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Question: Hello, I am interested in the following. Five days ago I decided to quit Smoking, once and for all. Surprisingly first three days were easy, seen, I so much themselves set up. I wasn't even attracted to cigarettes, although colleagues persistently called for a smoke.

But yesterday morning, I feel a weakness, nausea, dizziness. Today that feeling has not passed, plus, I started coughing with expectoration. And today I realized, what is missed for cigarettes, I really want to smoke. Smoke is 4 year, smoked five cigarettes a day, I had never coughed, and it is worth to give up cigarettes – and please!

Tell, is this normal? Have I wronged myself and my body the, so abruptly quit Smoking, changes immediately take irreversible harmful nature? Maybe, cost to do it gradually? Quit Smoking! Change some strange. If I'm on the right path? I really need your advice!

The answer: Congratulations on the, liberation from addiction for five days! As you correctly noticed, the first days passed painlessly precisely because of the strong auto-suggestion.

That's what happens with a healthy light through 4 after years of daily Smoking

That's what happens with a healthy light through 4 after years of daily Smoking

But, three days passed, and you feel the changes on a physical level. Let's see whether you feel them and how it is normally. Four years in a row you day by day poisoned your body. Every cigarette leaving a trace on your lungs, heart, internal reproductive organs.

The human body is an extremely adaptive mechanism. Not to die, he is ready to adapt to anything. And because, your body just got used to the daily recharge nicotine. Believe me, that would give him the arsenic, he would have adapted to it, but at what cost!

Another "scary picture" - lungs of a smoker in 5 years

Another “scary picture” – lungs of a smoker in 5 years

Interestingly, enough weeks, to you fully cleansed from nicotine poison, which is in you. Wait a few more days, just one or two, and unpleasant feeling of dizziness and nausea will leave you. Where did the cough with expectoration? Your experience is 4 year.

It's not 10 years, if you have a chronic smoker's cough, but on the other hand, is a long time in order, to your lungs dirty. Giving up Smoking, you make easy to clean. It's only been 4 day and respiratory system begins to get rid of accumulated mucus.

Of course, the easiest way for the mucus to exit the lung is coughing up. To speed up the process, we suggest you to take advice and recipes for cleaning the lungs, given on our website. Simple recipes will give you the opportunity to prepare an effective drug for pennies.

And now the big question – whether to quit Smoking abruptly or is it better to do it gradually? Imagine, what you force for 4 years made is not fatal dose of poison every day (the same arsenic). Here comes the moment, when you are released and you no longer need to use poison. What will you do, will continue to use the familiar little arsenic, because it already seems to be used as, the passion and start to live without it?

Believe me, experienced detoxification, you will sigh with relief after a few days. Any – will return to its habit and will return to a dependent person, despise myself for failing.Quit Smoking? Changes in the body will happen. Just seems, that they are negative, in fact, the body begins freely “breathe”.

A small video about the dangers of Smoking


There is no physiological need for in the gradual throwing of Smoking, it can and should be done once and for all. Discomfort is the process of excretion of toxins. Mucus, you otharkiwate is running process of cleansing the lungs.

We advise you to speed it up (about, how to do it, there is an article on our website). We wish you to continue the fight in the same spirit, and you will notice positive changes in each of the subsequent days of quitting Smoking. A month later friends of the question, why are you so looking good and seems to be even younger, you say: "I quit Smoking – in the face of change!"

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