What is more harmful Smoking cigarettes or hookah

Many people are convinced, that puffing on the hookah, they do not cause the body any harm. But is it really, or is it a harmless invention is much more dangerous, than many might think.

What is more harmful Smoking cigarettes or hookah

To get started is to make an important fact about lighting 25 grams of hookah tobacco, the person receives damage from both 60 cigarettes. Of course, should not be taken for heart and loud groan. Much depends on the quality of tobacco, supplements, volume of Smoking, frequency and most importantly the health of the smoker.

The truth about hookah

The youth of today is not your night without a hookah. It alternately smokes every one present, while experiencing relaxation. Many are convinced, this process fills the air of mystery, mystery. This fact was taken into account and the tobacco industry. So, instead of bitter, acrid smoke the buyers were represented aromatic blend. It added a nice touch of fruit, which pleased even the not smokers.

That's just for the beautiful label, hides all the same bitter "pill to swallow". Puffing on the hookah, the human body is suffering not less. Therefore, to compare, what's worse, he or cigarettes, the same as to say that it is better to drown or burn in a fire, the outcome is always the same – death.

What is more harmful Smoking cigarettes or hookah: comparison

Cigarette smoke includes around 3000 thousands of dangerous chemical compounds. Unfortunately, most of them can cause the body lethal threat. To the worst of them are: carbon monoxide, arsenic, cyanide. Even their little dose damages the heart, easy, bodies.

Why is Shisha more harmful cigarette

Society is constantly telling herself, cigarettes are evil, but the hookah – passion for light, but, alas, this is only a myth. Studies have shown, what with frequent puffing device, the damage is much worse. The reason for this is the use of large doses of smoke, which carries with it a deadly threat. To get carbon monoxide poisoning can be very fast, not even realizing, what happened.

In addition to direct harm from Smoking products, fans of Shisha even neglect personal hygiene. They quietly allowed the unit circle, and the first step towards the development of microbes. Not rare cases of hepatitis or tuberculosis. Even being sure the health of your company, it is foolish to think, that hookah thoroughly disinfect and wash the device after each visitor.

Why is Shisha more harmful cigarette

The effect of any Smoking devices is the breath of a smoker lady. That's only when you use a hookah you need to spend a little more effort, this leads to the fact, the lungs are fully disclosed. The result is pitiable – smoke gets in all the corners of the body, gradually accumulate.

Almost all Smoking blends are composed of tobacco, therefore, such a hobby is gradually becoming, becoming a bad habit. Each time will become more difficult, so there is dependence. And if you take the amount of smoke inhaled, and Smoking process, which is sometimes delayed for hours – the tragic consequences can not be avoided.

Hookah Smoking and cancer

The main dangers, associated with use of Shisha:

  • the use of a greater number of harmful elements for one use;
  • disease of the internal organs;
  • the abuse of nicotine – the emergence of dependence;
  • harm is caused by even passive Smoking;
  • if it is puffing pregnant women, increases the risk of having premature babies;
  • the person does not notice, how much do bongs. Indeed, sometimes an hour of Smoking includes about 200, while of cigarettes only 20;
  • using the device in public places threatens the infected by various diseases, transmitted through saliva.

Conducted in America, study shows, cigarettes in 200 times have less harm, than hookah.


Hookah Smoking and cancer

Some smokers are convinced, smoke, passing through the water is carefully filtered. Now, in practice,, the benefits of this absolutely does not add up, toxic substances remain. Contain tobacco toxins can lead to the development of serious oncological diseases:

  • mouth;
  • light;
  • stomach;
  • esophagus.

In addition recorded case of heart disease, decrease in heart function. This device may even have a negative impact on the birth rate. Passive Smoking is not less harmful, so to sit in the hookah bar better not.

Of course, you can believe the label and buy tobacco without nicotine, that's just hopes for a miracle is not necessary. It also contains many hazardous elements, which can cause to human health serious harm. For beautiful labels, pleasant smell, mysterious smoke hides mortal danger. Therefore it is necessary to think seriously, whether it is necessary to resort to this method of relaxation.

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