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Question: Hello! A month ago I realized I have a gambling addiction. I'm addicted to poker online, always want to play, more, it's not so bad with the results, I sometimes even win. Of course, if you perform, you lose I, of course, much more. But the money I have, poker is not my primary means of income. I am really enjoying the game itself, this adrenaline, which feel, spice of life.


Poker gives an unforgettable experience

Poker gives an unforgettable experience

But my addiction causes irreparable damage to personal and social life. First left me girl, said, I was just zombified and spend more time with the computer, than her. Gone and gone, okay. Then friends stopped calling, what is surprising is that I really have never see ' em, since I have no time for this, after all, the evening is better for me to sit at the computer. And at work it is impossible to tell, it's all good.

I'm in the workplace now flexing, became less attentive, sometimes "Lodge" on their responsibilities. Instead of raising me was deprimirotee on half the wages at the end of last month. If it goes on, I will remain without work.Tell me, is there any proven remedy for gambling? Some pills, or maybe, sentences, hypnosis? I understand, that depends, but to give up his passion not.

The answer to the question

What is gambling? This dependence of a person to experience the adrenaline and mental stress in anticipation of the euphoria of the anticipated winnings. As we have emphasized not once, the first step towards getting rid of gambling addiction is the awareness of the problem. You acknowledge, a month ago I realized, you have an addiction. Congratulations on this! However, as is clear from your letter, have you lost is still not enough, to begin active struggle with gambling. Gone girl, don't call friends? Survive! Threatened dismissal from work? Bad, but okay, the money is there, going to play!

You know, that poker doesn't bring anything good, but the excitement is so strong, unless you want to get rid of him seriously. And then you go the path of least resistance: "And let me, it will make someone else. Pills, sentences – something I will help?". Deliverance from addiction you propose to pass on to someone else (or something else), while you want to play some more.

To stop playing, you must lose everything

To stop playing, you must lose everything

Tell you frankly, while there is no such a reliable way. It's not just about gambling, but about all the dependencies, such as Smoking, addiction, alcoholism. If there were such a tool, no matter, how much would it cost, millions of people would not suffer so much from his vices.

However, all tablets, the help of experts and sentences "are" only under one condition: you want to get rid of dependence. You have to want it so much, she would do anything. And then help in the form of a miracle drug will only strengthen your will power. Otherwise, you just pointless spend the money and get nothing.


Now, when you understand, there are no funds from gambling, can read the article "Ways of getting rid of gambling addiction", which will surely help you, when do you decide to say goodbye to your addiction. And remember: your relationship belongs only to you. While you want to play, until you like doing it, you no one and nothing will help. But once you realize, that was enough, you don't need it anymore, you can easily get rid of gambling.

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