Smoking without inhaling: is it true that it is not harmful?

Smoking is referred to as one of the most detrimental habits. Carried away by her man, gradually causes your body serious injury. At risk gets health, and even life. However, many smokers instead, to abandon forever their harmful habit, decides a little to minimize the damage from it. To this end, they decide to start Smoking without delay. They are convinced, the smoke enters the lungs, so, nicotine is exhaled and does not have its harmful effect. Here are actually worse, than many people think, it is time to dispel all the myths.

Smoking without inhaling

Addicted people to cigarettes serious illness, which does not pass without consequences. Every smoker regardless of their experience, should be aware of the responsibility of their actions. Serious problems with health, not long to wait. And this applies equally as lovers of cigarettes, so innocuous at first glance hookahs.

Smoking without inhaling: true

Around this method of Smoking cigarettes, there are a lot of opinions. Some are convinced, what a way to save your health, others are skeptical. So, the time has come to reveal the truth. It turns out, even this is considered a full-fledged Smoking bongs. The thing is, the smoke still gets into the oral cavity, providing terrible actions. Then he exhaled, but is still in the room, and into the lungs. Thus, even without delays, the body receives a severe blow.

As for the hit of nicotine, it also receives a sufficient dose. He is able to penetrate through the mucous membranes of the oral cavity. After which has a serious impact on the circulatory system, this prevents nutrients to the tissues. As a consequence, there may come oxygen starvation of cells.


And together with nicotine come still a variety of harmful substances. This is a different resin, impurities, paper. All the cigarette carcinogens is considered one of the most dangerous. After all, in a joint contact they are able to provoke the development of cancer.

After some research, it was found, such Smoking are almost not able to cause lung cancer, here only it is impossible to relax, on the lips, throat, the esophagus and the stomach hangs serious danger. The probability to get cancer one of these organs is greatly increased. Protecting one, man exposes another death threat.

Another serious sore smokers include bronchitis. He does not spare those, seeking Smoking is not inhaling into the lungs. For its development needs a little of cigarette smoke. And to cure it completely is quite difficult, necessary complete abandonment of the pernicious habit, and a long rehabilitation. Here are just a few who are willing to take such actions, that only exacerbates the situation. It is understood, risk even idols hookahs, as well as dealing with the cigarette smoke.

Lip cancer

Lip cancer as a serious consequence of Smoking without inhaling

In any contact with cigarettes first hit take lips. That's just wanting to smoke puffs on them is still valid cigarette smoke, which long lingers in the mouth. Of course, suffer and other areas, that's only on the lip is influenced by other factors:

  • ultraviolet rays;
  • the action of the wind;
  • mechanical damage – injuries, biting;
  • alcohol;
  • the use of hot food or drink.

Even the great living people lips are constantly experiencing stress, and what can we say about Smoking, who does not cherish their bodies. Consequently they become vulnerable to cancer.

Many people daily are looking for different ways to reduce the harm from Smoking. Here only it is necessary to understand, the best way to honor your body is a complete rejection of the terrible habit. After the first hours of the rejection, would be effect in the body to start the self cleaning mechanism.

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