Vaping to children undermines the health

The initial purpose of electronic cigarettes was to facilitate the process of quitting Smoking. A kind of alternative to cigarettes, to gradually abandon the pernicious habit. However, recent times have seriously changed. Today on the streets it's easy to see young people playing this thing. They wanted to try, and become addicted. Not happy with the same negative statistics, which shows, the number of vapers is growing every year.

Vaping for kids

Vaping for kids is a bad influence

The e-cigarette manufacturers assure their buyers, that their products are perfectly safe. However, it is understood, what a pair of propylene glycol have terrible action. They can cause asthma and tuberculosis. So, their use causes serious harm to the body, especially for children. As their composition is menthol. Refreshing taste not so harmless, as it seems. Prolonged use can inhibit the activity of sperm. And it is not helpful as little boys, and adult men.

But contained capsaicin has a positive action. It is capable of preventing the occurrence of prostate cancer. But exacerbating them, young people are at risk of other organs. Long-term use of vaping can lead to the development of cancer of the stomach.

Vaping for kids is a bad influence

For a more comfortable use electronic cigarette add special flavors. Here only and here there is a serious risk. It turns out, their number gets out of control. And they contain diacetyl, which in excess is able to provide a deadly threat.

Negative effects on the human body

For the manufacture of electronic cigarette use glycine, which has the following threats:

  1. It can destroy body tissues.
  2. Can consist of chemical substances.
  3. When making contact with other elements, capable of forming the poison.

That's just about these terrible negative consequences is not known to all, and manufacturers, using the unemployment, quietly distribute its products. Then, kids can use wapi, convinced, that they have no nicotine, so, they are absolutely safe. Here only it is necessary to understand, they contain a lot of other dangerous additives.

The negative impact

Can children vaping: the opinion of doctors

Scientists do not remain on the sidelines and always try to verify the safety of various drugs. Vaping also not left behind. A long examination was considered the composition of the liquid, the debate and the harm rendered to the smoker and to others. To conduct the study used experimental mice. Within two weeks they were subjected to the active inhalation of hazardous vapors. Then noticed a big change in animals. Their immune system is significantly weakened, they were unable to overcome a common cold, which led to their death.

This outcome allowed to prevent, that passive Smoking students, can lead to similar consequences. But Smoking electronic cigarettes can develop:

  1. The strong dependence from an early age. In the future teenagers won't be able to abandon the pernicious habit.
  2. Severe disorder of the body, may develop many dangerous diseases.
  3. A severe allergic reaction, you usually provoke an aromatic blend of.
  4. Glycine can lead to the development of deadly diseases.

Can children vaping

If the comparison to take the more expensive vaping device, the harm from them is significantly reduced. The reason is the use of high quality raw materials. That's just to afford them ... , few can. This is especially true of children, budget is limited to pocket money. Resulting in teenagers buy cheap analogues.

Contained in the vaping liquid contains a dose of nicotine, and this is the first step towards the development of disorders of the cardiovascular system. Long-term use of electronic cigarettes can lead to the development of serious diseases:

  • hypertension;
  • tachycardia;
  • heart failure;
  • heart disease;
  • the increase in blood glucose.

If we analyze all the data, it can be concluded, that device is for vaping causes serious harm. To call it not safe, it's a real analog cigarettes, which differs only in appearance. But in all other respects it is not inferior to.

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