Herbal cigarettes: what is

Quitting Smoking is quite difficult. Not only because, like that the chemical composition of cigarettes, but because, it's hard to part with a friendly break. Together to smoke, share the news gradually becomes a habit.

herbal cigarettes

The fight against this addiction to last more than half a century. Many ways and one of them are herbal cigarettes. They raised a number of conflicting reviews. Among them there are positive opinions. But the number of those, who does not believe in the panacea, no less.

The characteristics of the composition

Unlike fotoshare from simple lies in the fact, they do not contain toxic body nicotine. As toppings, use a variety of herbs. Most popular cigarettes with mint, eucalyptus and chamomile. People have long used this invention. For example:

  • in India it is still popular incense sticks. They include spices, which are wrapped in a eucalyptus leaf or plain parchment;
  • Asian countries are famous for their tobacco bidi. This kind of cigarette, which are made from tobacco leaves. While they do not grind, and use whole. The resulting cigarette is placed in the trunk of a tea tree. The strength of this product is off the charts. They pose a serious health hazard.

beznikotinovye herbal cigarettes

Photocharity relate to pharmaceutical products. They have one drawback. In the annotations to the descriptions of all the herbs, part of them. Buyers has a right to know this information. Indeed, any grass in combustion emits a number of, as nutrients, so bad.

The presence of the filter on cigarettes helps protect smokers from harmful compounds. But if the manufacturers didn't bother and missed the point, such cigarette can harm the health.


Each brand of photoshare different content combination. For getting the pleasant aroma of added flavorings. If it natural products, it health risks no. But if the flavor is created using artificial additives (the taste of chocolate), you're not worth the risk.

The main clients of such cigarettes are people, suffering from withdrawal syndrome. The person, decided to give up Smoking, there can be various mental disorders. In some cases, photocharity help to solve this problem.

Production travyanyh cigarettes do many manufacturers, the most popular brands are:

  • Tavolga;
  • "Profit";
  • "Our";
  • "Nirdosh";
  • "Cigarettes Vyacheslav Zakharov";
  • "Antitab".

Are the products helps to overcome the condition, occurs after quitting Smoking. Sometimes the situation causes stress and depression. Man wants to somehow deal with it, and he again wants to drag on a cigarette.

There is an opinion, that photocharity able to exert a therapeutic effect on the respiratory system. But trust this is only after the practical research scientists.

herbal cigarettes in pharmacies


To prove 100 % the positive effect of the herbal cigarettes, the doctors have not yet succeeded. But there are situations, the use of these products is strictly prohibited. These include:

  • pregnancy:
  • breast-feeding;
  • heart problems;
  • diseases of the respiratory system;
  • SARS;
  • cancer.

It is strictly forbidden simultaneous use of fotoshare with the usual. The results can be very disappointing: dizziness, hypertension, headaches and nausea.

Expected results

Nicotine dependence is:

  1. Physical, to heal from which easily and quickly by using fotoshare.
  2. Psychological, in which the effect of treatment of herbal cigarettes minor. To overcome the habit of drag on a cigarette sometimes just for no reason very seriously.

The, who decided to quit Smoking, must first solve the issue with nicotine addiction with the help of herbal cigarettes. Then it will be easier to completely give up Smoking.

Among the negative properties of natural cigarettes, there is the fact, cause overdose faster, rather than the usual. We should not forget the yellow teeth of smokers and the problem of dry lips.

Options for replacements

To get rid of nicotine addiction help:

  1. Special gum, which structure contains the minimum dose of nicotine. A gradual decrease in the dosage used to completely solve the problem.
  2. Electronic cigarette, which generate steam. They are liquid, containing nicotine, but the variant without nicotine. Technology meets security requirements. Avoid uncertified liquids, which may contain propylene glycol. For some people it is dangerous because it contained propylene glycol.
  3. Special tablets, substitutes that contain nicotine. They help to overcome physical dependence. To overcome the psychological dependence in this way is quite difficult. Prohibited the use of ordinary nicotine cigarettes in conjunction with tablets.

If the person is not able to quit Smoking, he must first go to photocharity, and only a month later on electronic. Nicotine content in them should correspond to zero. The scheme is quite simple and quite available to anyone interested.

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