How to easily quit Smoking

When you seditious "How to easily quit Smoking?"the fact, it's already done, you can hear solely two answers. The first will be something like this: "Easily? It's not easy! I've been dumped a lot, back to this habit, again threw.. But in the end my will power won and I did it". The second answer is quite the opposite: "Quitting Smoking is easy really! I really just got rid of this habit, and then I just never cared to smoke again".

What it depends on, whether to quit Smoking easy or hard

The first and most important factor is your attitude. Very often from Smoking trying to get rid of those, who else is not ready for this. After hearing about the dangers of tobacco, people understand the idea, that the habit is harmful and no good leads.

What determines whether you are easy to quit or not?

What determines whether you are easy to quit or not?

At the same time, feelings ask for another cigarette. In this case it is not the fight against Smoking, and the battle with yourself. The person suffers the, he decided to get rid of Smoking, but he wants to smoke and the habit that he can not refuse.

If the mood is strong enough, you will not be able to smoke even a few days, but then it will crack. Mindful of the recent success – after all, you haven't smoked long enough, – man tries to quit Smoking. Start these kind of swings, when one part of you is confident, that Smoking you will no longer, and the second asks for a cigarette.

If you are determined to draw strength from a powerful motivation, to quit Smoking you will not be difficult. You will be the one-piece nature from the psychological point of view, which will be sure to say: "I quit Smoking and can't stop me!"

Many are thinking about, how easy it is to quit Smoking and give up bad habits. In fact, it is written a lot of books. Were only responsible approach to the selection of literature.

Reading motivational literature

Agree, what to go on smoke breaks more fun with someone. Believe me, that to quit Smoking is also best with someone. This plan will help you more not even friends, and special literature. You can get the strength to fight through motivating articles and books. Very useful in this respect are our articles, they affect different sides of the deliverance from Smoking.

At all on hearing is also quite valid video “THE TRUTH ABOUT TOBACCO” and “7.62 victim”. These records is on our website and you can have a very strong influence on that, who has thought of throwing Smoking. Say, even those, one thought on quitting Smoking, after these films have an aversion to cigarettes.

The film “The truth about tobacco”

Former smokers also highly recommend the book Allen Carr of the same name – we will talk about it in another post. Another writer, which suggest quitters is our compatriot Nicolai Levashov. Possible, you do not even know, how harmful cigarette. Now, when you learn about all sides of this addiction, you will quit Smoking much easier.

Here is a list of books for those, who wants easy to quit:

  1. Allen Carr: The "it" book, after which quit Smoking.
  2. M. Stoppard "Quit Smoking".
  3. E. Berseneva "Quit Smoking once and for all".
  4. R. Selyukov "to Quit, or how to win in pursuit of pleasure.
  5. Yu. Sokolov, "How to stop Smoking: Effective way to leave a cigarette".

Another is to view documentary films, they are also well-motivated.

The film “7.62 victim”

Friends to help

Whether to quit Smoking easily, if you tell us about its intention to all? Psychologists differ in opinion, in answering this question. Some believe, boasting that all your acquaintances and friends, you quickly get frustrated. Others believe, what enlisting the support of loved ones, you will be able to stay.

Enlist the help and support of your loved ones

Enlist the help and support of your loved ones

We believe, what to bring General publicity to their desire to quit Smoking should moderate. Tell that to his "companions in misfortune", that is, the, with whom do you usually smoke. It may be your spouse, relative, a friend or colleague. Offer to leave a bad habit and he, agree to support each other. If this person is not ready or does not want, in any case, no need to insist. Ask him not to call you not the smoke, do not smoke while you.

An effective way to stop Smoking – it is less to appear in the place, where it always smells like cigarettes. True friends will always help and will never interfere with man to abandon bad habits. Sometimes this example is contagious, you could even make the argument, who will be able to give up cigarettes.

"If I get sick – go to the doctors won't"

A very dubious way to easily quit Smoking through treatment in a special medical institution. On the Internet today a lot of advertising providers and institutions, which promise you to get rid of dependence. The experience of most people, which have requested such assistance, rather negative.

If a person is forced to give up cigarettes, he can do in a short period of time. But it is worth it to get out of the hospital, he will return to the smokes. The same, who came to the doctors already, being sure, what he intends to say goodbye to Smoking, specialists will help him. But the question arises – why to pay a lot of money, what you can do independently?


How to quit Smoking easily? In this article you will learn some useful tips from those, who was able to say goodbye to this harmful habit. But remember, in the forefront is always the desire of the smoker. It is your decision to stop Smoking makes the process easy or hard and long.

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