The composition of cigarettes, that kills

Probably, few smokers have wondered about the composition of cigarettes. Daily, each of them opening a pack (and perhaps not one), turns to ashes the cigarette and inhales the sweet relaxing smoke. Almost no one reads, what is written in small print? What is it the composition of cigarettes?

The composition of cigarettes

Social digression

Every person in life has their own circumstances which led to the pernicious habit:

  • situation, generating nervousness;
  • the lack of an adult soulmate;
  • desire a young person to be at least somewhat similar to adults;
  • one of the ways to become an insider in the company;
  • to put in order brain.

However, people should be aware of, why at low cost cigarettes, retail sell them expensive? Is a smoker the person is not interested to know the technology of making a delivery into the body of tobacco smoke? Once succumbed to the temptation to drag on a cigarette, then to escape from her arms will be very hard. Does not deter from this social advertising with pictures of black tar lungs and people, which is impossible to cure.

For starters, you can investigate a certain "internal" cigarette. Nothing, what might surprise, eyes will not be: paper shell, fuzzy filter, shredded tobacco. But it's just something, on the surface.

The danger of smoke

The danger of smoke

If you dig deeper, the filler tobacco in addition to found some more substance. The appearance of the cigarette can not be called a deterrent, but it is peaceful. Even this wrapped in a thin paper cylinder manufacturers have tried to make it attractive. The guy clutched in his fingers a cigarette needs to seem fashionable or cool.

Danger starts to come after, as presented to the flame of a match or lighter. Lungs with smoke coming with new and new portions of the additional substances, which was discussed above. A little more than two thirds of the smoke slowly smouldering cigarette passes light active smoker. And they breathe standing next to (or sitting) people, unwittingly they find themselves as hostages of passive Smoking.

The amount of smoke entering the respiratory system depends on the following factors:

  • the packaging of the cigarette filter;
  • the quality of the filler;
  • from the manner of Smoking.

The desire to enjoy a new portion of nicotine stronger awareness of the threats posed.

The modern cigarette

The modern cigarette

The smoke is not uniform in composition – except for gas, there is a certain proportion of solid particles. They accumulate in the lungs and poison them. In addition, irritated mucous membrane of the bronchi, what causes allergies and inflammation.

The greater the mass the smoke of a smoldering cigarette is a mixture of gases: acetaldehyde, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide gases, acetone, ammonium, isoprene, hydrogen sulfide, nitrobenzene. Each of them nothing but harm to the body does not carry. When they are brought together, it turns out a pretty powerful combination.

In the slowly rising streams of smoke floating particulates. First and foremost is nicotine and water vapor. And yet the tar – resinous product, consisting of a whole bunch of chemical compounds in the form of phenols, carbohydrates, naphthalenol and Cresols. Not to mention a certain percentage of chemical elements, spontaneously emitting elementary particles:

  • polonium;
  • strontium,
  • Titan,
  • thallium,
  • calcium,
  • silicon.

This is only part of, what is included in cigarettes.

The chemical composition of cigarette

The list "lethal" substances

The chemical composition of cigarettes may shock:

  1. Acetaldehyde. Not only cigarettes, but alcohol is saturated with this substance. In the blood chemical reaction is converted to acetaldehyde after interaction with oxygen in acetic acid. The presence of acetaldehyde in particular are explained: changes in DNA of fetal cells in the mother's womb, disruptions in the hormonal regulation, disturbances in the production of leukotrienes and prostaglandins and disruption of the nervous system.
  2. Acetone. Freely moving in the air, a poisonous solvent. Inhaling his man, immersed in a state of mild narcotic intoxication. Due to the accumulation in the body of acetone, the cells experience a lack of oxygen, and spleen and liver were subjected to poisoning.
  3. Benzene. It can be recognized by a sweet odor. To put it mildly, from him the body is of little use. Without benzene, it would be problematic to produce gasoline, plastic, rubber, paint. Protracted once, a novice smoker feels a slight discomfort due to the benzene. When people overdose there are signs of a more pronounced toxicity: sick, the urge to vomit, dizzy. Too high concentrations provoke the development of cancer cells in the bone marrow.
  4. DDT. Using the "dust" our grandparents fought the pests of vegetable crops, the Americans during the Vietnam war generously regaled local fighters for independence.
  5. Indole. A carbohydrate with a floral aroma. Smell – sharp, it is difficult with something to compare. Under its influence, the nervous system comes to an excited state, appear vision, which is not the reality. As one of the components included in the composition of the LSD-25.
  6. Cadmium. Associated with batteries and battery, manufacturing technology which involves the use of a given chemical element. The person, frequent contacts with cadmium, the latter accumulate in the kidneys. Changes of mineral composition in bones, so that they become less dense.
  7. Heavy metals worsen symptoms and exacerbate cancer. Concentration in tobacco leaves due to the application in the process of growing chemicals – herbicides, insecticides etc.
  8. Manganese. Tissue accumulate, what causes changes in the nervous system degenerative nature. One of the directions can be Parkinson's disease.
  9. Methanol. Included in the fuel composition for rockets. As a result of interaction with oxygen to form formaldehyde. In addition, what suffering nervous system, the kidneys and liver. People can go blind or even die, that confirms a strong toxicity of this substance.
  10. Nicotine. Very poisonous, to him a man much accustomed. From him dizzy and a headache, triggered gag reflex.
  11. Radioactive components. It is foolish to consider the cigarette filter as a protection. Being subject to "attacks" the elementary particles, the cells mutate. Thus, between radiation and cancer there is a direct link.
  12. Mercury, lead. Favorite places, where these elements find place in the body, are the bones, muscles and kidneys. Under attack the nervous system. People, poisoned with mercury and lead, gets tired quickly, inattentive, bad spots, pain in the abdomen, aggressive. The characteristic taste of metal in mouth.

Impressive the tobacco in cigarettes? It is from this collected wand, which is so willing to smoke many people, not thinking about the consequences.

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