Smoking during pregnancy

Very rarely it happens, that man is becoming a slave to cigarettes, refuse from this harmful habit, if required by certain circumstances. Unimportant, abnormally high body temperature can not induce him to, to at least temporarily not to smoke. Moreover, you can even hear the affirmation, if cigarette prevents problems in the body, assists in the healing. But, this is nothing more than delusion, which do not succumb to especially in the case of purulent tonsillitis.

Smoking during pregnancy

Angina is what kind of disease?

Almost every one of us had to deal with the inflammation of the tonsils (in medical language – of the tonsils). It is known as strep throat or acute tonsillitis. Signs of this disease are reddened throat, enlarged and swollen tonsils. However, this case is not limited to, the same pathological process involved and the surrounding areas: tongue, Palatine arch, the back of the throat. Gradually, the disease covers all the throat, that happens quite often.

Acute tonsillitis – not such a harmless disease, because its cause is pathogenic bacteria, attack which in addition to throat are exposed to other organs. Especially frustrating, when pathology has a negative impact on the heart and joints. Smoker to get twice the risk of endocarditis or of rheumatism.

Acute tonsillitis (sore throat started form) refers to those types of diseases, which, thanks to weathered feelings are remembered for a lifetime. During purulent sore throat not only sore throat. On the surface of the tonsils in some cases you may notice the appearance of very small white balls, in others, they are much more, and thirdly – even a plaque with a characteristic yellowish-gray shade. The disease with high body temperature and weakness in it, exposure to toxins.

Smoking in purulent angina

Have unhealthy person often has no desire to eat. This is not surprising, because the throat is very responds to pain not only then, when it passes through chewed food, but difficulties arise with swallowing your own saliva. Smoking during pregnancy permissible or not? This question worries many people, which I do not use tobacco.

Every smoker, picked up a sore throat, needs, as they say, to turn on their brains, convincing myself of the need to at least temporarily give up cigarettes. It is quite logical, that tobacco smoke is no less an irritant of the mucous membrane of the throat, when it is inflamed. Very not easy to endure almost a week without the drug nicotine.

For many of them it is very hard for the antibiotics treatment of angina. Information, contained in the text below have at least some probability to reason dependent nicotine people, so they reacted more seriously to their health.

How Smoking affects the development of angina?

If you conduct a study emitted by cigarette smoke, it turns out, it's pretty rich in its composition – it contains more than four thousand chemicals. There are a lot of those, that is not just able to poison the body, but even cause oncological diseases. Of course, a terrible disease is not manifested immediately after smoked one or two cigarettes, and gradually accumulate and wait. But, at the same time, it is impossible to tell, these components behave harmless. Because of them in the body tissues of a smoker, first throat, of the mouth and throat, develop immediate response.

Toxins, secreted by bacteria, as if off on separate sites of the immune system. These microorganisms find shelter on the surface of teeth, the oral cavity and tonsils. Instead of fabric, being depressed, opposed disease, so nicotine and smoke violently to stop doing it, have prevented the development of the processes of life.

Smoking during tonsillitis

Created very favourable conditions for accumulation in the throat of cigarette toxins: inflammation of the lining, vasodilation. And the security forces generally contribute to the escalation of ordinary sore throats in its chronic form. In the future, the disease remind myself, when a smoker will be a short time on draught.

Due to the fact, the blood poisoned by the combustion products of cigarettes, medications do not give the desired effect, which usually takes place in the case of nonsmokers. The path to healing for the smoker is quite thorny.

Smoking during pregnancy

Smoking during pregnancy: danger

Smoking during pregnancy is contraindicated, but I understand that's not all. Should address the main problems, occur in the body of the smoker, who does not want to give up tobacco during the period of illness of the throat:

  1. Damaged tissue at the site of micro-cracks and small wounds hard to recover and heal.
  2. The throat comes in a very irritated state, what is much clearer signs of a sore throat, it may become purulent.
  3. Even if the Smoking man was lucky to pick up only purulent angina, soon it will be disappointed, as suppurative processes anyway, but it still appears.
  4. Smoking acts as an ally of the infection, helping it to easily spread further from the source, as they say, to occupy new frontiers in the lower divisions of the respiratory system.
  5. What not only saved the patient rinse or irrigate the throat, resolves pills, but all in vain. However, these and other steps do not lead to a positive result.
  6. The prospect of recovery is seen not so close.
  7. In tissues, are exposed to inflammatory process, going carcinogenic substances. Therefore, all previous items will seem like childish pranks compared to the risk of development of oncological pathology.

Smoking during pregnancy is better to stop. What is more important – health or another dose of nicotine? Tobacco abuse during inflammatory processes in the mucosa of the pharynx, only postpones the healing process.

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