Easiest way to quit Smoking

Is there one universal way to quit Smoking? In search of an answer, we studied the forums and groups in social networks, reviews by former smokers and those, who are struggling with Smoking now, and realized, that one there is no solution. Not because it is not, but because, that all people are different, and therefore are all the different methods.

Universal method to quit does not exist. But there are tips, which will help to get rid of the addiction to a certain type of person.

As a girl it is easy to quit Smoking?

Girls appropriate stop Smoking on certain days of the cycle

Girls appropriate stop Smoking on certain days of the cycle

To stop Smoking should be according to the following procedure:

  1. Quit Smoking between 15 at 20 day of the menstrual cycle.
  2. Keep a diary, where you describe all the emotions about quitting cigarettes. This measure, as evidenced by reviews, useful the following – you will see, in four or five days your mood will improve, a life without cigarettes will no longer seem impossible.
  3. Buy yourself a couple of things in bright colors, not peculiar to your wardrobe. Forum for girls and young mothers strongly recommends this step as highly effective in reducing craving for cigarettes. For example, you love pastel shades and wear it recent years. At the same time you indulged in the addiction. By purchasing shoes neon colors or a bright skirt, how would you yourself prove, started a new, more vivid and true life.
  4. Eat more apples. Don't interrupt the craving for cigarettes, chocolates and medicines. From sweets you can get better, as for pills or patches your body is still too young, these drugs he no need. Better stock up on apples and eat one at a time instead of cigarettes. Five or six apples a day you will only benefit.
  5. Surround yourself with the smell of citrus. Buy yourself a diffuser, purchase perfume with a fresh aroma, hang "incense" in the car. The smell of lime, lemon and grapefruit quietly reduce the desire to smoke.

Easy ways to quit Smoking are offered.. Actually, this is another tricks to get money.

As the guy to give up cigarettes?

Freedom from Smoking has its own characteristics for boys

Freedom from Smoking has its own characteristics for boys

Tips ex-smokers is straightforward – the easiest way to smoke, this exercise and, sorry for the bluntness, sex. All about sports by far. Production of testosterone under the influence of a right physical exertion is inevitable. The body switches to a new mode of operation, and automatically reduces its own need for nicotine.

The forum recommends that the powerlifting, exercises with a barbell or weight. Good types of training, associated with breath (anaerobic load).

The second method to quickly and easily quit Smoking is also has a purely biological basis. The more sexually active you are, the better and stimulates your reproductive organs. The better functioning of your reproductive system, the more hormones, androgens produced, including testosterone.

We, of course, in any case I do not advise you to lead a promiscuous sexual life, as, getting rid of Smoking, you can get a gift in the form of a nasty disease. Recommend you indulge in the pleasures of life with my girlfriend.

By the way, the advice of those who quit Smoking relate to and love. Maybe, it sounds too romantic, but the favorite person not only brightens up life, but is often the motivator. Promise your beloved to keep his word and do not smoke.

Tips women: how to quit Smoking

Replace Smoking with new healthy habit

Replace Smoking with new healthy habit

Advice and tips on the forum offer women at the same time with Smoking cessation to do with our looks. As they say, those ladies, already do not smoke, easy quit Smoking they have made a serious investment in your own appearance.

Now, to look younger, there is no need to do plastic surgery and major surgery. You can pass the sessions at the beautician, including input under the skin of detectives.

When the wrinkles smoothed, you realize, how much Smoking ages you and your face. It is useful at this time to have a pet or, whom you will love with all my heart. Possible, your children have grown up, moved from you. Coming home, you can smoke just out of boredom. If you will wait for a fluffy ball of happiness, which requires attention and care, walks on fresh air, you will forget about his bad habit.

Quit Smoking – tips for men

The forum gives male smokers these recommendations – change the image. Let smoke the old you, with the old hair and old jeans. New you, in stylish clothes and fancy haircut will not smoke.

Easy to quit Smoking men, too, will, if they change the habitual way of eating. Don't be afraid, nothing serious you do not have. Refrain for a month from just three foods – sugar, fatty meat and alcohol, and you'll notice, that Smoking you do not want. Tips affect the way of life – the forum recommends that the activities swimming, brisk walk or Cycling.

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How to quit Smoking? The question is relevant for most of the population. For each sex and age have their own tips, to help get rid of bad habits. If you stick to schemes, as set out above, then quitting Smoking will not occur in the painful and mentally hard!

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