Nausea after Smoking

Nausea after Smoking – this is the first indication, what you need as soon as possible to quit this addiction. That's just most people, do not adhere to this opinion even after the occurrence of such warning bells.

Smoking is a dangerous habit, in fact, besides the dependence she develops a variety of serious diseases, such as: heart disease, light, kidney, respiratory and reproductive system. And the risk of cancer, a smoker has a much higher. But even these life-threatening consequences many seem to be something not serious. Of course, the development of most diseases, comes in heavy smokers with great experience. But there are certain symptoms, which make themselves felt even in the initial stages, and nausea it is time for him.

nausea after Smoking

What causes nausea?

Most people, after Smoking experiencing some discomfort, which is manifested by the following symptoms:

  • dizzy;
  • sharp deterioration of health;
  • each cigarette, brings more negativity, and this is due to severe nausea;
  • even after a while, the condition does not improve and may even open vomiting.

For many, the appearance of these symptoms, becomes incomprehensible. But the reality is very understandable. Even changes are a kind of defense of the body, which tends to neutralize the poison. Inhaling cigarette smoke, people do not even know, the stress at this moment experiencing their body. While the smoker gets pleasure and relaxes, inside runs the blocking process – a feeling of nausea.

nausea after Smoking cigarettes

Through the mouth all the poisons and harmful chemicals are doing to the internal organs, inflicting serious injury. The Smoking process also causes the production of saliva, which, together with dangerous carcinogens gets into the intestinal tract. As a result, develops a stomach cramp, triggering an unpleasant feeling of faintness. Nausea after Smoking may also be caused by nicotine, which has a direct contact to the structure of the adrenal glands. This violation causes a sudden flow of adrenaline, and this can lead to the following unpleasant consequences:

  • rapidly quickens the pulsation of the heart muscle;
  • rises blood pressure;
  • there are strong headaches;
  • nausea, dizziness.

In special cases, there are painful sensations from the gut, opens vomiting.

What causes nausea

Caries – the consequence of Smoking

The first blow takes the oral cavity, so her condition is that of a heavy smoker is always in poor form. Inflamed gums, yellow and weak teeth is only a small part of the effects of cigarettes. The most serious is that, microbes, located on the gums, together with saliva enter the stomach.

Here under the influence of nicotine they begin their active life, that leads to the development of gastritis. Most often it manifests itself by painful sensations, heartburn, nausea. It is very important to notice the disease in time, otherwise, increasing the chance, she will grow into a chronic. In this case, discomfort will be a constant companion of the smoker.

Nausea from tobacco smoke

Sometimes not even a smoker, may experience nausea, if standing next to a smoker. The reason for this volatile toxic substances, which inhaled the smoke and is absorbed into the body. That's why in any case should not be so, who is subject to this bad habit. Tobacco smoke, carries such a huge number of harmful elements, that passive smoker can easily get intoxication. Sometimes the harm from inhaling exceeds the process of Smoking.

Nausea from tobacco smoke

There are people, who have persistent Allergy to tobacco smoke. For their body receive not even a large portion of harmful substances, can lead to serious consequences. Their immune system treats the smoke as an allergen, you want to eliminate. Resulting from the accident may rise the temperature, to be a cough or a headache.

How to remove nausea?

If a person became ill from the smoke, rather, it is necessary to ventilate the room. But smokers are much more complicated. Even if you experience nausea, few people will run to say goodbye to his addiction, after all, many familiar nicotine syndrome, which will not give so easy to give up cigarettes.

So if you experience this unpleasant phenomenon it is necessary to take note of the following ways of coping:

  1. You should drink a strong hour with lemon.
  2. Some people have noticed, the nausea passed after a hearty meal;
  3. Take a hot shower and lay down on the sofa.

While performing the described actions, it is understood, new cigarette once again return nausea. Even if after a while the sickening process is not stopped, is, do not delay the time to go to the hospital.

Nausea after Smoking cigarettes – a clear signal that, it is better to give up nicotine addiction.

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