The danger of social networking

Many people, speaking about addiction, imagine the effect of alcohol, drugs or cigarettes. But few people realize the existence of psychological dependence on social networks. Because today, literally everyone has a profile on classmates, Facebook, Facebook or Instagram, this is just a small list of possible sites. What is the danger of social networking? This issue is of concern to a greater extent parents, watching children, sitting behind a computer or phone.

The danger of social networking

Whether social network?

Considering in detail the issue, it is necessary to highlight the main advantages:

  1. Communication with people, located millions of miles.
  2. The opportunity to exchange useful experiences, make new friends, find like-minded people.
  3. Using the Internet you can find a job-a dream. Many firms have their own pages, with the placement of vacancies.
  4. Many people have been able to meet the love, to form families.
  5. The opportunity to travel budget.
  6. Anyone can expand the circle of knowledge. So sitting behind a metal friend can learn to cook, stitching, fixing cars, to learn a foreign language.
  7. Some talented genius could show itself to the world.
  8. Social network assist law enforcement officers.
  9. People, no opportunity to work, got a chance to earn here.

Enumerations can be endless, that's just impossible to forget about the main drawback – the development of dependence. It's time to deal, how dangerous social networks.

the most dangerous social network

The danger of social networking: the main reasons

Site developers are pretty thoughtful people, they strive to ensure, so users came to them – have made various purchases. To do this, they put enough of, make your page beautiful, interesting.

With social media visitors feel confident. They do not need to monitor their appearance, speech, movements, the source is on the other side of the monitor. The more check a number of sites implies the presence of imaginary nicknames, names and even other people's photos. Here you can be free, liberated. To try a completely different way.

The virtual world allows you to communicate, to read other people's statuses, watch photos, video, play. You can lead the conversation, and one companion, or with several in a created chat room. The most dangerous social network is a tech, who confidently go into phones and other gadgets of ordinary people.

People are prone to formation of dependence

If the guy frequents the virtual world, it does not mean, he has a strong disease. Often, the most vulnerable are considered to be reserved people, deprived of decent communication.

the danger in social networks for children

It is important to understand, dependence can develop due to the frequent desire to follow someone else's life. Many just have to live with – to get into someone else's profile, detail to see all the pictures, statuses, friends. It becomes a real sense of life.

The development of social addiction is equivalent to drug, it takes years. First he comes in here once a day, then sits there for hours, and six months later is always online, forgetting about the real Hobbies. Even coming into the office, he first opens the web page, and only after that proceed to the duties.

Most people do not even know, how much time they take observing the life of others. Better instead to devote himself to the family, a loved one or to do really useful things. Virtual communication cannot replace real, better to see my parents or old friends.

how dangerous social networks

How to identify the disease

To identify this disease is quite simple, it is sufficient to look at characteristics:

  1. The constant desire to go to the Internet. Watch the news, look through the tape, reply friends.
  2. The surrounding people constantly complain about unresponsiveness in the virtual world.
  3. Make many shopping on the Internet.
  4. Loss of control time. The accident convinced, that came just, and it's been hours.
  5. If the dependent could not log in to your profile, it happens much angry.
  6. A permanent Statute online is bad for performance, studies, work, in his personal life.
  7. The kitchen is gradually moved over the computer Desk.
  8. The Internet always wins. You can give up sleep, friends, walking.

The danger in social networks for children in, they become participants in the hard-core groups, in which they incite to illegal actions, or "feats", harming their own health. Parents are required to control a virtual walk Chad.

The relationship of adolescents with Internet

The relationship of adolescents with Internet

We all know, that more young people suffering from similar addictions. Cause is young age, the lack of responsibility towards loved ones. Adults are often aware of the seriousness of the action. They understand, when can relax, to turn on the computer.

The global network not in vain called fishing tackle. They are like fish confuse new victims, most school age. This lesson seems to them fashionable, and most importantly vital. Here the children can show themselves, finally revealed. This files most often ends up quite different. Placing life on display, did anybody else happy, everywhere must remain a mystery.

Even this harmless affection is not able to leave the person in a snap. Therefore, in order to get rid of it, you must have strong strength of mind. Need to want to come back to reality, find a hobby, friends, to delete your profile. For best effect this should be done gradually, then there's less chance of falling. Remember, real life can never be substituted by virtual.

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