Can I smoke after tooth extraction

Smoking is a dangerous habit., can cause the body serious harm. It affects many organs, but the first hit takes the oral cavity. That is why for a long period of Smoking can cause the development of serious diseases of the mouth. Was no exception and the occurrence of dental diseases.

Tobacco smoke has a negative effect on gums and teeth, what leads to loss. However, for many people and this is not a serious reason to think. Visiting the dentist, they again take up cigarettes, but can I smoke after tooth extraction? It is time to look into the matter.

Smoking after tooth removal

Can I smoke, removing a wisdom tooth?

Tooth removal is a small, but surgical procedure. It should be carried out by a specialist, carefully observing the recommendations. After all, such intervention has caused the body harm, which requires a recovery. In some cases, patients even recommends a few days to refrain from physical activity.

Removing the tooth can be noticed on the gums appeared a wound. Usually it some time even bleeding. In some cases, the gums even nakalyaetsya seams. All depends on the individual, size of the tooth, the complexity of the operation.

That the blood has successfully coagulated, the open wound impose a special gauze. It is pre-treated with antiseptic and leave in the mouth for 15 minutes. After which it gently clean. In the wound blood clot, its presence is able to ensure quick healing.

Can I smoke, removing a wisdom tooth

Wisdom teeth are usually located not in the best way, and their roots can be twisted. Consequently complicates the process of their removal, and the wound can have a fairly large amount. Often to avoid infection, the doctor prescribes to drink a course of antibiotics. After tooth extraction, the patient forbidden to consume food and water, that is just about to ban Smoking why-that nobody says. But you should know, cigarette consumption can adversely affect healing of the affected places.

Effects of nicotine and smoke

Any injury received by the body can cause the formation of the inflammatory process. This phenomenon is considered a natural. Trouble can only his character, which depends on the state of human health, immunity and a number of other important reasons.

Effects of nicotine and smoke

Usually the dentist cannot anticipate all the nuances, but in order to minimize their specialist gives the patient a number of recommendations. One of these may be a temporary ban on the use of cigarettes. The reason to become the chemical composition of the smoke. After all, any nicotine-containing substance contain dangerous tar and carcinogens, once in the wound can cause a number of side effects:

  • damage to the gums;
  • the development of a strong inflammatory process;
  • any infection;
  • the formation of pus.

Often tobacco smoke reduces the sensitivity. Resulting, people simply will not be able to notice alarming symptoms. And this is a sure way to dangerous consequences. Therefore, it is important to realize, through, how long can you smoke after tooth extraction.

Recommendations dentists

Your own health should always be above the minute desires. It is therefore recommended to refrain from Smoking prior to complete wound healing. However, there are people with very strong dependence. They are not able to endure so much time. In this case, after removal of the tooth, there is at least a two hour smoke.

Recommendations dentists

If the operation was serious and on the gum a few stitches, you can't smoke 2 day, although it is best to hold out a week. During this time, the wound will heal. Following the recommendations of your primary care dentist right step to a fast recovery. You don't mess with their health, the violations may require long recovery. To smoke after removal of wisdom teeth is not advised no dentist.

The effects of Smoking after a visit to the dental surgeon

Not following the advice of a doctor is able to provoke complications. So, Smoking immediately after tooth extraction, may cause the following trouble:

  • severe bleeding;
  • the occurrence of acute pain;
  • a slowdown in terms of overgrowing the affected places.

In tobacco smoke contain toxins that can affect the process of blood clotting. In the end, does not stop the bleeding and increase the healing time and will not require a single trip to the dentist. As this bad habit can cause disease – "dry socket". When a similar phenomenon affected the gums heal overtime, moreover, the whole process is accompanied by severe pain. It is best this symptom to consult a doctor. He will prescribe a suitable treatment, which will help to alleviate the unpleasant illness.

Thus, quitting Smoking even in such a serious matter as the removal of teeth can play an important role. You should not ignore the prohibitions and advice of knowledgeable people. Only a responsible approach to their health can guarantee the success and long life.

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