How to gradually quit Smoking

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When people think about the fact, to get rid of Smoking, most often, it strikes fear – is he throwing a "favorite" cigarettes and will not smoke ever again? It merely says that, what you're not ready to quit tobacco. Nothing wrong. Possible, you need to quit Smoking gradually.

Is it possible to quit Smoking gradually?

Is it possible to quit Smoking gradually?

Actually, if you are interested in, how to gradually quit Smoking, you need to know, this method is long and requires much more control and self-control than to quit "once and for all".

How does this gradual method?

Smokers are encouraged to slowly wean from cigarettes, reducing the number of cigarettes smoked. Gradually to quit Smoking in stages, each of them has its own characteristics, and because you'll move on to the next, needing at all a lesser amount of nicotine.

The first stage – "the substitute". Start its gradual throwing of cigarettes with, what go for lighter, the so-called "female" or with a special filter design. Smoke the same cigarettes, how much you used to smoke, yet, without reducing the number. The danger of this stage – you might think, that you can't "smoke". Lighter cigarettes are also harmful, but contain less nicotine.

After only smoked cigarette, you may be tempted to smoke more. So as not to break, you exactly define, how much you smoke, and this number must not exceed the number of cigarettes, you smoked before the first stage. How long will the first stage? If you do not exceed the amount of cigarettes, your body will begin to wean itself from nicotine and after 7-10 days, you can proceed to the next stage.

You need to gradually reduce the quantity and quality of cigarettes smoked

You need to gradually reduce the quantity and quality of cigarettes smoked

The second stage is "dividing". The essence of this stage is incomplete Smoking cigarettes.You need the second stage to smoke a cigarette not fully, and for example, half or two-thirds. You divide the cigarette look, and when I was finishing up this "mark", consider, that cigarette you finished Smoking.

It's not just not usual, but at this stage you continue to do the usual "Smoking" movement, smoke besides the same, as before, but have less nicotine. This stage lasts ten to fourteen days, and if you endure, you should know, what you have gone half way.

Stage three – "the shrink". What, it's time to move to reduce the number of cigarettes. You still smoke them to half, but now you need to smoke one cigarette less than weekly, sooner. Believe me, it is not difficult. The main thing – to accept this idea, and then it is small. How long will this stage? Depends on, how much you smoke. For example, your rate ten cigarettes a day. In the third stage you in two months will reach the two cigarettes a day, Smoking them to a half. Imagine, how will you be proud of yourself!

One day you will understand, that is not need to cigarettes

One day you will understand, that is not need to cigarettes

Step four – the final. View, you are at the last stage – you have already smoked half of two cigarettes. A great achievement! Let's think, is there a physiological reason or is it rather a matter of habit. Of course, your body no longer needs nicotine.

You could wean him, now we have to wean you. You have no need to smoke. Why you started this fight – to stop Smoking, right? You came to win, can be, even unwittingly. Well, it's time to say goodbye to cigarettes.

One day you will Wake up and realize – you are free. You no longer need cigarettes. Abandoning the last two cigarettes, you can for two weeks to feel something, kind of a psychological breaking.

You will say old habits. At this stage the best advice is this – tell all your friends and acquaintances, what you quit Smoking. If you smoke after that, you will be very ashamed. But believe me, you won't want to do that.

In order to gradually stop Smoking, you must adhere to certain rules, which may prevent refusal from nicotine addiction. Here are the highlights, you should pay attention to the smoker:

  • avoid Smoking and places, where a lot “smoke”
  • not to succumb to provocations friends;
  • stop buying cigarettes blocks.

If we quit Smoking gradually, you need to try to protect themselves from provocations and ill-fated places, in which everything resembles from a bad habit.

One of the most effective ways to quit Smoking


Quit Smoking gradually, according to psychologists, a bit more complicated, do it dramatically and quickly. For a gradual withdrawal from cigarettes you need a lot more restraint and self-control. At the same time, following these in our article stages, you can easily and safely wean from cigarettes.

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