Does Ziban to quit Smoking?

Medicine has proven the harmful effects of nicotine on the human body. Invented many medicines, pills, patches and tablets, help to get rid of this bad habit. Among them "Champix". The drug helped, but had a strange side effect. People have hallucinations, and they are truly "crazy back". New drug "Ziban" represents another attempt to help smokers get rid of nicotine addiction.

Pills "Ziban"

Pills "Ziban": for or against?

Contraption the drug had a great response. Wrote about it, as a panacea for Smoking. Previously, it was sold under the name "Amfebutamone". In the future, he received in pharmacy under the name "Wellbutrin" and "Bupropion". The pills are absolutely the same in composition. Just changed the name. Why? In life sometimes intervenes case, but here intervened conventional marketing.

The drug is representative of the class of antidepressants. He is the "child" of the largest pharmaceutical companies GkaxoSmithKline. Its existence "Ziban" began in 1985 year. A year later it was banned, as people have, taking the drug, observed epileptic seizures. Soon found the cause: overdose of the drug. Later 3 of the year "Zidane" revived. The manual was warning about, that a daily dose of more than 450 mg can lead to side negative effects.

But the usual dose of the drug was dangerous, as patients:

  • in the ears there is a strong noise;
  • gastrointestinal tract began strenuously "to boil";
  • began shaking hands (tremor);
  • increased sweating;
  • appeared nausea;
  • on the skin develop a rash.

The controlling organization of America instructed the manufacturers of medications to warn about the harmful side effects of "Zidane". Among them, the most dangerous are the suicidal tendencies of young people to 25 years. A warning on the packaging is in a black frame.

Healing opportunities "Sibuna"

"Ziban" buy in Moscow can be anyone. Sometimes the desire to give up bad habits makes people exceed the dosage is dangerous for health.

Healing opportunities "Sibuna"

Stimulants for its popularity surpassed all remedies not only from Smoking, but also from many other diseases. Their (Valium, "Lidium") attributed to obese patients, suffering from migraines, in depressive States.

Great list of healing recommendations assigned to the drug "Ziban". It is recommended to be taken in the following cases:

  • breakdown, depression of different origin (what is acceptable for antidepressants);
  • obesity;
  • social anxiety, which manifests itself in severe anxiety. Unfortunately, all patients (not even smokers) complained of occurs after taking the pills "Ziban" excitement. Patients felt inexplicable fear, there is a need to constantly move, to say "on the machine". It is impossible to control the situation;
  • sexual disorders;
  • psoriasis;
  • hyperactivity, at which teenagers in their behavior become too active, naughty. "Ziban" failed to reduce the activity of teenagers. Then conducted an experiment to study the effect of the drug on their desire to smoke. Was, a group of participants, which has adopted the "Ziban", had no aversion to Smoking, and Vice versa. The desire to smoke is considerably increased. The drug from the category of means to combat Smoking can safely delete;
  • Crohn's disease;
  • nicotine dependence, that is strange, based on the conducted experiment with adolescents.

The question, the drug treats, remains quite uncertain and doubtful.

pills ziban

Do you need pills "Ziban" want to quit

People know little about the effects of antidepressants on the body. So they believe, what pills of type "Ziban" able to save them from nicotine addiction.

When getting rid of cigarettes the person is not able to adjust to life without cigarettes. He gets nervous, relationships with family and friends deteriorate sharply, conflicts arise.

This is understandable. Smoker, ceasing to smoke, broke my habit. As they say, ate, need to smoke, upset, need to smoke, after sex smoke a cigarette must necessarily. This habit has become the norm of behavior. To rebuild takes time. Doctors explain, that psychoses arise not only from the fact, the smoker threw the cigarette. The nervous condition follows from the fact, it's hard for human to fight with yourself.

how not to smoke

The urge to smoke sometimes becomes stronger than the desire to be healthy and alive. Known cases, when terminally ill lung cancer people secretly try to smoke at least one cigarette. No matter, it could become for them, can be, last.

The Council, how not to smoke

The easiest and most acceptable way to get rid of nicotine addiction is to "win" the desire to smoke and the level of awareness to get rid of it. People need to understand, that cigarettes do not bring any physical, or moral satisfaction. This is just a bad habit.

The bad thing, that smoke, those, who, it would seem, on duty must lead by example a healthy lifestyle. Doctors. Knowing and seeing, the anguish of smokers, suffering from cancer of the respiratory system, they smoke themselves. Unfortunately, and die from the same diseases, as all lovers of smoke.

Everyone is able to understand a simple truth – he is able to get rid of any habits yourself, without the "Almighty" and magic pills. This applies to tablets "Ziban".

If smoker will be able to get rid of the illusion of the benefits of Smoking, he won't need any pills and drugs, especially antidepressants. Sounds fantastic, but it is difficult to dispute.

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