Smoking tea in a trend: danger Hobbies

Wanting to get new sensations, people often resort to strange and unusual things. One of these phenomena can be called the Smoking tea. Recently such actions have become particularly popular, many young people began to use the well-known product in the other order. But is it all harmless as they think, what can cause such a custom hobby?

Smoke and drink tea

Is it possible to smoke tea

Today in any grocery store, you can purchase a huge assortment of tobacco products. It is different in price, fortress and even tastes. It seems, any foodie will find something, what specifically suited to him. That's just the smokers and this is not enough, people want to experience new sensations, for what resorted to the use of tea. If you think about it, this product has literally every house, so, to purchase that won't have to spend any money, no time.

Most often the main experimenters become teenagers. The youth is confident, that way he can get respect from peers. Young people do not think about the possible serious consequences, they are more concerned with the, what's going on here, now. Here only it is necessary to understand, retribution must come. The negative effects will be felt.

Is it possible to smoke tea

If you look a little deeper, immerse yourself in the story, you can learn, Smoking tea is not a modern fad. It turns out, it's been used in the distant 17 century France. To betray your products more noble, pleasant taste it dipped in cognac. And ashes from Smoking as well is not lost, and was used as a remedy for white teeth. Fashionable trend did not remain in one city, gradually it appeared on the streets of Britain. Only here, this passion was allowed only ladies of high society, which absolutely did not appreciate the taste of the product.

However, today's society is much smarter, sooner. In 21 century every educated person knows, what is the harm Smoking causes to the body, and follow a destructive fashion stupid. But still there are those, who's ready to neglect their own health and even life. The experimenters believe, once people quietly drinking tea, why not try it as an unusual cigarette.

Smoking green and black tea: for and against

To talk about the benefits of tea rather pointless, because it is so well known. Many studies showed it to be perfect evidence. This drink contains many vitamins, essential oils, that helps to improve many processes in the human body.

Based on this, many people without fear of using it as a Smoking mixture. Smokers sure, there is no nicotine, so, for education based on experience is not necessary. That's only if the combustion from these leaves has a black, acrid smoke. He's so heavy, that inhaling, his smoker puts its heart, light terrible danger.

However, the desire to experience new emotions, can cause you to make rash actions. Smoker loses common sense, his desires take precedence. But it's worth noting, really get from such Smoking is impossible. The reason is the absence of nicotine, but if you take even a bad smell, acrid smoke, pleasant sure little.Smoking green and black tea

After the first puff you experience the following unpleasant symptoms:

  • bitter taste in the mouth;
  • dizziness;
  • Retching;
  • a strong spasm of the bronchi;
  • headaches;
  • spasm of the feet and hands.

Even in social networks you can find a lot of negative reviews of those, has anyone tried like a cigarette. They convince, not to repeat their mistakes, after waiting for, definitely not justified. Similarly responded and smokers with great experience. Even this experience brought only negative emotions. And it is impossible to think, it is important to the quality of tea. No matter purchased was expensive or not, the effect will be the same.

Thus, it is necessary to conclude, Smoking tea is harmful to health, but does not bring positive emotions. Cough and nausea, combined with thick, unpleasant smoke. So why poison your body, even more disgusting taste. Tea is good, but only as a drink.

A variety of teas and consequences of their Smoking

In modern society, tea has been spread widely. It has a huge number of varieties and types. The most famous is the red, green, black, as well as large or small sheet.


This variety can easily be called the most useful of all relevant. The reason for its unusual technology, which is accelerated aging of leaves by mechanical means. Thanks to this it is saturated with special enzymes, and to become elite. That's only good as a drink.


If you brew in water, drink can bring a number of good action:

  • toxins;
  • to clean the intestines;
  • to rejuvenate the body;
  • to lower cholesterol;
  • to reduce the risk of cancers;
  • improve digestion.

Its useful properties PU-erh tea is due to unique composition, it has a lot of pectin, vitamins, amino acids, about 700 various chemical compounds. That's just to get them using it for other purposes.

If you use it as a Smoking mixture of negative consequences can not be avoided. The resulting thick smoke contains a large number of malicious resins, they quickly settle on the walls of organs, and excreted in the labor. After a few strong puffs heart begins to feel discomfort. Also, it can cause poisoning, headache, cause a depressed state.

There is a myth, with the help of PU-erh can be overcome nicotine addiction, here only in practice it is absolutely not true.

Tea bags

Infuser tea bags are in compliance with all major standards, special technology allows you to keep useful properties of the plant and provide it with sealing packing. But, today, on store shelves be a huge amount of DIY. Instead of quality of the leaves, sell only tea dust with the addition of colors and flavors.

Tea bags

The use of such teas even may lead to serious disorders: disease teeth, bone cancer, osteoporosis, so talking about the dangers of Smoking such a product is not even worth it.


IVA-tea special plant, having a number of positive qualities. Its use has on the human body positive effect. He created a number of useful trace elements:

  • vitamin C;
  • vitamin B;
  • beta-carotene;
  • acid organic;
  • iron;
  • copper.

Often it is prescribed to drink people, wishing to get rid of the habit of Smoking. The plant is easily absorbed into the body and removes troubling thoughts, insomnia. However, its use is not intended to threaten the opposite effect – there is severe poisoning, the weakening of the immune system, and all the useful elements in the combustion process will be destroyed.

Green tea

Green tea

After a number of studies have shown, this plant is able to help get rid of nicotine addiction, but only when used as a drink. This plant also helps to prevent the risk of oncological diseases. Taking into account the above, many smokers begin to use it as a filling for cigarettes. Thus, people want to overcome their employee's addiction. That's just like way they just aggravate the situation.

Contains all really about 500 useful items, but by burning all the substances are destroyed. So, as a drink green, the plant is able to prevent cancer, and if smoked on the contrary provoke his development. Created cigarettes can cause deadly harm, after all, their smoke can lead to serious consequences:

  • strong oxygen starvation;
  • the pain and cloudiness in the head;
  • gag reflex.

A person may be a narrowing of the coronary vessels, which will lead to heart attack. Die from Smoking tea rather ridiculous.

Smoking tea: conclusion

After a number of given arguments, it is necessary to conclude: Smoking tea is dangerous to health, and it brings no fun. So if 19 century it was cool and fashionable, today, there are many ways to have fun, to be in trend without the threat of their lives.

Buy quality tea, use it as a relaxing drink, after a hard day, and then he'll bring a useful effect, good mood.

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