I have AIDS and I smoke, what are the consequences: reader question

Reader question:

TV and media are constantly warning about the dangers of Smoking. But if the person smokes, which AIDS or HIV, it is an obvious suicide and, and, voluntary. The patient's body aimed at combating infection, and nicotine exacerbates the situation. The healing process is delayed indefinitely. I have AIDS and I smoke, what are the consequences? Much if I shorten their lives?

AIDS and Smoking

The answer to the question "I Have AIDS and I smoke, what are the consequences"

Smoking for HIV-infected dangerous, what parallel can be such a dangerous disease, as:

  • cardiovascular insufficiency;
  • preinfarction angina;
  • hypertension;
  • stroke;
  • Oncology respiratory, the oral cavity, of the stomach and the anus;
  • the appearance of malignant tumors on internal organs.

The human immunodeficiency in smokers weakens the body to such an extent, even the slightest cold can lead to death. Patients suffer from frequent lung inflammation and chronic bronchitis, frequent emphysema.

Known, that AIDS cannot be cured completely. People live, due to maintenance therapy. Smoking can make all attempts to survive to zero. In a pinch, man expects the state vegetable. Brain cells die, and the brain ceases to function normally. It threatens to dementia, mental retardation and many types of mental disorders.

AIDS and Smoking effects

AIDS and Smoking: the consequences

Treatment of patients with HIV and AIDS will be effective, if the patient get rid of Smoking habits. There is an opinion, that one cigarette is not able to harm. But it's not. According to official statistics agencies of the United States the smoker loses the whole 14 minutes of your life, smoked just one cigarette. Even more afraid of the following facts.

It turns out, if every day to smoke twenty cigarettes, man voluntarily takes himself 10 years of life. This is for those, who is healthy. If a person is diagnosed with AIDS or HIV, these figures are multiplied by five.

Appropriate sad humor. A guided tour of the city for young people. Passing the gray-haired and with deep wrinkles of the old man, he says: "Look, man lived to a ripe old age, because he don't smoke or drink. Take his example". The old man rose, leaning on a stick, and said in a hoarse voice: "I am not old, I'm your age, I just 25 years. I look so, because his entire adult life drinking and Smoking".


Pregnancy, AIDS and Smoking

Especially dangerous is Smoking for women, suffering from HIV infection or AIDS. Prenatal development of the child slow down, the fetus often dies. Known cases, when a newly born infant injected drugs, containing drugs, alcohol or nicotine. This is due to the fact, that an embryo from the time of conception were fed toxic smoke or alcohol.

The child became addicted to Smoking, not yet born. Known cases, when infected with HIV give birth to healthy children. This is possible, if a pregnant woman passes the course of supportive and curative treatment throughout the pregnancy. All bad habits, in particular Smoking, affect the baby's health, throughout his later life.

If a person has AIDS, do I need to give up tobacco?

Modern science has proven 100 % the relationship between Smoking and HIV AIDS. The fact, Smoking can dramatically reduce the immune system even at the cellular level. The body's defenses lose the ability to resist even a simple viral diseases, not to mention the capacity of HIV infection.

Is undergoing profound and irreversible changes in the whole body. As a result of Smoking the toxic substance without problems penetrate the lungs. This body is well supplied with blood, therefore, a carcinogenic substance quickly spread throughout the body. The person becomes available to all viruses and infections, including the deadly HIV and AIDS.

Everyone decides, to smoke it or not, but this question is particularly relevant in patients infected with HIV. If you have a chance to extend its life, discarding the habit, as Smoking, why not use this chance. May it last.

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