After hookah headache

Often after a hookah headache and feel sick, many people try on similar factors not to pay any attention. That's just wrong to do that, perhaps this is the first alarm bells, are worth paying attention to. It is necessary to explore in more detail, why, after the hookah headache is to study in detail the problem.

After hookah headache

Headache after hookah: reasons

Hookah Smoking has recently gained special distribution. This tradition came from the East and gradually spread to the inhabitants of the world. Today, thus, people brighten up your leisure time, going company, inhaling aromatic smoke.

The discomfort occurs after the process, often the phenomenon. Moreover, it is familiar how beginners, and people with great Smoking experience. In the Soviet Union in headache often comes nausea, dizziness, palpitations. In very advanced cases, there may be the appearance of hallucinations. Blame becomes a number of good reasons:

  1. Hunger. Often have a headache after hookah, if you eat it on an empty stomach or in the absence of water. Dehydration often causes unpleasant symptoms. So it is always in front of the cosy get-together with a Smoking pipe good food, giving preference to fresh fruit and vegetables, or at least drink a Cup of tea, hibiscus.
  2. Bad coal. The quality of the product is always crucial. Why skimp on it. Need to use special, natural lump charcoal without the use of admixtures. But the conventional charcoal grill is absolutely contraindicated.
  3. Poorly heated coal. There are cases that, after a hookah headache and feel sick due to carbon monoxide poisoning. This phenomenon is due to the fact, the cubes were poorly warmed and allocated poison gas.
  4. The combination with alcohol. Many people, going company, not only smoke, but drink all hot drinks. That's just such a Union could trigger alcohol poisoning. Laugh fun is not recommended.
  5. Mismatch conditions. Sometimes puffing the hookah runs in a stuffy, a small room. Bad ventilation implies a high concentration of carbon monoxide. In such circumstances, to avoid sickness almost impossible.
  6. The overabundance of smoke in the lungs. This usually occurs due to saturation of nicotine. To avoid this it is necessary to carry out the ritual in a relaxed atmosphere, slowly inhaling the smoke. Bad headache after hookah because of the rush.
  7. Abuse. It is impossible to consider this procedure safe. Because tobacco contains nicotine, adversely affects on the body. So often sessions can provoke unpleasant sensations.

This procedure can easily be called a bad habit. Therefore any distressing symptoms should be taken as a signal to cancel. Otherwise, the risk increases only aggravate the situation.

Headache after hookah: reasons

Headache after hookah: what to do

Now everyone knows the reasons, which can cause unpleasant consequences. How to avoid them, is to follow the simple recommendations:

  1. To abandon the conjunction of alcohol and cigarettes.
  2. Spend quality ignition of coal, it is best to entrust this process specialist.
  3. If Smoking should take place in the home, you should definitely buy a special coal.
  4. Before committing to a session, you must be sure to ventilate the area.
  5. Follow the fortress tobacco.
  6. Never grasp the use of hookah on an empty stomach.
  7. The lungs should be oxygenated, take slow breaths.
  8. Keep the device, it can accumulate toxic resin.

Bad headache after hookah – not the norm, so ignore the phenomenon can not be. When the first symptoms must begin to worry.

Headache treatment

Many people have heard about the hangover, only few people know, it can occur even after hookah. It can occur failure to follow the basic rules. The first symptom of poisoning is usually a headache, then the feeling will only get worse.

If after Smoking hookah headache must learn, how to deal with it:

  1. Be sure to eat, it must be done, even if no appetite. The food will help to reduce the concentration of smoke.
  2. Ventilate the room, better to go for a walk.
  3. If a bad headache after hookah is better to resort to the use of analgesics.

Headache treatment

If, after conducting search and rescue no improvement, you should definitely seek the help of specialists. Perhaps the situation worse, than it looks and without medical assistance is necessary.Hookah often helps people to relax, relax. But once in a while a feeling of pleasure gives way to bad physical condition. If this is repeated many times, you should seriously reconsider your attitude to this kind of entertainment.

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