Bought a collector, living in America.

Massandra 1775

As described above, the wine, created in Crimea. Unique technologies and weather conditions helped to create the excellent products. Today, however, to Express something definite relative to palatability it is impossible, but due to its parity it is not particularly pay attention. After all, to keep in his hands a bottle, having 300 years of age, issued units.

Massandra 1775

Royal DeMaria 2000

Special technology of cooking, based on the initial freezing berries. Allowed to sell it with a price tag of $30 000.

Find out, what is the most expensive wine is to say only one thing, thanks to its rich history, it will always be held in high esteem. And in each variety there is a true fan, ready to pay a fortune for it.

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