How to quit Smoking guy?

Very often in the Internet you can find the search query of the following kind "how to force quit a guy". I must admit, that such a question is not true. Actually, no one can force you to do something else.

To force quit someone else can not

To force quit someone else can not

Ask, threaten, swear, but the desired you may not achieve. However, we can give a few tips on how to quit Smoking the right guy.

Quit Smoking for science

If you take up any task without training, only on enthusiasm, you may not obtain the desired. So follow this advice, and you will be able to get rid of harmful addiction as quickly and painlessly as. All the tips make sense, only if you really want to say goodbye to cigarettes! So, what should be done in the first five days, after quitting cigarettes.

  1. Sport. Begin to engage in them on the first day after quit Smoking. We recommend you the following types of load, which stimulate the production of testosterone hormone. Martial arts, rod and the proverbial "rocking chair" will not only make you more manly, but also significantly reduce the desire to smoke.
  2. Food. Change the diet on the first day of quitting Smoking. Eat at least five times a day, three times tightly, and two – in the form of snacks. Give preference to lean meats, "lean" fish, vegetables, Kashi. During snack you can eat fruit, a portion of cottage cheese or a boiled egg. That should not have? Harmful carbohydrates in the form of sweets, confectionery, fast food.
    At the time of quitting abstain from alcohol

    At the time of quitting abstain from alcohol

  3. Coffee and alcohol. Urge you to abandon the use of these drinks within 3 weeks after quitting cigarettes. Coffee, many smokers strongly associated with cigarette, and thereby you only kindle his appetite for Smoking. Alcohol is another tricky effect. Drunk brain can weaken your willpower and give the command to smoke. Once lit, you will feel, that and lost, and will return to their addiction.
  4. Motivation. For sure, you have some purpose, to achieve which is possible only by means of Smoking cessation. Beautiful body, good health, the favor of liking girls or wanting to be a father. During the first three weeks do so, this goal was in sight. Write it on a homemade poster, notes, which can be left in the pockets of clothing or bags. This goal will not give you a break and smoke, even if you very much want to.

We should not think about that, how to get your boyfriend to quit Smoking. Need to motivate a young person, to cause him to volunteer to give up nicotine addiction. Girl needs support, and not put ultimatums.

How to quit Smoking forever guy?

I want to give you some recommendations, if you do not smoke for two to three weeks.

  • Every day watch the video or read the book, you will support and inspire the will to win. On the forums often recommend the book Allen Carr's "How to easily quit Smoking". If you have not had time to read it, we recommend that you read.
  • Be open to experiments. Don't be afraid to ask for help to electronic cigarettes, tablets, gum. There are sessions in acupuncture and hypnosis. True, it all costs money (and sometimes not even small), but it can weaken your attachment to cigarettes.
  • Do not neglect the moral support of family or friends. Known, to quit Smoking better in the company. If you have Smoking relatives or comrades, suggest to fight with Smoking together. If no one wants you to make the company, ask for at least not smoke in front of you and not call you on smoke breaks.

Video “Smoking – the choice is made for you”


To quit Smoking the guy is realistic, especially if you do it wisely. After reading this post and follow these simple tips, you defeat your addiction easily and permanently. And the girls will be able to understand, how to help boyfriend quit Smoking without the pressure and accusations. This is important, if you want to see a positive result.

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