The shelf life of cigarettes

How long is acceptable to store cigarettes? Or they are not covered by the concept of "shelf life"? The question is natural in the absence of the packaging stamped. For some reason, the producers decided, that it is not necessary. Many smokers worry no wonder. Of the "benefits" of Smoking even know the kids. The same Smoking expired cigarettes, for sure, fraught with even worse consequences?

: the shelf life of cigarettes

Tobacco Smoking is the scourge of modern society. But even more the situation is aggravated by unscrupulous manufacturers and sellers. Violation of storage conditions make cigarettes become a dangerous product, and so that has on the body negative effects.

No need to buy tobacco in incomprehensible point, where it is offered in bulk. Largely this is a blend of herbs, which can cause irreparable harm to the body. To poison with poor-quality tobacco, it is better to refuse from Smoking cigarettes.

How is the storage of tobacco?

Does not exist legalized recommendation, how much and how to store tobacco products. It is logical to assume, that being, representatives of the food group, the tobacco retains its suitability for use for a limited period of time. Anyway, observance of rules of storage of tobacco products will save you from feelings about the early loss of its properties and qualities:

  1. In the room, where it is expected to remain for some time cigarette, it is necessary to ensure air temperature is not below 16 and not above 23 degrees, and humidity 50 to 70 percent.
  2. To hide away from direct sunlight.
  3. In the case, if the warehouse is not ventilated, you should install the appropriate equipment.
  4. Take care, with cigarettes, there were no other products – distributors of odors. Otherwise, obeying the laws of physics, smells over time, will be definitely passed tobacco.

Manufacturers in the tobacco crumbs mixed with substances with pleasant scents and special additives, to cigarette quickly decayed. Because of these supplements products lose the ability to long-term storage. Besides, traders do not rush to build in the premises of the above requirements.

is there a expiration date on cigarettes

In the stalls it is almost impossible to achieve the desired humidity and temperature. Packing cigarettes in most cases put on public display, and, so, they could not be avoided direct sunlight.

But even in such not comfortable conditions according to the experts a substantial part of the properties of tobacco products can last up to a year. And then comes the weakening of cigarettes, ceases to be felt the aroma. It would seem, there is nothing to worry about this, if simultaneously with these processes are not accumulated, substances causing cancer.

Inhaling tobacco smoke can lead to severe cough and shortness of breath, bronchitis. But the most unpleasant, what should be prepared for the smoker is a malignant tumor. With this diagnosis, many people turn, who mindlessly smoke tobacco, in this case, not even caring about its quality.

Cigarette, which has expired, more powerful ship heart muscle, cause increased blood pressure, worn by the nervous system. For any trivia people nervous, not sleeping, worry no apparent reason, become mentally depressed. So the cigarette becomes a murderer, which slowly kills the person.

How to determine the freshness of cigarettes

How to determine the freshness of cigarettes?

To find themselves in the hands of a pack you should look for the charset, deciphering which can be recognized, when it was released cigarettes. It is easy to guess, what if it's been more than a year from the date of manufacture, so, they, before you get to the counter, long gathering dust on some warehouse.

The smoker can determine the freshness of the tobacco, trusting your sense of smell: the more intense the flavor, the better. There is a correlation between odor and fortress, ie. strong cigarettes, as a rule, characterized by an intense smell.

The product is not fresh also gives himself a bitter taste in the mouth, very irritated mucosa of the upper respiratory tract (the larynx, throat). Taking the guesswork out of a few packs of cigarettes, to produce small, but careful study, namely:

  1. Delicate paper shell is not broken and not damaged. The same applies to the packaging of cigarettes.
  2. Reliable connection along the seam line.
  3. Smooth cylindrical shape without bending, depressions, swellings, etc..
  4. The density of shredded tobacco is the same throughout the volume, a flat plane face of the.
  5. Filter cigarettes looks spotless and well to be integrated with the rest of.
  6. Anything other than tobacco and stipulated by the technology of production of impurities cigarette should not smell.

Only 5 from 100 purchased packages may not be unsatisfactory, even if all of the above items will contain affirmative. Any deviation from these norms should alert. It is better to refuse from tobacco, which has a strange smell. Vigilance during this will allow a strong poisoning of the body. Although ideally, it is better to stop Smoking.

the shelf life of a pack of cigarettes

About shelf life of e cigarette

Since the invention of the alternative to tobacco smoke, which is a flavored steam, the ranks of the large army of smokers began to slowly leave the fans of electronic cigarettes. It is easy to guess, that the opposition is more concerned with their own health, you can not say about the conservatives, to remain faithful to traditional Smoking.

It is worth noting a rather long life of the Smoking of electronic devices. Anyway, manufacturers guarantee uninterrupted operation of up to two years, if the correct use of cigarettes. Requirements combined in seven points:

  1. E-cigarette may stop working, if it contain in high humidity environment.
  2. Watch out for those, that the electric charge of the device was normal, which is possible with regular recharging.
  3. At least once in 30 days to check the condition of the heating part.
  4. Requires attention the steam generator, the replacement of which is performed every year during normal use of the cigarette.
  5. Be delayed preferably not more than 15 times within 60 seconds.
  6. Strictly abide by the rules of cartridge refilling, not being fond of mixing contrasting flavors.
  7. To use is not expired the main components of electronic cigarettes – liquid and cartridge.

Pay attention to the expiration date must every smoker. Unfortunately, this fact control unit, the rest of the poison the body of poor-quality tobacco, which contains huge amount of toxic components. All this provokes a number of unpleasant diseases, among them cancer of the larynx, the lungs and even the brain. Tobacco must be purchased with license, don't hesitate to require appropriate documentation.

Tobacco can be stored for a long time, but it is important to comply with all requirements, on the manufacturer says. Nicotine addiction is a problem of modern society. Cheap tobacco just exacerbates the situation, increasingly, people are turning to clinics with problems of the cardiac system and respiratory system.

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