How to quit Smoking at home?

If you are interested in, is it possible to quit Smoking at home, that is, independently and without doing a special course in the clinic, this post to your attention. We offer you several steps for pre-preparation, doing that, you will be able to get rid of bad habits without problems and all. To quit Smoking at home may, the main thing, to act correctly.

Auditory training – a great option, to get rid of the addiction

So, our goal is to quit Smoking by yourself at home. Sit in a chair or lie down, close your eyes, relax completely. And imagine all those cons, that are in our lives cigarettes. Imagine his poor heart, light, what began to grow dark, remember, now how bad your skin looks, it stinks out of your mouth.

I have a strong will and strong character.. I believe in the success of self-hypnosis. I can live without cigarettes. The smell of tobacco smoke unpleasant to me.

I have a strong will and strong character..
I believe in the success of self-hypnosis.
I can live without cigarettes.
The smell of tobacco smoke unpleasant to me.

Then clearly imagine all those advantages, which will bring you out of cigarettes. Draw in your mind a picture of a healthy heart, that, as you gradually become purified light, as you become more attractive.

As you have wrinkles, whiten teeth, and eyes lighter. You popular with the opposite sex, and to keep the conversation going, you don't have to chew gum, after all, your breath and without net.

Then inform yourself, what are you going to quit Smoking, what you do is not difficult, and you leave this battle with a bad habit of a winner. This samonastroj very effective, though to carry out it is not difficult.

By and large, account of a psychologist or hypnotherapist does the same thing, only to take money for it. For example, Allen Carr'll tell you for free, how to quit Smoking at home, you only need to download the book.

Distracted from thinking about cigarettes

A day, before that, when you decide to quit Smoking, spend spring cleaning the house. The goal is to give birth to a new way of life. Get rid of cigarettes, lighters, ashtrays, just, that is due to Smoking. Leave only one cigarette and matches (we then explain why).

Move your rules around the house, before direct orders inside

Move your rules around the house, before direct orders inside

In addition, makes sense just good to clean house, possible, even make a rearrangement of furniture. You new non – smokers, it will be a completely different person. When you Wake up tomorrow, you do not must recall your addiction.

Even if today you are a hundred percent to get rid of Smoking, but the process of fight against Smoking is not always easy. Take care, you did not give up at some particularly poignant moment. For this, pre-prepare yourself "reminder". It can be motivational pictures, some life-affirming phrase or your own reasons, explaining your reasons to quit Smoking.

Write down all these tips and place in my house, stick to the fridge, in the bathroom mirror, in the car and at work. Let you have all the pockets will lay a piece of paper, words where can you just "shake" and not to give you to smoke. How to quit Smoking by yourself at home without the proper attitude? It will be difficult – it is a fact, but you will be able to cope with this addiction!

We told you to leave one cigarette, but no more! A casting Smoking as if in advance anticipating his defeat, and therefore are not in a hurry to throw away the stock of cigarettes, beautiful lighter or donated to another ashtray. If you feel sorry to part with this rubbish, it, most likely, you will be sorry to part with the habit of Smoking.

Choose health, not easy in the smoke!

After parting with Smoking, you have the chance to change your life in better way. It will also affect your nutrition. Some products you will have to eliminate from your usual diet, to simplify your life without Smoking. Something, on the contrary, it is highly recommended to stock up.

Featured products – green vegetables, grapefruit, lemons, apples, cheese, milk, chicken, red fish, lean meat, herbal, mineral water.

Healthy eating - the basis of success

Healthy eating – the basis of success

What it is advisable to refuse all sweet, all flour, fatty meats, coffee, tea, the juice from the packages. When preparing food, insufficient salting better, than to overdo.

A few days before the moment X (that is, until the day, when you quit Smoking) think, what sport would you like to do. Running, rod, martial arts, ballroom dancing – the choice is yours. A new hobby will not only allow you to become sad and smoke, but will also give the opportunity to spend time interesting and unusual.

Not worth to blow the whole world, you have decided to follow the path of the righteous. Agree, will, at least, ridiculous, if you'll brag about, what quit Smoking yourself, and then you get caught with a cigarette. Even if your opinion firmly and unyielding, not worth while to speak about his struggle to anyone, in addition to those, who are you really close. But the help of such people will be useful, especially if they live with you under one roof. Warn them, not to smoke when you helped the word, if necessary.

Do not disdain people's home remedies

This method helped the author, but because I want to share, suddenly and useful. Just note, what I am not suggestible, but after this method, the craving pougasla, and to cope with the desire to smoke has become much easier. In the period of flowering cherry Narva shoots (twigs), slightly dry them and actively chew in the early days of quitting when you want to smoke. From this "gum" will not help you, but after 5-8 days you will feel a significant reduction in desire to smoke.

Here we conducted a systematic and detailed work, in order, to help you quit Smoking easy. Let the day, when you will be free forever, tomorrow. You will be free from tobacco smoke in your hair, from all the trouble, what brings you tobacco. Even the money saved in a few years to buy a car, if you want. You will have a long life healthy man without bad habits.

Now – remember, we have postponed a cigarette before, to throw away all the accessories of the smoker? We allow you to smoke, if you want. Let it be your extreme cigarette in my life, after which you will not want to smoke ever. We in any case do not force you, but if you have such a desire, it, please.

A positive video about, how to quit Smoking


If you want quit Smoking in their own home, you will be much easier to do this after detailed preparation, described in this article. Way to much, in this you are convinced! Left to decide for themselves, how easier to quit Smoking at home, to feel free and healthy.


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