Smoking and heart

One of the main factors of heart disease — Smoking. Arrhythmia, myocardial infarction, angina is one set of risks, that reduces human life. The medical community in the world concerned about heart disease leading to death. In the world have conducted numerous surveys and research "smoky theme". Smoking and heart – tandem, which ends in tears.

Smoking and heart

Shocking insights: the risk of ruin heart smokers 4 times more, than the ordinary citizen.

Tobacco and the heart – a dangerous Union

Recent study who proved, the risk of myocardial infarction increases in direct dependence on cigarettes. Statistics relentless — cigarette shortens life 15 minutes, and Kurjak with experience, shorten your life 15 years.

The mixture of nicotine and carbon monoxide in tobacco smoke is detrimental to the heart. Blood circulation, metabolism and, the worst, comes hypoxia. Constricts blood vessels, transporting arterial blood, decreases the flow of oxygen all this leads to the inhibition of neurons.

In addition to nicotine, tobacco smoke contains harmful substances and resin. Some of them penetrating into the cells, hinder the process of cellular respiration. 45 year old male, smokers to 25 cigarettes a day, in 15 times more likely to die from heart attacks, than their peers. On, that heart hurts after Smoking, complains every second person, abusing harmful habit.

Tobacco and heart

The influence of nicotine on the body

Of life we know, that the nicotine the body gets used. The amount of nicotine, consumption of the so-called middling, will cause poisoning from Smoking. From nicotine don't die, since the resulting dose is negligible. The paradox is, that nicotine makes a person to smoke.

Nicotine acts through the neurons in the brain and in muscle. The principle of operation is simple. Once in the body, nicotine instantly applies blood flow throughout the body. Seven! Just seven seconds short of nicotine get to the brain. After that, the following changes occur:

  • increases the amount of emitted adrenaline
  • constriction of blood vessels in the head violates the blood circulation in the organs
  • reduced blood flow to nerve cells
  • increased blood pressure and increased by 20-25% the number of heartbeats.

Heart pain from Smoking is not a myth. In addition, nicotine destroys cell membranes, t e reduces the absorption of vital substances for muscle development. It is extremely dangerous for the heart calcium deficiency.

The influence of nicotine on the body

Psychological and physical dependence on nicotine

Psychological dependence is a habit. Addiction to nicotine changes the sensitive background of a person. That is, the smoker gets used to the stimulating dose of nicotine (this is physical dependence), but for him, it is still a ritual in everyday life.

Harmful effects of nicotine is manifested in violation of the Central nervous system, cardiovascular, the endocrine system. Nicotine promotes the growth of cancer of the respiratory system. Often develop thrombosis, atherosclerosis due to decrease of vascular permeability.

Situation, that is Smoking, can cause a feeling of cheerfulness, and relaxation. Effects of nicotine on the receptors lead to increased production of dopamine, caller satisfaction, thereby calming the person, and relaxed, acts as a stimulant. Heart pain after Smoking may occur, if a person is prone to diseases of this muscle.

Psychological and physical dependence on nicotine

Possible consequences for the heart

In addition to nicotine, in cigarettes contains a few thousand other harmful chemicals, having a toxic effect on the body.

Carbon dioxide, delivered into the bloodstream of a smoker, it displaces oxygen, but the heart and brain perceives oxygen deprivation. Therefore, even a small amount of oxygen, coming into tissue, neurons can not learn due to the depression of enzymes and cytochromes from respiratory chain. In this case, the individual might notice, that heart is ill from Smoking.

In the end, the mass of the heart increases, and nutrients and oxygen is reduced. This affects the overexertion of the heart muscle. Carbon monoxide, this chemical compounds of carbon with oxygen. It leads to atherosclerosis, as increases "harmful" cholesterol in the blood. This leads to another problem – the formation of thrombus in the blood vessels of the heart.

Want to quit Smoking?

There it was! Now there are well-wishers, who will admonish, "there is no cigarette not working", "the cigarette helps to mobilize", "look at me, I have 100 years smoke". Heart after Smoking is experiencing a huge blow. Harmful tar and nicotine in 15% the causes of stroke and cardiac arrest due to poisoning.

Complete nonsense! Daily Smoking leads to the formation of feelings, without another tightening efficiency is reduced. Only you can decide, destroy tradition, and this disfiguring people ritual, or to languish under the pretext, "I can't ". If so, then continue to fill the wallets of the tobacco magnates, and prepare your money for payment in the near future cardiology clinics.

Want to quit Smoking? Away with a colleague or friend, beckoning you, "come, smoke and discuss". He is the enemy! Brutally stick to these rules, and your chances of quitting will increase. Everything is in your hands!

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