After Smoking a stomach ache

People, linking his own life with cigarettes, often experience various failures in the body. And to think, that pass only light, cardiovascular system, incorrect. Cigarette products strike literally for all bodies, not the exception becomes the gastrointestinal tract. Especially problem-prone smokers with weak immune systems. After all, in addition there are strong pressure surges, Central nervous system is under stress, dizziness, nausea, it even happens, after Smoking a stomach ache.

after Smoking a stomach ache

Stomach hurts after Smoking cigarettes: what to do?

If, during the frequent use of pain begin to appear, the reason for this discomfort may be the development of gastritis, stomach ulcers. This disease is usually accompanied by heartburn, belching, constant weight, bad breath. To take a pill is not enough, it is necessary to permanently give up the addiction.

Most importantly, seek medical advice, the doctor will take necessary tests, check the condition of internal organs, nominate correct treatment. If after Smoking a stomach ache not to panic, the most important thing to understand – a fulfilling life is most important, need forever give up bad habits.

Why stomach hurts after Smoking

Why stomach hurts after Smoking: reasons

Smoke a cigarette – a bad habit, causing serious damage to internal organs, the condition of the skin, hair. Scientists have found, why stomach hurts after Smoking. It turns out, the fault for several reasons:

  1. Nicotine has a relaxing effect, due – is a weakening of the muscles. Any internal stimulus can cause pain.
  2. Prolonged abuse provokes the accumulation of carbon monoxide smoke, resin. For the normal functioning of the body needs to bring them. Liver, the kidneys have to work rapidly, and hence the appearance of unpleasant spasms.
  3. Often after Smoking a stomach ache due to the development of persistent dependence, to get rid of it more difficult. It turns out, such an attempt causes a lot of stress, leading to troubles in the intestines, stomach.
  4. After Smoking a stomach ache usually in heavy smokers. Cause inhibited digestion. To recover it is necessary to permanently give up the habit.

Nicotine has only a bad effect on the human body. Therefore it is better to give up cigarettes.

Stomach hurts after Smoking cigarettes: the consequences

The great danger of addiction – dependence develops rapidly. Often, the person does not notice, that can not exist without a "Smoking girlfriends". Therefore, realizing, to return to a healthy life difficult.

The refusal comes amid increased nervousness, increased appetite, and most importantly are experiencing digestive system. To counter this it is difficult, many succumb to the temptation again, but it is understood this decision to be unjustified.

why stomach hurts after Smoking

Treatment abdominal pain from nicotine

The error of the majority of smokers lack motivation. Constantly the desire to smoke, nervousness, irritability, weight gain causes everyone to go on a curve track. People daring to start a new life, must be prepared for difficulties, soon to recover.

It is better to get treated in a special clinic or to undergo rehabilitation under the supervision of a specialist. An experienced doctor will be able to conduct a thorough analysis of the state bodies, to appoint the correct treatment. Success will surely come. Though the rehabilitation process is very time-consuming, forces, patience, all worth it.

Usually any therapy includes supportive actions:

  1. Temporarily give up fatty foods, alcohol, carbonated drinks. These products create an additional burden on the gastrointestinal tract, what exacerbates the situation.
  2. Often eat warm food: broths, soups.
  3. Find a useful hobby, sports, spending more time in the fresh air. Such manipulations will help to distract from bad thoughts, and most importantly to strengthen our own health.
  4. You need to improve the use of water, compotes, fruit drinks.
  5. If you have problems with the appearance of diarrhea, should strengthen the chair with rice. It is recommended to cook more dishes with barley.

If there is an urgent, severe pain in the stomach, it is recommended to seek medical help. Joking health is not, otherwise, the consequences can be tragic.

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