Dependence on series: myth or reality?

Coming home everyday after a tiring day, people rarely goes for a walk or sit for reading books. Most often it includes your favorite TV series, which spends the whole evening. It would seem, completely harmless effect, but scientists say more. It turns out, such activities makes people dependent.

Dependence on series

Series – the problem of modern society, arising on a background of stress and discontent in real life. People don't realize, I can't live without favourite TV product. The dependence of the series often occurs in the fairer sex.

Bad habit gradually becomes a natural thing. Society starts to degrade. He is already bored real communication, better, disabling thoughts watch love heroes. A woman runs, hurry home to view the series. She is already indifferent, what's going on around, she tries to avoid real encounters, especially with those, who does not support her passion.

Representatives of the risk groups

The dependence of the series who is most likely to?. Usually run the risk of the individual is dissatisfied with life. They miss the opportunity to change it, much easier to turn the series, immersed in the fictional idyll. That's just after watching the sadness overcomes stronger, they want to return to their native characters.

The dependence of the series can occur in the following characters:

  1. Housewives – unable to implement their plans. Sure, their fate – to prepare to eat, to raise children, to watch the show. Getting bored from this routine, and women more immersed in the world of movies.
  2. Pensioners can't afford other Hobbies. Vein throughout the financial, physical limitations, just have to look for days for a fun active life actors. The dependence of the series at this age rarely causes anxiety, retired people like to worry about the fate of the characters, as the reality of life everything is boring.
  3. Students guilt complexes, disturbing to reveal. Lost potential is eager to step into the light, but suppressing it watching soap operas, where everything always goes smoothly.


You can often notice – relaxed employees love movies, the fight. Most often this manifests in men, hungry for new emotions. To say that this is good, quite difficult. It turns out, seen gradually accumulates, delayed. So, once a law-abiding guy can turn into a real maniac.

Moments experience

In essence the person is a dependent, but it's not always bad habits. It can be dependent on relatives, food, water, sleep. And this is normal, but it is necessary to understand, where good, and from what I should avoid. Because of the serial dependence is not positive aspect, without them can fully exist. Possible, should reconsider their worldview, slightly edit it. This is especially worth doing if:

  1. For the sake of viewing a new series of unfortunate willing to sacrifice a meeting with friends.
  2. Changing the order of the day. Sleep, eating only depend on the duration of the movie.
  3. No desire to go to school/work. There are various excuses just to sit at home watching TV.
  4. Even at work thinking only about the fate of the characters, it's impossible to concentrate, to do business.

If there is one or several of these symptoms, you should seriously consider, raise the alarm. Hobbies should help, and not to give up on the rest of the Dependence of the series should be treated.

The dependence of the series: what to do

Must be able to distinguish reality from virtuality. It is foolish to constantly discuss the behavior of the characters of your favorite series. To visit a different forum, maintain active conversations on this topic. The show should stay on TV, and not to flow in life. Better to think about others, about their problems, life values.

Often a "move" at the TV because of the problems. They are afraid to be alone with them, where better to escape. That's just the trouble will not go, but only accumulate stronger. The best way to get rid of them is to visit a psychologist, who will review the situation, I will try, after analyzing it, to help.


The dependence of the series: what to do?

Notice the symptoms of addiction, worry not. Should be approached calmly to the situation. For a start it is recommended to reconsider their worldview, to change certain habits, to make something new.

Begin to gradually limit yourself to browsing. Let it be a couple of episodes a day. Even better to switch to another class – read a book, to communicate with relatives, to learn recipes, to update your wardrobe.

A good alternative is sports or attending educational courses. This will help to develop, to learn, to put in order the body, head. It is recommended to go to travel, new emotions are guaranteed. And for trips to the sights just once will enable the transfer.

If the deal itself does not work, need to seek help from a psychologist. An experienced specialist will help to find the root of the problem, and his elimination will return again a happy life. The dependence of the series – a serious problem of modern people. Sometimes you need to contact the experts, to avoid mental disorders and depression.

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