Smoking cigars: the harm and danger

For many, Smoking cigars are a status symbol, wealth. Go opinions, allowing this tobacco product can only members of the elite, has a refined taste. Here are just a few people think, about the damage to the body serious harm. So what is really hidden in this piece, and whether they get involved?

Smoking cigars

Cigars: a bit of history

Considered, that cigar Smoking came from the Indians. Their ancient tribes, created unusual twists strange composition. But used it not as a modern people for Smoking, and as a kind of aromatherapy. The burning leaves gave a weird flavor, causes pleasant emotions. The first mention of cigars appeared in 16 century. Their homeland was Cuba, here years later opened its first plant for the production of this product. Smoking is only people, possessing a certain authority. They were a little twist, which includes special sheets Smoking.

The original cigars had not received the true recognition, few people wanted to try them. However, in the 19th century, the situation has changed. They gained popularity not only among his countrymen, but among the people of Europe and America. In 1920 year Smoking cigars, considered an indicator of prestige. Only people of high society could afford such a pleasure. In Russia this subject has appeared, thanks to Catherine II. The woman was his true worshipers, and allowed to import cigars home. Many famous people, gave his preference to the cigar.

the harm from Smoking cigars

For them it was a ritual, they were willing to spend a lot of money. The aristocrats gathered together, so in the proper situation to smoke this expensive item. He did it quietly, slowly, to catch the subtle, not an incomparable taste.

Today, cigars have lost not only their original appearance, composition. They began to add too many unnecessary elements, what a Smoking mixture was to cause serious harm.

The composition of cigars

To understand the cause of the destructive action of cigars, it is necessary to consider in detail their composition.

  1. Filler – the main components, which is a mixture of different leaves. When used together they achieve the desired effect. For this they are pre-ground and provide the necessary structure. Usually one product is from three varieties of leaves, their quality and nobility, depends on the price of the final product.
  2. Binding layer. It is necessary in order, so all the components connect together. But he is responsible not only for the connection, but for flavor, structure.
  3. The cover layer. The cigar should be briefly qualitatively inside, but also beautiful in appearance. To do this, use a special shell, which makes the product suitable Smoking appearance.

It is a mistake to put, that following the rules of cigar Smoking, you don't harm the body.The composition of cigars

Ruinous cigar

For a very long time, scientists could not come to a consensus and solve the cause cigar damage or not. These disputes arose because of several arguments, went to the public. They were based on:

  1. Tobacco this product is presented in a different form, it reduced the number of fatal nicotine.
  2. They contain no paper, which when burned causes the body harm.
  3. Components made from natural materials.
  4. Method of Smoking is not based on puffs, thus, smoke almost misses the bodies.

cigar Smoking harmful

But all this only, foolish conjecture and groundless arguments, which soon received a serious rebuff. Today it is scientifically proven harm from Smoking cigars. And that is no exaggeration fearful physicians. For those, who doubt, harmful cigars or not, you should pay special attention, on scientifically proven facts:

  1. The smoke from cigars toxic. It has a serious damage, as a smoker, and the environment.
  2. One cigar contains as much tobacco, how much is a pack of cigarettes.
  3. Cigars develop a strong physical dependence.

People, preferring cigars, no idea, as risk their own health. The risk of cancer is higher, than in non-smokers. And it can develop in the lungs, and the esophagus, the stomach, pancreas, liver, the kidneys.

Cigars and cigarettes: differences

Most believe, what cigars do not able to apply them to the body the same harm as cigarettes. Is that a correct statement? To give a precise answer, useful for us to compare these two objects:

  • cigars have a much larger size;
  • each of them, has the covering layer of the. Only cigars use the whole sheet, as for cigarettes it is made of paper, but it is very harmful;
  • cigarettes consist of various chemical compounds, but cigars are created using natural components;
  • the smell of the cigars much more enjoyable, fragrant;
  • When Smoking cigarettes smoke easily enters the lungs, and instantly affects the organs, causing them in mortal danger. But do not think, what cigars do not. Just in case with them, malicious response is more slow;
  • cigarette filter fitted, which indicates the inhalation;
  • price category, cigars are pretty expensive.

Common features of Smoking these two substances is the effect, seeking smokers. Do not abuse them, after all, they cause serious harm.

Possible diseases from Smoking cigars

Possible diseases from Smoking cigars

Smoking of any kind – addiction, which together with the relaxation and enjoyment, render fatal blow. Cigars are able to develop:

  • persistent cough;
  • the development of thromboembolism;
  • violation of respiratory function;
  • nausea;
  • memory impairment;
  • frequent headaches;
  • cancer of various organs;
  • gastritis;
  • ulcer;
  • the development of serious addiction;
  • problems with the musculoskeletal system;
  • heart disease.

It is worth noting, that smokers weakens the immune system. As a result, the body becomes vulnerable to various bacteria, viruses. The appearance of the man linked his life with this addiction is also changing. Wrinkles, the skin looks dull, and the nails appear yellow spots. Many women increases the chance to get infertility. Harm, caused by cigars, it becomes a serious blow. No matter how much a product costs, and what substances went into its composition, detrimental effect sooner or later reaches the smoker. A healthy lifestyle and refraining from harmful habits, true, a right step towards a new, happy life!

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