How to quit Smoking with diet

Many people, justifying your bad habit, repeat, that abrupt cessation of Smoking can harm their body. Actually, it is not so globally, the rejection of the poison, can't hurt. Just, that adaptation was more successful and painless, it is worth to take this step wisely, taking to his companions, proper nutrition. It turns out, there are some vegetables, herbs and fruits, that can help bring a person. How to quit Smoking with diet?

How to quit Smoking with diet

Study habits

After a series of studies, scientists came to the conclusion, what abrupt cessation of Smoking leads to excess weight. This happens due to the fact, the decreased metabolism, but he soon comes back to normal. So, in order to avoid unpleasant consequences, it is recommended in the first weeks of quitting cigarettes go to milk-vegetable diet. It is also important to observe the motor load.

It is important to understand, each person, saying "no" to your harmful habit increases your life. Over a certain period of time, even a heavy smoker can restore your health. It is important to realize, what is the harm tobacco has on the body.

easiest way to quit Smoking

If a smoker, wanted yourself to quit cigarettes, it should comply with special psychological experiments, they will help to make it faster:

  1. You need to keep a careful record each smoked cigarette. For this you need to have a notebook, which will indicate the exact time and number.
  2. Try to gradually push back time of Smoking cigarettes. First half an hour, and then ascending.
  3. Make the place of Smoking is not the most comfortable, to not have the desire to relax and smoke.
  4. Try not to store large stocks of Smoking mixtures.
  5. Slowly move on to cigarettes less degrees.
  6. Collect all smoked per day cigarette butts, it will clearly show on their numbers, forced to think a little bit.
  7. Times 2-3 in the day when the desire to smoke a cigarette, eat an Apple or chewed gum.
  8. Spend more time outdoors.
  9. Prepare yourself mentally to the eternal rejection of cigarettes. Try to pick the right arguments, for what it's worth to do: preservation of health, saving money, example to your children.

On the first day of conscious quitting, need something to divert. Hike on a picnic, is a wonderful option. There, you can try to escape from thinking about cigarettes. If the desire is still there, try beating it with a meal or physical activity.

Herbal diet against Smoking

Herbal diet against Smoking

Is there any easy way to quit Smoking? No, all of this advertising ploy. Yet think about the desire to feel the taste of tobacco, to stop Smoking is impossible. If so, cope, fails, is to resort to the use of certain medicinal herbs and plants. Many of them are able to produce an aversion to tobacco.

  • 2 spoons of oats, pour boiling water, then put on fire, hold for a few minutes. The present within hours, the broth can be used in the amount of one-third Cup 3 times a day. Drink mix need a month;
  • still good to help the eucalyptus leaves. This requires: 1 a tablespoon of leaves, pour hot water, to insist. In the resulting broth add honey, glycerin;
  • 1-2% the solution of tannin can be used as a means for rinsing the mouth, it can reduce the dependence on Smoking;
  • If the desire to smoke a cigarette, chew a sprig of wild cherry, will be much easier. And if you act so in the last two weeks, the effect will not keep itself waiting.

ways to quit Smoking

The most difficult for the smoker to be the first week, the risk to fall is very large. During this period do not need to drink alcohol, eat salted and smoked food. It is best to drink herbal tea, consisting of mint, nettle, Rue.

A good way to wean from Smoking is fish oil. For this you need to spread it on bread. There is a "treat", it is recommended for one month. If dependence is not too strong, a good substitute will be the usual honey. One should consume it every morning, with a sharp desire to return to the pernicious habit. After honey to drink hot milk.

Effective way to quit Smoking

Dependent people often complain, what tried various ways to quit Smoking. The results give only 10% methods, this is not to forget about your own desire..

There is one more method to stop Smoking. For this you need to prepare the following mixture: horsetail, moss Icelandic, herb nettle and Jabra. All these components need to take two parts, nettle herb or three, and knotweed – one. The resulting mixture, in the amount of 2 tablespoons pour half a liter of boiling water. Put on fire, let it sit for 10 minutes. Then give the broth to infuse for an hour, drain. To apply for 1/3 4 times a day after meals.

Many people helps rinse the mouth with baking soda. However, this method is not too effective. How to quit Smoking through diet ready to tell healers. Without desire, even these techniques do not work.!

Thus, there are many different ways to help you quit Smoking. The main thing is to have patience and really want to do it.

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