The symptoms of gaming addiction in adolescents

Teenagers – "people" complex. Puberty, first love, problems at school, periods of aggression and fury to the parents.. This is standard behavior in adolescence, and yet, parents should not relax. Now your child can lure in drug dealers, manufacturers of cigarettes and alcohol.

Do not leave Teens unsupervised!

Do not leave Teens unsupervised!

The teenager wants to appear older, fashionable, and "being" in all trend. And the problem, which seem frivolous to adults, for the guys may be on the verge of life and death. Sometimes better than drugs or booze to escape from personal problems will play. Social network, Forex, poker, games online, machines, casino will meet your child and not let go for so long, as soon as may.

Apparent symptoms of gambling addiction teen

If you notice the following symptoms of gaming addiction in adolescents, know that all is not lost. If you start to act, then you can wean a child from gambling addiction quickly and permanently.

  1. All free time at the computer or mobile phone. Don't blame the present age, in fact, he took away the childhood from children. The children are "live", if they're holding something, normal children walking with their peers, walk with the boys and girls. If your child forgot about his hobby, not talking with friends is an occasion for parents to reflect.
  2. Your child ceased to call walking friends. More recently he's been calling day and night, and the child is constantly absent. And now it's like he is bound sitting at his computer. If they remained friends, it is those, who share a new hobby of a teenager.
  3. Mood swings. The teenager laughs and fun, in an hour and he's already aggressive and angry.Do not rush to blame it all on puberty, and better look to your child. Most likely, he suffers pangs of conscience, because he realizes the harm of his passion. But at the same time games bring enormous pleasure. The reasons for this unbalance may also be due to the losses and need funds for "new hobby".
    The teenager is behaving strangely? This bell is for you!

    The teenager is behaving strangely? This bell is for you!

  4. The rejection of normal food and replace it with harmful fast food. You call the teenager to the table, but it is "important battle" in the virtual world, so he promises to eat later. But later he can't break away from the computer, but because his diet consists of candy bars and crackers, he "intercepts" on the fly.
  5. The deterioration of the appearance of a teenager. Acne, oily hair is the, what is considered "normal" in the transition period. However, these symptoms often do not occur because of hormonal changes, and due to improper nutrition and failure to observe normal rules of hygiene. This lack of attention to itself due to the fact, what is your child's attention switched to something else.

It's all clear symptoms, who will notice caring parents. They should be alerted, especially if the child is really changing.

We should not underestimate the gambling!

We should not underestimate the gambling!

Hidden symptoms of gambling addiction

Sometimes imperceptible changes talking about, that the teenager is suffering from gambling addiction. Here are some moments should alert moms and dads:

  • loss of contact with parents. You can talk all you want, that your child is never in a hurry to tell you their secrets, but don't miss the moment, if a teenager even stop to chat with you;
  • cheating. The teenager begins to lie to his parents. Still, how else to explain the increased need for money and poor performance? The results of the study are creeping down, and now looms the allocation or the opportunity to repeat a year in school. Gambling sucks all the savings of a teenager, all the money, you give him, and he begins to Dodge, to beg you once;
  • making new friends. Any people, which abruptly occur in a child's life should provoke questions from normal parents. Moms and dads must know, with whom it communicates their son or daughter.

Timely help will help to avoid long-term treatment of gambling addiction. No need to think, this issue is not worth your attention. Gambling – it is a mental addiction! Therefore, this problem need to fight!


If you're careful, then you won't miss the symptoms of gaming addiction in adolescents,. You can help your child and get him out of the vicious addiction. Only mom and dad are able to timely detect trouble!


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