Children of Smoking: reader question

Reader question:

Children – great happiness, only the years go by, and so grow their needs. Their two sons have always believed a cause of pride, joy, but gradually these feelings increased light alarm. The reason modern society, news daily show scary stories from real life, each worse than the previous.

Isolate your guys from bad company, don't give them the opportunity to embark on a curve track is quite possible. But we must not forget the youth of today can do everything to conceal, leaving no trace. This is especially true of addictions such as Smoking, alcohol, drugs.

It's been horrid, realize that one day – miss the right moment, give them a break. So I want to know what are the symptoms, it is possible to determine whether Smoking child. Possible, timely eliminating such a harmful habit would help, to avoid trouble. If children smoke, you want to know about it as soon as possible. How to do it?

children of Smoking

The answer to the question "How do you know, children smoke?"

Today the problem of youth Smoking actual, the reasons are many:

  • the desire to assert themselves;
  • to prove to your friends coolness;
  • to show the independence of, adulthood;
  • the desire to experience a kind of relief.

But before you understand why the child decided to take a cigarette, is to check the suspicions. The first advice to parents would be – caring. You can't ignore children, you need to be able to listen to, to give advice. Often associated with bad guys due to the lack of desired attention from the adults. However, exercise care and control, two different concepts. Not to pester schoolboy questions, to turn things, to follow, it may more aggravate the situation.

kid smokes what to do

How to know, smokes child

There are many methods to determine, does the guy with the addiction:

  1. The smell. We all know – cigarette smoke has a lasting, the acrid smell. Hide it with Cologne, chewing gum is impossible. The reason anxiety will be a strong aroma hair, owner, on the sleeves of clothing. However, too early to sound the panic, lecture, maybe, the son was in a smoke-filled room.
  2. Cough. To distinguish cough from the cigarette just, usually it's dry, and most importantly occurs without other signs of a cold.
  3. External changes. Smoking has a harm to human body. To define an addiction by skin changes. The reason for the anxiety will be unhealthy complexion, cracks on the lips, yellowing of the teeth, fingers.
  4. Behavior. Have the teenager you may notice mood swings, they are especially, manifest, when the young man was for a long time without a cigarette. Dependence develops quickly, spending long periods at home can bring the smoker. He did not miss the opportunity to leave the room.smokers children
  5. The financial side. We all know, pupils have no own earnings. Parents usually allocate a certain amount for pocket money. Today, cigarettes are not cheap, to notice the biggest waste of money possible.
  6. Finding evidence. Not the most dignified method to be poking around in the personal belongings of children, but sometimes parents have no choice. Better check his pants pockets, if he smokes, there will be flakes from cigarettes.
  7. The smell of mint. Many believe – you can hide the smell of cigarettes, but in fact, it's almost impossible. However, the teenagers, wanting to hide their habit, often resort to use of strong mint chewing gum.

All the tips are simple, they are easy to use. Of course, it is better not to justify their suspicions, but if the outcome was undesirable – son to smoke, not to fall into depression. As it is impossible to condemn, to punish a child.

Better to talk calmly, to try to explain the negative consequences of addiction. From the beginning, teen won't listen, but gradually quite possible to come to an understanding. Good advice will be the use of manipulation, promise to buy his son/daughter, it, what they wanted. An important condition for the purchase will be quitting Smoking, maybe it will be a good motivation to get back to a healthy life.

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