A Smoking doctor is a frequent sight

The famous expression "a drop of nicotine kills a horse" and remained without attention of people. As Smoking kids, since childhood, smoke and elders, miraculously, lived to a ripe old age. Many die, many try to cure cancer smoke-filled lungs. But, alas...smoke the doctors themselves, those, who, it would seem, must first be aware of the consequences of this poisonous habit. An article about the doctors and their commitment to Smoking, how to explain this nonsense.

Smoking doctor

Strenuous working conditions

Among the many most challenging professions medicine is a leader.

Doctors have to deal with such situations:

  • daily communication with patients (sometimes deadly) patients, the flow of which is growing daily;
  • to perform operations, afraid of unpredictable consequences and proceedings;
  • work with a lot of documentation;
  • to learn the latest technology.

Constant tension leads to, that the doctor after work or after complex operations need to relax and recover their strength. Often the cigarette helps to distract from unresolved problems and soothes shattered nerves.

why doctors smoke

Walks in the fresh air, listening to classical music or reading books are able to restore mental balance. But it takes time, which in our time are all missing. Smoked a couple of cigarettes, comes imaginary solace. Just a couple of minutes, the doctor stressed, arising not from work, and the body's need for nicotine. It is addictive, but doctors deny this fact, trying to explain all other reasons.

"Convincing" example of a doctor

Doctors know much more about the dangers of Smoking, than ordinary people. They took the Hippocratic oath to "do No harm!". But the first violate it, lighting another cigarette or drinking a drink donated by a grateful customer of cognac. Medical knowledge was not put doctors in a separate category of people, not susceptible to disease. Nicotine addiction among doctors is very high, the mortality rate among them is quite impressive.smoke whether doctors

Many countries impose ban on Smoking in public places (Belarus). But for doctors, this rule is often not the law. Even at the entrance to a medical facility, you can see the "white robe" with a cigarette in hand. For many, the credibility of the doctors unmovable. If you smoke such a well-known specialist, it means, cheat, harm from cigarettes there. Thus formed the following opinion:

  • Smoking all health workers;
  • Smoking is perfectly safe;
  • existing methods to combat nicotine addiction are ineffective.

China adopted a law on deprivation of medical license of doctors Smoking. For the female body nicotine is doubly harmful. She is a future mother. Its task is to make, to have a healthy baby. Particularly resent the cigarette in the hand of a woman doctor. If it's a gynecologist, her advice to pregnant patients not to smoke is perceived with difficulty. A pleasure to deal with medic, who value their health and gives correct advice about the dangers of Smoking patients. Unfortunately, on television and in the media and little attention is paid to this issue.

The students of medical institutions often visit the Kunstkamera. They collected embryos are not born children, received terrible deformities because of the fact, that their parents smoked or drank. The spectacle is not for the faint of heart, very impressive. But, oddly enough, that physicians see themselves and, however, smoke often and a lot.

Smoking doctor is not a death sentence!

It is impossible to judge about the professionalism of the doctor, on the basis of its relationship to Smoking. Caring for the sick, responsibility for their well-being, conscientious attitude to his duties is typical for most doctors. To have a cigarette in the hands of doctors making not exceptional circumstances, as a regular habit. Confidence of physicians in safety and ability to control the situation leads to the fact, that they have nicotine dependence.

Doctors are ordinary people, and they do not have special protection. Making numerous surgery to remove the completely rotted lungs, seeing these decaying bodies, doctors somehow believe, what they will not touch it. But time and facts prove the opposite.

There is a harmless dependency, whether it is alcoholism or Smoking. The medical profession, like no other, is a pattern of behavior and role model for patients. If you smoke doctor, why not everyone else. But in the near future they will become tobacco depend on their own.

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