Lethal dose of nicotine

There are a lot of dangerous things, able to kill a man. Unfortunately, many of them people agree to voluntarily. People knowingly sign his sentence, this is especially true of tobacco products. Fixed a lethal dose of nicotine, the amount required for a lethal outcome. But how do you know it, to protect his life? It turns out, it's pretty simple. A similar question has long been interested in, the scientists decided to go to the numbers. After a series of studies, they found out, what is the dose of nicotine lethal to humans. Now everyone will be able to find out dangerous figure.

Lethal dose of nicotine

Lethal dose of nicotine in cigarettes

In any Tabacalera products is a lot of malicious poisons. Getting inside, they begin their destructive function. Especially dangerous is the nicotine is an alkaloid, obtained from tobacco leaves. He is not only persistent dependence, but it is the most toxic.

Thinking, what is the lethal dose of nicotine should know about certain factors. With them, you can calculate, how many cigarettes can smoke the man without fear for their own lives:

  • body mass;
  • physiological characteristics;
  • dose of nicotine.

A number of experiments have proved, to reach death is enough to have in the body the concentration of 0,5-1 ml nicotine to 1 kg. Going into the figures can be a good example. A person weighing 70 kg, smoke cigars, containing 1 ml nicotine, enough about 40 of cigarettes at a time. Sometimes a lethal dose of nicotine can vary from a variety of factors. For example, medicines worsen the situation. If the person during treatment smokes, lethal dose of nicotine changes its parameters. To achieve a lethal outcome need smaller the amount. Therefore, it is dangerous to abuse the addictions during medical therapy.

Knowing, what is the lethal dose of nicotine and continue to be friends with the "Smoking tubes" incorrectly. It is important to realize, destructive poisons accumulate gradually, to avoid adverse impacts cannot.

Lethal dose of nicotine for humans

Lethal dose of nicotine for a person or a terrible truth

It turns out, death due to nicotine intoxication occurs rarely. It's not that, that people know, how can smoke without fear for their own lives. The reason is covered absolutely in other factors:

  1. The smoker uses only a third of toxic substances, the rest burns;
  2. Inhaling the smoke, a large part of it is absorbed into the blood;
  3. Triggered protective function of the body, people physically unable to smoke a lot. They have nausea, vomiting;
  4. Gradually, the body produces a tolerance to poisons, they become less dangerous.

Here only it does not mean, that throw is not necessary. Nicotine can disrupt or even stop the heart. Therefore, at the slightest tingling in the chest area, you should consult a doctor, and most importantly, to abandon bad habits.

Lethal dose of nicotine for humans: statistics

Statistics are not completely happy. Roughly a billion people dependent addiction. About 20% the people of the world, moreover, active smokers. But the disease can develop even in passive. About 5 millions of citizens are dying daily because of cigarettes. Even the life expectancy of smokers is reduced by 12-15 years.

A huge number of deadly diseases, 90% the unfortunate victims of lung cancer. Sad news is a growing and dynamics dependent. Increasing their number, and most importantly, the age of patients. Relatively recently it was the misfortune of the middle aged population, but today, even teenagers are in danger.

Respiratory diseases, stomach, the oral cavity are the minimum consequences. We should not forget about cancerous tumors. As for women, they need to fear the deterioration of the hair, skin, infertility and the likelihood of frequent miscarriages. To have a healthy baby, having a high experience of Smoking difficult.

Symptoms of intoxication with nicotine

Symptoms of intoxication with nicotine

It is important to notice the signs of intoxication with harmful substances. It is usually accompanied by unpleasant symptoms:

  • a strong mouth odor;
  • severe pain of the head;
  • fatigue;
  • cold sweat;
  • heavy breathing;
  • diarrhea;
  • vomiting;
  • profuse salivation;
  • the increase in pressure.

All these are the first signs, you cannot ignore them. Timely assistance will help to prevent terrible consequences. Because if you keep going on without attention, can come the next stage of poisoning: cramps, epilepsy, stop breathing, coma.


After witnessing the toxicity of tobacco products, need before arrival of doctors to provide first aid. Possible, these actions will help to save lives:

  1. To call an ambulance.
  2. Lay the patient on one side.
  3. When the vomit to free his airway.
  4. To ensure the access of oxygen.
  5. If there is no vomiting drink water.
  6. If the victim is conscious, give him water, activated carbon.
  7. If necessary, provide CPR.
  8. To wait for the arrival of doctors.

The concept, what dose could be deadly difficult to answer. Every body is different, we can't risk it, to mess with my health. It is best to take care of a normal future, for all tie with his addiction.

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