Forex addiction

Despite the fact, the opportunity to earn currency trading, have appeared recently, people addicted to this "game" today, a lot. “Forex” promises you mountains of gold – predicting currency fluctuations, you can legally on how to earn. As promised by the organizers of your financial sites, to predict the fall or rise of the currency is easy enough to follow the news in the press. Future dependent illuminates this desire to work is not a frivolous bet or casino game!

Money from Internet - this is "just so"!

Money from Internet – it's “so just”!

How to get rid of gambling in Forex easily?

As a rule, before you "hooked", people scour the recommended by the dealing center Soros and Elliot, practicing on a free demo version, and then.. just understand that become dependent.

Do not believe the promises of dealing Desk!

Do not believe the promises of dealing Desk!

It is beautifully called "trader's market". And you're already in the free version, and squander their own money. How much money did you give dillingovyh center? 100 dollars or a thousand? Anyway, you will benefit from reading the tips below and finally get out of this sticky web!

  1. If you are interested, how to get rid of gambling in Forex quickly, take note of this following the Golden rule – you will never earn money here! All your contributions and attempts to play similar to a Sisyphean task! That's how the system and hitting it, you will simply sponsor the intermediaries between you and the real currency exchange market.
  2. To get rid of gambling forever, you should decisively abandon Forex. It's not so easy to do, more, if you left your work, to work here "really". But another way to get rid of this weakness by yourself, you will fail. Find a new job or a new hobby.
  3. Break all ties with fellow Forex. As a rule, those, who depend on this “game”, communicate with other traders, with whom you can consult and consult. These people, like vampires, again and again you will have to pay in forexoma. Don't try to explain to them, what you don't want to be a trader – just stop communication.
  4. Forex is a classic example of psychological dependence. If you want to get rid of this addiction forever, then go back to the past and remember, how it all began. What made you turn to the dealing center, why would you put real money into the account?
  5. As a rule, all agree that, what prompted them to game the desire to earn. Re-read the rule 1, as described above, and understand, that the game is not a demo account is not comparable with the game for real money.
  6. If you are not dependent from the result, and from the process of the game, try to do something else, the same fun. For example, let it be a sports game for the result. Playing the demo version on the Forex market is not suitable, since the system is arranged so, what you'll win, while not investing real money.

Forex addiction makes people do stupid things and take the money in debt, hoping for a huge win. That's only in theory real money get only a few.

Useful video about the dangers of gambling


Remember, what Forex looks like a sweet carrot before the nose of a donkey. You will not win money by selling currency, so is it worth to lose your life? We told you how to get rid of gambling in Forex. Follow the above tips and start a free life!

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