Smoking with bronchitis

Man is constantly under the influence of external factors. Some of them lead to the development of various diseases. The most common of these is the pathology of the respiratory tract.

Conducted statistics sad, because based on it we can conclude, that bronchitis had been ill about 2 million people, residing on the territory of Russia. And it is only on reported cases, and how many of those people, who do not seek medical attention at the first suspicious signs.

Smoking with bronchitis

At special risk are those, who enjoys Smoking. So you should be especially vigilant. While ignoring the disease raises the risk of complications, can lead to serious consequences. And chronic bronchitis and Smoking, absolutely incompatible things.

Here are many smokers are absolutely not worried about it and even in the presence of the disease, continue to be dependent on their bad habits.

Features pathologies

Bronchitis means inflammation, which can lead to pathological changes of the respiratory organs and cause lesions of the bronchial walls. Each year, victims of the disease becomes approximately 5% population. And the figure is constantly growing. Most often the disease affects the strong side of humanity in the age of 50.

Experts identify several reasons for the development of infection:

  • infection;
  • heredity;
  • bad habits;
  • prolonged hypothermia;
  • work in hazardous work;
  • living in areas with bad ecology.

Its symptoms, doctors have identified two main types.


In the bronchi causes inflammation, the duration of which is delayed. The disease occurs in chronic form, if the last three months, to several years. And no consequences for them not to be.

Main symptom is a dry cough, heaviness in the chest. To diagnose the complication only after the picture. Then the doctor prescribes the appropriate treatment.

Features pathologies

Smoking during bronchitis dangerous, because the habit can lead to complications. Especially if we are talking about the elderly or those, who has poor health. If you do not leave the habit, the disease can lead to emphysema or asthma development.


By its nature, leakage is a complication of the pathological type. The reason for this is the presence of bacterial infection. If you do not provide timely treatment, can appear complications:

  • asthma;
  • bronchopneumonia;
  • heart failure.

The first signs usually is:

  • temperature rise;
  • severe cough with purulent sputum;
  • dyspnea.

It is important to notice the disease. Then carry out the treatment. It typically involves the use of appropriate medications, of inhalation. The patient should stay in bed, drink more fluids. And if we talk about cigarettes, Smoking during bronchitis is contraindicated.

Smoking with bronchitis

The disease runs in the background of sputum discharge, which accumulates in the bronchi and makes breathing difficult. To recover, the body triggers a cough, which gives the patient severe discomfort.

Smoking with bronchitis

Smoking can trigger the development of dangerous diseases. But if we are talking about Smoking bronchitis the situation is seriously complicated.

Smoking with bronchitis: the consequences

Any illness can cause a decrease in immunity. Therefore, in the period of weakening, so important to apply carefully to your own body. Abuse of cigarettes in the period of sick leave can seriously aggravate existing symptoms, result in the following consequences:

  • strong cough;
  • discomfort while breathing;
  • the disruption of the heart;
  • the weakening of the respiratory muscles.

Smoking with bronchitis leads to, that tobacco smoke begins to poison the already weakened body. People should make maximum efforts to ease their condition, but not to complicate it. After all, to recover you need, to spend a lot of time, dollar.

Smoking as a consequence of bronchitis

Smoking as a consequence of bronchitis

Tobacco addiction is a terrible disease, can lead to several deadly diseases. And if the person still lives in the area with a poor environment, to avoid the development of disease is almost impossible. And are in the risk zone and passive smokers.

Proven, what if the smoke about 20 cigarettes every day for 5 years, the chances to avoid pathologies is equal to zero. The reason for this sad statement becomes the inability of the body self cleaned of accumulated mucus. A huge number of malicious resins, carcinogens accumulated many years of, so, it will not pass unnoticed.

Often a cough for many natural phenomenon, they do not pay attention. And when seek medical help, it is too late. Unfortunately, often threatened children, because parents sometimes did not neglect the Smoking in their presence. Bronchitis after Smoking a serious reason to think about, what is the time to start a healthy lifestyle.

Effect of tobacco smoke on the lungs

Effect of tobacco smoke on the lungs

A large part of the nicotine dependent face strong, suffocating cough. Here are just a few of them go to the doctor. And the appearance of cough is the first symptom of the development of infection. Bronchitis after quitting Smoking is also common.

Cause becomes weakened immune system. Therefore, we need only to wait time, soon, the bronchi will be cleared.

A bad habit in chronic type

Acrid cigarette smoke has a strong stress on the mucous membranes. If at the time of diagnosis, was confirmed the sad diagnosis, need to most likely reconsider their attitude to their preferences. The accumulation of phlegm can lead to asthma attacks. The body will try to get rid of accumulated harmful substances, but because addiction will make it impossible. Which will lead to a number of complications:

• the appearance of migraines;
• aching joints;
• painful sensation in the chest;
• raising the temperature;
• fatigue.

Spasms cause constriction of the bronchi, the oxygen. Hypoxia becomes the cause of shortness of breath, suffocation. With each passing day the situation only escalates. And if you do not visit the hospital, the consequences can be irreversible.

Smoking when acute bronchitis

Nicotine addiction leads to decrease in immunity. And this is the first step towards the reproduction of harmful bacteria. So if you continue to abuse cigarettes can appear the following symptoms:

  • heavy sweating;
  • coughing;
  • heat;
  • temperature rise;
  • difficulty in expectoration of sputum.

All of the above symptoms mean only one thing – there was severe pathology. Which seriously brings death.

Thus, the emergence of health problems serious reason to think. The abuse of cigarettes can only aggravate the situation, reducing life expectancy. So you should understand, all the seriousness of the situation. Better to say goodbye to a bad habit, than to serious health problems.

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