Gambling addiction: reasons

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Would be naive to believe, what the person becomes addicted to games just like. Remember, that, who lives life to the full, who is happy in a relationship with a loved one, has a hobby, not going to drink smoke and even more to play computer "toys" or to sit in social networks. Any person may be a gambling addict. Causes ludomania are completely different.

Absolutely self-sufficient person would not want to play

Absolutely self-sufficient person would not want to play

But, should be at least something unsatisfied in life, and you will be able to pick up "the hook" dangerous addiction. Than bad and so dangerous gambling? The, that takes you at first time, then the money, and after – and your life.

The main reasons according to

So, what motivated the, who dedicates himself to the game addiction?

  • The possibility of withdrawal from the realities of life. Agree, little, who can boast, that it suits all. Gambling and the Internet will distract you from life, fresh will make life brighter. You already don't be sad about your stupid life, but is entirely absorbed in a new hobby.
    The game gives you the chance to win a considerable amount

    The game gives you the chance to win a considerable amount

  • The desire to earn. Who doesn't want to have more money? Even those, who's rolling in millions, dreaming about them multiplying.

What can we say about people, living on the salary of the Manager? Slot machines, casino, bookmakers, mobile poker give the opportunity to win and get rich. In addition, there are Forex real work, which can make simple working of the business of a trader in a matter of days.

The desire to have money – quite normal and reasonable. But it is easier to make wishes to fish in the aquarium, than rely on Luck and their own luck. Not because you're so unlucky and you don't get lucky, and because the game is designed, so you lost, and not won.

  • Search half. You don't have a loved one and you are alone. Social networks and some online games give you the opportunity to communicate in the virtual world.And here, in the evenings you no longer walk with friends, and sit next to the "iron friend", when reviewing the photos of new friends.

That's just, what will turn this date in my life? Statistics, 60% women in the network are male, and those 40%, remain, do not look so, as you think based on a photo.

Guys are also actively using photoshop, to look more masculine and younger. The Internet is good because, there you can be anyone and talk about yourself the most incredible things. Probably, that is why you are in a hurry to meet friends from online in real life.Dating online is not an option for the device of your life. The next evening near the computer, replace on visiting a cafe or restaurant. Believe me, that in reality a much better chance to get acquainted, than in virtuality.

  • Chat with friends, which is not enough in real life. The best years you spent in school, search job, build a career. And here, now in his spare time, you just have no one to talk heart to heart. Toys online and social networks offer a fantastic opportunity to make friends. So what, they are not real? But you communicate with them daily and even though all of them know. Remember, what are "friends" – it's just a surrogate. Communicate more with colleagues, call former classmates. Cannot be, what of your surroundings you will not find that, who share your interests.
    Loneliness can cause gambling

    Loneliness can cause gambling

  • Entertainment due to the lack of a hobby. What you spend your free time? Someone watching movies, someone rides a Bicycle or traveling, and you dedicate your spare time to computer games. It's so "exciting" and time goes completely unnoticed. True, with this time passes unnoticed and your life, but you still, right? What a life is worth, where there is no real Hobbies?

The Board in this case may be the search itself. Cannot be, you know it. It was something to games? Literature, music, sport.. Life is so rich in means Dating, you show up late just foolish to spend hours and days over a flickering screen.


Remember, that is absolutely a happy man will never become gamblers. The motivation for gambling may be very different, but anyway, it occurs due to some cause. If you find this cause and eliminate, the person may become free from gambling.

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