The influence of nicotine on the nervous system

After a series of studies, scientists have found, that nicotine has a negative impact on human activity, but the special effect it has on the nervous system. A particularly sad element is the fact, she is responsible for the rest of the body, so, any violations may be a step to a disastrous outcome. The effect of nicotine on the human nervous system is actively being studied.

The influence of nicotine on the nervous system

The intricacies of the nervous system

The nervous system interacts with the brain through special impulses, which gradually extend to the internal organs. For the transmission of impulses responsible for the acetylcholine – a special substance, produced in the body. Depend on it:

  • the rhythm of the heart muscle;
  • human pressure;
  • changes in the structure of the uterus, bladder;
  • salivary secretion;
  • the sweat glands.

This is just a small list of things, responsible for acetylcholine. For the full life of man, it should produce a sufficient number of. If it is broken, the person may develop abnormalities.

how does nicotine on the nervous system

The effect of nicotine

Nicotine has a detrimental effect on the nervous system, due to its similarity with the formula of acetylcholine. So, once inside, nicotine begins to show itself to work with certain bodies, causing serious harm to.

To disturb the ordinary activity of the nervous system, sometimes only a couple of cigarettes. The fact, that from the first puffs to the body gets a large amount of nicotine. The harmful components in the bloodstream enter the brain, vessels begin to dilate and the person experiences not long euphoria. However, this feeling quickly disappears, bringing disorder, oppression and the desire to again take up the cigarette. Gradually it leads to development of persistent craving for Smoking.

With prolonged Smoking, the nicotine begins to inhibit the production of acetylcholine. It ceases to form in the human body. In all vital processes, begins to act the nicotine. Just worth noting, what it goes too much, this leads to the fact, at first all of the pulse maximum are activated, and after the oppressed.

The effect of nicotine

Gradually, the body begins to adapt to the received dose of nicotine, and begins to demand it more. This leads to an increase in the number of cigarettes. How does nicotine on the nervous system, tell any doctor.

Nicotine and nerves

Poison, get cigarettes, directly affected by the violation of interaction between the nervous system and internal organs. And this can lead to a number of complications: a malfunction of the cardiovascular, endocrine and digestive systems. But this problem not disappear, smoker often suffers from insomnia, he develops sciatica, neuritis. There is constant irritability, short-term memory loss.

With prolonged Smoking history was even recorded cases of hearing loss. The cause is inhibition of the auditory nerve, which caused nicotine. If time does not quit addiction, recover will not work. The influence of nicotine on the nervous system is always the same.

Thus, you should do the main conclusion – nicotine and the nervous system, two disparate concepts, the cross that should never. Cigarettes adversely affect all vital organs. First and foremost, the brain suffers, from which a chain reaction injured all the rest.

The duration of Smoking may depend not only on health, but life in General. It is foolish to risk it for the sake of a moment of pleasure. Life is precious, it is impossible to buy or restore, so, it is worth considering, do I need to pick up a cigarette and make puff, after all, it may be the last. The effect of nicotine on the nervous system actively studied, but the preliminary results are not encouraging.

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