Hiccups while Smoking

Smokers often face a number of challenges, arising due to your harmful habit – bad breath, yellow teeth and nails, and sometimes it's incessant bouts of hiccups. So why does it occur and what should be done, to get rid of it?

Hiccups while Smoking

General information about hiccups

Icon – a natural phenomenon, arise due to the accumulation of air in the gastric cavity. Thus, the body starts its mechanism, which is based on the reduction gladkomyshechnykh fibers of the diaphragm. Most often, hiccups occur due to irritation of the vagus nerve. To provoke him maybe a few factors:

  • hypothermia;
  • the abuse of alcohol beverages;
  • overload of the body with a dry food;
  • overeating;
  • breakdown;
  • sodas;
  • gryzenia processes;
  • gastric irritation;
  • Smoking.

why during Smoking hiccups

Though hiccup and a natural phenomenon, it shouldn't bother often, otherwise it may be cause for concern and indicate the development of serious deviations:

  • the occurrence of gastritis;
  • the formation of ulcers;
  • the beginning of cancer processes in the abdominal cavity.

That's why you should always listen carefully to your own body. Even so on the one hand a harmless phenomenon can be a sure sign of the development of dangerous pathologies. Sometimes the hiccups while Smoking. This phenomenon is a normal person should be alerted.

Hiccups while Smoking: reasons

In order to understand why there is such a reaction it is necessary to consider in detail the entire mechanism of its development:

  1. Inhaling cigarette smoke into the stomach, the air enters, which contributes to the expansion of the walls of the authority.
  2. This provokes neuro impulse response, which leads to the contraction of the diaphragm.
  3. They help excess air to escape up. He moves through the esophagus and passes by ligaments. This may cause the formation of characteristic sound.

When hiccup lasts a long time, it starts to cause severe discomfort. Often arising from Smoking, it is also connected with intoxication. It develops on the background of poisoning with nicotine and tobacco. It is sometimes called toxic. Another reason for the development of this process are changes in temperature, hot smoke and cold environment. This is particularly evident, when a smoker does two actions at once – smokes and talks.

This process often develops in people, are seriously abusing tobacco products. Their ring of muscle tissues of the stomach are paralyzed, and this leads to a sudden separation of the stomach acid. He irritates the wall of an organ, excites nerve endings, which leads to the development of contractions. Frequent and prolonged attacks can not remain indifferent, must pass a medical examination. The doctor will tell, why during Smoking occurs hiccups.

hiccups while Smoking causes

How to get rid of hiccups, arising on a background of Smoking

If the person is convinced, the attacks of the hiccups it caused by tobacco use, the surest solution to overcome illness will complete abstinence from addictions. Only very few people can so easily abandon it. Especially if we are talking about years of experience. In fact, many people, even being aware, what is the health risk causing them nicotine, do not stop to use it.

And the occurrence of hiccups may be completely non-relevant argument, in these cases you can try other methods, help get rid of the unpleasant phenomena:

  1. Water is able to relieve irritation of the mucous membranes, it also helps to increase pressure inside the stomach. Therefore, drinking water would be a good solution.
  2. Many well-known way is to hold your breath for a few moments, if necessary, this procedure must be repeated.
  3. Hold the breath in the package this will help to reduce spasms.
  4. Seek assistance to medicinal plants. Insist motherwort, hops and Valerian both provide a calming effect.
  5. Regular sugar can reduce the concentration of the acid, that's just using the product do not need to wash it down with water.

Sometimes the above steps not have the desired effect, then you should apply for medications. You can buy relaxing supplements. However, their appointment should take place after the examination the doctor, which and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Why while Smoking a hiccup occurs abruptly, now I understand. It is best to quit the habit and not suffer from lack of air!

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