How much does it cost to cure alcoholism? Review of Sabai clinic on Koh Samui

I figured out pretty quickly, that my husband gets drunk. At first he only drank on weekends. It would seem, quite a bit, but quite regularly. Then his "relaxation", as he called it, started to stretch. He started drinking on Friday evening and somehow finished by Sunday evening., going to work in a broken state. Further more. "Relaxation" began to affect Thursday, then Wednesday, etc. I didn't have time to look back, like a man, whom I love, turned into a wakeful alcoholic.

Job loss, scandals, even attempts to raise a hand on me in a drunken state - all this was. But I could not leave my loved one. I began to look for a way out, became interested in friends, friends, everyone has, whoever you can.

It was then that I first came across the mention of a rehabilitation center in Sabai.. Began to look for reviews, information, consult. And in the end, from all possible centers, I chose this place..

Did not regret! The husband stayed in the center for almost six months. Yes, it was not cheap, but to be honest: on his drunkenness, on his problems with work due to the love of alcohol, we have lost much more. And - most importantly - they lost peace and harmony in the family, which I have always cherished very much!

Sabai turned out to be our salvation. First, the very atmosphere of the center has a healing effect: a person finds himself in a circle of understanding people, facing the same problems. It is surrounded by friendly staff, competent psychologists, ready to help and advise, put on the right track. People around are ready to support at the moment of a breakdown., prompt, how to resist the temptation to kiss the glass again. And, what is most important, the center does not use medicines! Only psychotherapy, mutual support and change of scenery.

By the way, about a change of scenery! It turns out, new experiences are great for coping with addiction. Husband, keen on exploring a new country for himself, new customs and views of the world, completely forgot about alcohol. Interest in what is happening around just interrupted the desire to turn to alcoholic beverages, to forget, find relief from your problems.

Husband returned from Sabai as a completely different person. Now harmony and stability reign in our family again.. I want to say a huge thank you to all the staff of the center for their responsiveness., understanding and willingness to work even with difficult cases.

Treatment cost for April 2019 year: 300 000 rub. / a month.

Official website of the Sabai clinic:

Telephone: 8 800 551-89-66

Anastasia, Moscow city

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